10000000 (Ten Million)

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  • Simple but very fun and addicting – RPG and puzzle mix – Unique feel
  • Only good for a single playthrough

10000000 (Ten Million) is one of the few games that combines puzzle and role playing elements together. Originally released on the iOS platform the game is now also available through Steam and on Android.


Your goal in the game (which is kind of implied in the name) is to amass a score of 10 million points in a single dungeon run to secure your freedom. In order to achieve this you’ll have to fight your way through a dungeon while completing a match three puzzle game that uses a slider system rather than a swap mechanic like most other games in the genre.

You’ll start your adventure as an unknown man who finds himself trapped in a dungeon. While you can enter a dungeon run in an attempt to reach 10 million points the player also has access to other rooms where they can upgrade their character to help them get further and further in each dungeon attempt. These upgrades cover things like equipment, skills and potion bonuses which all help you go further into the dungeon each time.

Upgrades aren’t free though and require resources (gold, wood, rock and experience) which are gained through running the dungeon. This creates an endless cycle until you reach that magical eight digit number.

So what do these “dungeon runs” entail? Basically your adventurer will be shown in the upper part of the screen running through a dungeon while the bottom half of the screen features the puzzle board where the matching game takes place. Along the way will encounter various obstacles from chests to locked doors and enemies.


Each of these obstacles requires a different match of pictures for players to defeat them such as keys for locked doors and swords or steffs for damage. Provided you can match fast enough you’ll stay alive with the game ending if your character falls of the side of the screen because you were stuck at an obstacle for too long.

There are several different dungeons available to the player which are based on their current rank. Different dungeons have their own score multipliers and resource collection multipliers along with different enemy types which gives you a great sense of advancement on your way to your ten million score.


  • Ten Million blends three match strategy with dungeon crawling.
  • Upgrade your equipment, skills and more.
  • Unique sliding based match system.
  • On iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
  • Can you reach 10,000,000 in a single run?



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