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Sending players in the depths of space Marauders is an extraction and looter shooter that explores the science fiction thematic as you pilot your ship and infiltrate other ships for loot. Featuring a familiar PvPvE mixture of gameplay to others in the genre players will fight against both the AI and other players using a number of real world weapon...


Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown takes a darker fantasy twist to the growing popularity of extraction based shooters on the video game market which have players putting their equipment at risk in the hopes of taking down bounties and expanding their resource pool. First released in 2018 as an early access title Hunt: Showdown was an early addition to the genre and n...

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HAWKED opts to explore a treasure focused theme within an extraction and looter shooter framework that leaves players with a colourfully relaxed option in comparison to some others on the hardcore side of the genre scale. This colourful action also comes with a free to play price tag allowing players new to the genre to test the waters without a pu...