Games Finder – About Us

Games Finder - About Us

Games Finder is a video game recommendation website that launched in 2013 with a vision to create the number one destination for similar games on the web.

At Games Finder we believe that there is a better way to discover video games, finding the hidden gems of experiences that make gaming such an enjoyable pass time for the millions of passionate gamers around the world. This belief guides our website principles from avoiding algorithm based tools, updating our database of games constantly, leveraging the vast gaming community and never employing slideshow page design to ensure all our suggestions are visible on a single page.

All of our recommendations have a human touch of research and analysis which ensures that all lists feature handpicked titles of only the best similar games creating the most relevant recommendation lists on the web. This allows Games Finder to bridge the gap between the ever-growing number of video games and gamers by curating high quality lists and adding value by collating information, editorial reviews, filtering options and user ratings.

Games Finder was founded in 2013 by Samuel Franklin and has since expanded to a team of dedicated staff who themselves are passionate gamers. Samuel has been a gamer since a young age which has driven his appetite for all things video games, in particular supporting independent development through platforms such as Patreon and Kickstarter. With a keen interest in a broad range of genres and publishing experience on YouTube and guest author websites Samuel launched Games Finder as a passion project to originally collate similar games for himself to play and currently serves as the Lead Editor.

You can follow Games Finder on the following official social media profiles: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Steam Curator and Patreon.

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Not only has Games Finder helped over 10 million gamers find their next video game title we’ve also been featured on the following digital properties for our reviews, games like pages and website in general.

The Best Human Driven Recommendations
With our team of staff that identify themselves as gamers we carefully pair video games together to give you great human driven recommendations. We also do not include games in very early stages of development or games not available to the public on our lists.

Stay Updated
A database of game recommendations isn’t very useful if it’s outdated, this is why we strive to constantly hunt down new games for inclusions, update current games with new platform releases and remove games that are no longer available.

Let Gamers Share User Ratings
The gaming community is vast and that’s why we let you drive our rating system, vote for your favourite (or least favourite) games to participate and help other gamers on their search for similar games. While editor review scores are included on each review our recommendation pages show user scores and the number of votes.

Never Use Slideshows
We hate websites that use slideshows and we know that you do. Here at Games Finder we promise never to use tactics like this, all of our recommendation lists will always be visible on a single page.

The Games Finder process for creating games like lists has not changed since our inception. We believe our emphasis on research, gamer community engagement and manually curating our games like pages results in better recommendations to all visitors.

Every list starts its life as an idea, be it a trending game or one that has been stuck in Early Access for an extensive length of time. All of our games like pages start with just a single game in mind that the gaming community has demand for similar experiences.

With a game selected our team of writers search the web for the gaming communities opinions and recommendations. This includes but is not limited to reddit, Quora, YouTube, forums and other gaming groups.

With a draft list of similar titles in mind our team refines their selections ensuring that games are still available to gamers and that they do offer a similar gaming experience. A large number of games are cut at this stage to ensure the final lists are of as high quality as possible.

Once refined our writing team begins the task of playing and reviewing every single game and providing a convenient game summary for our visitors to get a taste of the adventure that awaits them. This is then paired with resource links, available platforms and videos to provide important information in a single place. Once published the review is open to user votes with this score and the number of user votes featured prominently across Games Finder.

To help you better understand the ratings that our editors give to each game we have outlined what is required for games to reach a particular score. We consider these scores most accurate when compared to games of a similar category and genre.

We score games on a 1-10 scale (10 being the highest) in increments of 0.5. User ratings use the same 10 point scale with increments of 0.1 available. To make our review scores even more transparent we include the platform the game was reviewed on at the bottom of each review particularly to account for platform port differences across multi platform games.

1 – Don’t Bother: A game that scores this low is never worth your time and a crime against gamers.
2 – Awful: While a step in the right direction a game that scores a 2 has little redeeming qualities.
3 – Terrible: Starting to form something that looks and feels like a video game.
4 – Bad: Has a few enjoyable elements but not enough to warrant playing.
5 – Nearly There: Gameplay is mildly amusing but core game issues prevent it from being a decent game.
6 – Average: More positives than negatives makes this an okay gaming choice.
7 – Above Average: Nothing note worthy or exceptional but worth taking the time to play.
8 – Great: Has all the signs of a great game but falls short in some minor ways.
9 – Incredible: No major issues ensure this game will provide many fond memories.
10 – A Must Play: High quality experience that exceeds expectations and should be on any gamers ‘must play’ list.