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Release: Nov 2013

World of Warplanes

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Good: erfect for short and long play sessions – Intense battles – Number of planes
Bad: Some grinding for upgrades required
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Coming off the success of World of Tanks Wargaming moved into the plane industry with their similarly designed MMO, World of Warplanes. It’s got all the features that made their original game so popular but changes up the vehicles that you’ll be piloting.


Planes aim to be a historical and accurate representation of what is used in the real aviation world with planes being based on German, Soviet Union, USA, Great Britain and Japan engineering. Each of these countries comes with their own technology tree for players to advance through that will take you from simple planes to more powerful aircraft. With each country having their own strength you’ll find your strategy having to change up based on your opponent.

The action starts at your hangar in World of Warplanes where players can choose the aircraft they want to take into battle, upgrade them with new parts or customise them with a unique look. Planes fall into three broad categories (fighter, heavy fighter and attack aircraft) which dictate your playstyle and role in a team environment.

For better comparison (and to help ease the learning curve for new players) aircraft stats are broken down into four stats (hit points, fire power, airspeed and manoeuvrability) to make planes easily comparable. Customisation doesn’t stop there though in World of Planes with crew training and skills further allowing you to create a plane that works for you in the heat of battle.


Unlocking all this customisation requires you to step into the 15v15 PvP battles to earn experience and currency to take back to your hangar. Matches are won or lost based on your teams ability to have supremacy over your opponent (destroying key ground targets and enemy aircraft) with the victor getting a nice boost to their rewards for that match.

With upgrades and unlocks becoming available at a steady pace you’ll keep coming back to World of Warplanes be it for long term gaming sessions or quick battles from time to time.


  • Design and upgrade your dream aircraft fighter.
  • A vast tech tree to advance through.
  • Intense large scale battles against other players.
  • Easy to learn but hard to master leaves room for skilful players to shine.
  • Available for free download on Windows.

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