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Release: Sep 2012
Reviewed on: PC


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Good: Fast and fun – Great bosses and map designs
Bad: Checkpoint system creates some frustration
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Wrack pays homage to the FPS titles of the past with a single player offering about fast paced shooting and score accumulation. Marketed as an arcade shooter Wrack has you battling countless enemies in a number of game modes all centred around the chaining of kills together.


In the future (2052) Earth has solved all its problems of energy and resources by creating a method to make infinite resources. While this has setup a world without the need for military and wars it makes Earth prime for attack by the alien race of Arcturans. Standing in the way of this is Kain, a wracketeer.

Playing as Kain players step into a science fiction setting full of cyborgs and science fiction themes. Split into chapter segments players will move between them by activating switches and defeating bosses hat each come with their own designs and counter strategy to employ.

Mechanically Wrack is similar to the early Doom titles with a range of weapons that don’t require reloading along with players having the ability to carry all weapons at once. Scattered around each level are also a number of secret caches of ammo, health and weapons to uncover. Uncovering these will often require the player to engage in some basic puzzle and platforming mechanics.


The heart of Wrack though lies within the combo chain system where killing enemies within a short time lets you perform special attacks and dramatically boosts your score for Score Attack mode. Important to chaining is consideration of the different enemies that you will encounter as they each have different attack patterns. While some will sit back and bombard you with ranged attacks others will charge right into your field of view.

For the fast paced shooter fan Wrack will exceed your expectations. It’s more colourful and simplistic design will also create converts from the more modern day shooter genre.


  • Fast paced game focused around chain kills and score combos.
  • Battle off against a number of unique bosses.
  • Multiple game modes let you compete against others.
  • Pays homage to the original Doom and Quake titles.
  • Only for Windows.

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Wrack, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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