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  • Multiple game modes
  • Limited rewinds – Some crashes

1024! challenges you to reach this behemoth of a number by combining game tiles together two at a time. The game offers a few game modes including a 2048, star mode and the default 1024 which ensures it provides a bit more variety than most.


The default game mode has players attempting to reach 1024 on a 4 by 4 game grid. By swiping left, right, up and down you’ll move all blocks in that direction until they hit a wall or other block, if the number shown on said block is the same then it will sum the numbers together to create a higher number block.

To make each attempt at 1024 a little different this default mode places an unmovable 0 block in a random centre spot. This not only creates a potential hazard but can be used strategically to match up blocks on the screen. As is standard for similar titles the game automatically ends when you run out of moves.


At this point your score will be totalled based on the value of blocks within the game board for comparison against friends and other players. To assist in achieving higher scores you’ll be able to use the limited rewind function to reserve any mistakes.

For those that want to a different game mode the star mode allows you to achieve higher scores with a bonus multiplier while also removing the fixed un-matchable tile for that one moves with your swipes.


  • Three game modes to test your number skills.
  • Try make 1024, 2048 or go for a high score in star mode.
  • Each swipe moves all blocks to the end of the game board.
  • Work around the fixed block or use it to your advantage.
  • Use the rewind function to fix any mistakes.



Review Platform: iOS

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