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Xenominer is a Minecraft inspired space survival and sandbox game that is available for your PC or your Xbox. The game has been developed by Gristmill Studios and adds a number of sci-fi themes along with new experiences to the Minecraft/voxel genre.


In Xenominer you take on the role of a lone survivor that has crash landed on an alien planet. These alien planets are procedurally generated so there is always a new experience to be had from Xenominer which of course forms the basis of its replay value just like other games in the genre.

Xenominer flips Minecraft on its head by making night the only safe time for you to explore the planet as once day breaks, the sun emits deadly radiation on the planet. Players will also have to carefully watch their air supply as they explore the game world, but these can be refilled in various ways around the planet.

These extra mechanics pushes the survival aspect further than many other games before it and definitely increases the overall difficulty as you have to carefully manage your time and air.

The game also streamlines many of the processes that usually eat up your time by giving you one tool that completes all tasks (a Particle Information Conversion Kit [PICK] extractor). This tool lets you easily destroy blocks of any type while also placing them, this extractor can be upgraded as the game goes on to eventually be able to break down the rarest of resources. Use of your extractor will slowly drain your battery which is recharged with solar panels.


On top of the extractor you also have access to a piece of alien technology that serves as a programmable bot. Once you’ve played around with the alien language you’ll quickly learn how to program it to dig mines or create buildings. Guns round out your tool kit and are used to defend yourself against a variety of enemies that you’ll encounter on the planet.

The game still has some development to complete before it has everything that the developer wants but already is impressive and more than just your standard Minecraft clone.


  • Minecraft inspired space survival game with sandbox elements.
  • Well priced for the amount of content.
  • Includes a programmable bot to cut down on repetitive tasks.
  • Use guns to defend yourself from the various enemy creatures.
  • Management of air, radiation and battery power adds extra survival elements.

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Xenominer, 8.2 out of 10 based on 17 ratings
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