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  • Nice graphics – Save progress across devices – Responsive controls
  • Difficulty pacing isn't smooth

Step into secret agent shoes in Agent Dash an endless runner that will take you through secret bases, gorgeous outdoor environments and more on your mobile device.


After a brief secret agent training session to learn the basics of moving between the three lanes, sliding under obstacles and jumping over them players are thrown right into the game experience to reach the furthest distance they can, collect gems and complete key objectives.

Agent Dash brings impressive graphics to the endless running genre making it one of the best looking games in the genre by far. The remaining game is mostly typical of the genre with different characters, hazards, gadgets and leaderboards. While these might all be standard additions to the game Agent Dash implements them all to a high level of quality.

In terms of difficulty Agent Dash has missed the mark slightly with the flow of each run feeling slightly disjointed rather than a steady flow of increasing difficultly. This is a minor annoyance though in what is otherwise a great game and will really only be noticeable to those who haven’t played an endless runner before (which is definitely a small part of the market).

To get you into the super agent mood Agent Dash adds in a number of spy gadgets to help you traverse the dangerous environments from the jetpack to let you fly over obstacles, the cloak which allows you to past through everything, the slow motion gadget to slow time or the gem magnet that automatically brings gems towards you. Each of these can be upgraded up to 5 times to prolong their effects and is key in reaching longer game distances.

All of these are once off boosts though that much be purchased for gems that you collect each run, at only 50 gems each they are fairly easy to acquire but the lack of randomly encountering them during the game does somewhat take away from the fun.


To round out the Agent Dash experience players will get to enjoy a range of unlockable costumes and characters that will take many hours to unlock but can also boost your favourite gadgets or other gameplay elements. Agent Dash also offers Facebook connection for friendly competition and to save your progress across devices.

Agent Dash strives to be one of the best game in the endless running space and hits that mark. It’s best suited towards veterans who just want to run through gorgeous environments with sleek controls and a range of characters.


  • Play as a super agent and use a variety of gadgets.
  • Collect gems for new costumes and gadget upgrades.
  • A difficult and challenging endless running game.
  • Connect with Facebook to compete with friends and save progress across all devices.
  • Experience impressive graphics and responsive controls.



Review Platform: iOS

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