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  • Powerful music – Captures the Metroid style
  • Controls never feel right – Significant item farming involved

Explore a world under the sea in Aquaria a game that draws from the Metroid series while adding in story elements, crafting and plenty of hidden treasures.


In Aquaria players will follow the mermaid woman known as Naija and her exploration of the vast underwater world which sees her discover things about herself and the history of this water world. This discovery is important as at the start of the game Naija is without her memories with each new step in the story being narrated by a future Naija which is further supported with cutscenes and flashbacks. Uniquely Aquaria doesn’t force you to experience these in sequence with some flexibility in how you progress.

Gameplay revolves heavily around exploration with countless treasures hidden or with restricted access that players will need to revisit later on to gain access. Other elements offered in Aquaria include some puzzle solving, crafting and plenty of combat.

As a mermaid like creature Naija is quite manoeuvrable in the water with the ability to propel herself forward at great speed and breathe freely in the water. This control is intended to be achieved primarily through the mouse which is unfortunately quite awkward but can be changed to keyboard and controllers although they still don’t ever feel quite right.

Regardless of the control scheme you opt for players will move around this underwater world facing a range of plant and animal life which can range from aggressively hostile to friendly. To counter this players can cast songs to activate attacks or other abilities.


Touching or being hit with projectiles from these hostile ones will result in lost health which can be replenished with food collected from the ocean floor. These items can also enhance your combat abilities by mixing together items for more potent recipes giving the game a resource farming and crafting element to the game.

Aquaria has a few quirks but is still a strong Metroidvania experience and one of the few that will let you explore underwater depths.


  • Explore the story of Naija in the underwater world of Aquaria.
  • Farm for items and craft powerful food items for healing and buffs.
  • Find a wide array of plant and animal life both friendly and hostile.
  • Plenty of hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.
  • Play on your computer or iOS device.



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