In addition to the vast database of video game reviews and recommendations from time to time Games Finder publishes articles on a range of gaming topics. From guides on the current game around the office to other video game industry pieces you can find them all summarised below.

The Gaming Archive Series

With a database of over 2,000 games we were regularly finding that games, publishers and even other game websites would go offline at an alarming rate as we pruned our similar game lists of titles which had become unavailable for various reasons. Inspired by this consistent maintenance Games Finder created the “Gaming Archive” series where we explore the history of gaming and give it a place to live on with a mixture of well known and less known topics. So far we’ve covered promising games that never reached full release, video game websites that are no longer online, famous content creators and even nostalgic childhood gaming adventures.

Other Games Finder Articles

We play many games as a team here at Games Finder (it’s one of the best parts of working at a small independent content producer) with all of the guides created for games we have played listed below to ensure they get their time in the spotlight.

Other Articles