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  • Learn about animals while you play – Fun game world
  • Lots of loading screens slows down the game experience

Animal Jam is a virtual world for children that incorporates real animal and plant facts into fun storylines that are supported by National Geographic educational content. The game has no outside advertising and is playable within an internet browser.


The game was launched in 2010 and was developed by Smart Bomb Interactive. As a virtual world game for children it focuses on safety, education and fun. The education focus of Animal Jam varies and includes planet conservation, wildlife, global awareness, teamwork and much more.

The game takes place in the world of Jamaa which is constantly evolving through game updates to create a new and exciting experience. The world of Jamaa offers a number of different environments to explore with each offering different games, shops and facts to explore.

In Animal Jam players can customise their own avatar, decorate their home (den), adopt pets, chat with others, trade, gift, party and play games (single and multiplayer). For playing the various games players will earn the in game currency of gems which are used to purchase additional accessories, items, pets and avatars.


While Animal Jam is free to play the game does offer a paid membership option that provides a number of benefits and premium content. This membership is called the Animal Jam Club and includes member exclusive items, additional pets, den upgrades and monthly reward gifts.

Animal Jam not only excels in content but also offers plenty of safety options for parents to ensure that players are always safe in this MMO. Parents can access their own Parent Dashboard where they can manage access and chat options for their child.


  • Perfect game for animal lovers.
  • Learn about animals and plants while playing this virtual world.
  • Parent Dashboard lets parents alter settings to keep their child safe.
  • Packed with free to play content.
  • Affordable Animal Jam Club unlocks even more content.



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  1. thank you this is very useful

  2. I love this game.

  3. Love this game so much, I’ve played for years, I just wish I could find another game just like this one! :)

  4. Best game ever!

  5. i love animaljam

  6. Awesome and LOADS of fun. This is my favorite game.

  7. STAR86 is butter you can to is:play mini games,make music,get friends,build,custemize your charter,bettur creater with ceating a charter. that is all the facts that it’s butter

    • They closed Star86

    • Learn to spell correctly.

  8. Animal Jam is fun all thou i find boring waiting for updates XD other then that im addicted to it .O. No matter i still love it <3 :3 – Gabby Wolf

  9. Ok so i used my username happyrabbithophop2 in case u were wondeing wat that was about XD Ok so ppl, AJ is like the best game ever cuz u get to meet friends, have pets, be many animals if ur a member, have den and personal items, and learn a bout wildlife! Soooooo much fun guyz! Plz buddy me if u have an account thx! XD

  10. i.. i am speechless… it is the best game ever nothing can replace this game

  11. I think it is a great game. But if your on the older side I think you should play something a little more older for your age. If your maybe 7-13 I think this game would be for you. Now if your older don’t worry that’s just a recommendation. You can do some fun stuff and there’s “Adventures” where you can earn fun items and you can go trade them but make sure not to get crazily addicted to trading. Your also going to run into scammers. Dont fall for these “FLAME ME” things. Scammers are easy to detect and after I was scammed once I never was scammed again. People are just greedy for items so don’t fall for these tricks.

  12. I am complaining about this game since I only get 2 pets and Heidi teddy has millions! I am very very disappointed with you animal jam this game is UNFAIR

    • Of course you only get two pet’s if your non-member Heidi teddy is obviously a member so she get’s to have more different pet’s than you. you just have to be a member to get more pet’s simples

  13. Leah, just compare this epic pure game to Club Penguin, see? Just when you buy the 4 only items in CP, you’re basically done playing that game. So, be grateful for having millions of items for NM and stop being a hater. :I

  14. If You Like Animal Jam more click Yes, if you like Club Penguin more click no

  15. The community can be really toxic (rude or unpleasant if you have no idea what I mean other than toxic waste), and members have a lot of benefits however I have seen some updates of Animal Jam being more layed back to non-members so they can enjoy more benefits. The membership is called “The Club”, probably because in the testing stage there was Club Geoz (or at least something similar) and at the time only members could go in there.

    There’s some pretty good facts hidden in there but most players pick to just do the fun stuff, even if the educational stuff can be fun too :<

    There's membership cards at Target and Walmart, so you don't need to buy the membership online and you can have your own child save up for a membership card ^-^

  16. THIS GAME IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD THAT GAME IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  17. Hey aj


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