Best Escape From Tarkov Headsets / Headphones 2020

Last Updated on October 10, 2020 by Samuel Franklin

Best Escape From Tarkov Headsets / Headphones 2020 – Tarkov Guide

Which is the best Escape From Tarkov headset/headphones to use for in raid game advantage? Learn the differences, pros and cons of each active headset in Tarkov.

If you’ve been wondering if headsets or earpieces do anything in Tarkov and wondering why headsets are a common new player recommendation then the answer is yes and in fact they can can give you a strong hearing advantage in raid. Allowing you to determine enemy position clearly, remove ambient noise and in some cases dampen your own movements (from your ears only) you’ll regularly see committed Tarkov players leveraging them to hear player movements and capitalise on that vital information. While not as important as choosing the correct ammo for your Tarkov raids having a headset equipped can vastly improve your odds of extraction.

Headsets can be a confusing place for both new and intermediate players though with it often taking dozens if not hundreds of raids to learn the subtle Tarkov headset differences between the available options. While I’ve ranked each of the headsets below based on their value for money and impact on your raid experience it is important to note that ultimately the best Escape From Tarkov headset for you is going to involve some personal sound preferences. This is a topic that Veritas with his traditional Tarkov science experiments explored in depth in 2020 and is a great starting point before reading on as it can allow you to take a blind sound test for all the core headsets in the game.

While his YouTube video is a great blind test you’ll likely come out with 2 or 3 on your list of favourites and this guide of the best Tarkov headphones will explore additional elements of each. With over 500 hours of Tarkov gameplay (stats at end of page) I’ve experimented broadly with all the available headsets to reach these conclusions.

tarkov-headsets-gssh015 – GSSh-01 Active Headset

Starting off our list is the GSSh-01 active headset that is one of the more common headsets available both from Scavs and traders early on. Unfortunately, as one of the first exposures to headsets for new players this set can quickly turn you off headsets all together and leave you wondering what the point is.

This is mostly because the GSSh-01 stands out from the other options here as it makes your own noises significantly louder compared to the other headsets. This can result in your own running and bush collision driving you insane with loud noise. The lack of significant amplification of enemy player noises (although there is still some compared to none) also results in a non-significant difference that makes most players question whether headsets do anything in Tarkov. Because of this I find it hard to recommend bringing these into a raid even at the low cost unless they are a winner in the blind test for you.

tarkov-headsets-razor4 – Walker’s Razor Digital Headset

The Walker’s Razor are actually quite a good Tarkov headset overall with solid sound that is similar to both the Peltor Tactical Sport and Sordin also featured on this list. That being said without significant difference to the above headsets and the fact that these are not available through any trader (can only be found in raid from Raiders). This short supply has two significant issues as it drives the price high on the Flea Market and accordingly it can be difficult to regularly use and test them out to learn the little subtle sound differences.

So while the sound quality and advantage is there it’s hard to recommend over the top 3 options below given the cost of entry on this headset.

tarkov-headsets-tactical-sport3 – Peltor Tactical Sport Headset

The first usable headset in my eyes on this list of best Tarkov headsets is the Peltor Tactical Sport Headset. Like the Razor though it is let down by the large cost while being locked behind a high Ragman trader level. Accessibility issues aside though the Tactical Sport are often a fan favourite providing a balance between the ComTac 2 and Sordin although slightly more on the bass heavy side.

Something stand out of the Tactical Sports though is a balanced increase across all sound ranges that keeps the sounds similar to their native no headset versions which provides a pleasing sound experience and make it one of the easier headsets to use without significant adjustment. This seems at ends though with the fact that you’ll unlikely get a pair til late game which relegates it to third on my recommendation list of the best headset for your Escape From Tarkov raids.

tarkov-headsets-comtac2 – Peltor ComTac 2 Headset

Another fan favourite in the best headset rankings is the ComTac 2 and another early experience players are likely to have due to it’s availability, Rouble price and even barter trade.

With the ComTac 2 you’ll get a good amount of ambient sound reduction to help you hear other PMCs or Scavs while muffling some of the noises that you make. Often described as the treble headset you’ll find more treble to the game sounds and creates a distinctive pinging (sometimes scratchy) sound atmosphere. Overall it’s a good reliable workhorse of the headset slot and one you’ll likely use regularly as you loot it from players or take it into raid yourself.

tarkov-headsets-sordin1 – MSA Sordin Supreme PRO-X/L Active Headphones

My favourite and arguably a favourite of the Tarkov community when it comes to best headsets is the Sordin. While it takes Ragman level 3 to unlock these headphones they still maintain a competitive price that makes them a staple of player builds from the mid to late game.

Boosting the bass across the board you’ll find deeper sounds that are pleasant but do alter common sounds slightly which requires adjustment. With the reduction in ambient sounds, limiting your own sounds to your ears and boosting the subtle noises of the game with added bass the Sordin like many of the other headset options here will let you pick up more sounds of your enemies. That being said either the Sordin or ComTac 2 are a capable Tarkov headset with the preference largely to you based on sound preferences.

tarkov-seelyon-statsHopefully this has helped to answer the question if headsets do anything in Tarkov and demonstrated that there is a tactical advantage to using these and when each is a viable option. While the recommendations above are a great starting point I encourage all Tarkov players to experiment to find their own favourite as there is clear evidence everyone has different headset tastes in the community.

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Sam (Seelyon) has over 500 hours, 700 raids and 2,000 kills in Escape From Tarkov (EFT) while also achieving the Kappa Container in his first Tarkov wipe (2020). He loves the Tarkov experience and seeks to share his insights and expertise with new players to the game.


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