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Release: Oct 2008
Reviewed on: PC

World of Goo

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Good: One of the best physics puzzle games – Very addictive and quirky
Bad: Slow early chapters
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World of Goo relies on physics based puzzles to deliver an impressive and addicting puzzle experience. The game is available on a wide range of platforms including Windows, Mac, Nintendo Wii, iOS and Android.


The story behind World of Goo is explored through a number of cut scenes in the game along with a number of strange signs that were placed by the mysterious Sign Painter character. This story is further split into a number of chapters which develop the story and enhance the goo while also changing the environment to keep the game fresh over the course of your game time.

Essentially World of Goo is all about building various structures by using balls of goo and as the game is physics based you can expect the goo to behave in line with the laws of physics.

These structures can include towers, bridges and other more crazy designs that are needed to overcome the large range of obstacles blocking the player from their goal in each level. This level goal requires players to get a certain number of goo balls to the level exit which is generally represented as a pipe.

All balls of goo were not created equal though with a variety of different goo types each with its own properties and uses in the game world.


In addition to the main storyline players can compete against eachoher in the bonus game known as World of Goo Corporation where players are challenged to build the largest and highest structure possible using all the goo that they have collected during the core game. The Wii version takes this one step further with multiplayer support for up to 4 players to participate in.

World of Goo is the perfect addition to any physic puzzle fans game collection but it’s also pleasant enough for newcomers to the genre to attempt.


  • Enter the World of Goo.
  • Impressive physics based puzzles to solve.
  • Help the goo escape through the pipe.
  • Plenty of goo variety to add depth to the puzzles.
  • On Windows, Mac, Wii, iOS and Android.

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World of Goo, 8.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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