Act of War: Direct Action

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  • Plenty of strategy – Some unique elements – Modern war setting
  • Live action cut scenes are poor – A little short

Act of War: Direct Action is a RTS that definitely pulls some inspiration from the likes of Command & Conquer with a modern day warfare setting that mixes in some futuristic elements. It’s got some unique mechanics that raise it above other options in the genre and make it an overall interesting experience.


The game is set during an economic crisis in the near future where rising gas prices have pushed the world to war. You’ve got the US military, a secret branch of the US forces and a group of terrorists at the heart of this conflict as you play through a healthy dose of missions. The story makes use of live action cut scenes which are a hit and miss but the actual gameplay is really strong.

The story and battles in Act of War are set across a number of US cities and they are designed to be realistic representations of their real world counterparts. Because you’re battling across city streets the game has a number of unique mechanics, most notably is the ability to enter and garrison within any building for protection.

This huge amount of cover makes the game skewed towards an infantry based strategy but there is still room for tanks and some aircraft, they just need to be used more strategically (and carefully) than most real time strategy games.


Other unique mechanics that you’ll encounter include the ability to take prisoners from injured soldiers which will generate additional resources for you over time. This system also applies to your own soldiers but they can be revived if a medic team reaches them first.

Act of War: Direct Action isn’t doing anything ground breaking but its few unique elements combined with realistic environments and good representation of modern time warfare still make it a great option for fans of non-fantasy real time strategy experiences.


  • A current era war based strategy game.
  • Capture prisoners from the aftermath of battle.
  • Fight across realistic US cities.
  • Garrison inside any building.
  • Use infantry, vehicles and aircraft to create a balanced strategy.



Review Platform: PC

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