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Knowing the best Scav map for loot can give players an easy source of Roubles to fund your PMC Tarkov raids in the harsh PvP world of EFT. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced player having a consistent source of Rouble gain in your Tarkov knowledge bank is a fantastic solution to overcoming the dreaded “gear fear” as new equipment is only a Scav run away.

With a high concentration of valuable loot and easy Scav extracts my recommended maps are Interchange, Reserve, Lighthouse and Streets of Tarkov as even after PMCs there is plenty of loot to scavenge. These personal recommendations for the best map to Scav on for loot will be your foundation of Rouble generation for new and intermediate players before moving onto PMC high value loot runs that have a higher risk and reward. With over 1,000 Tarkov raids I’ve reached a peak stash value of over 85 million, Kappa container and a fully upgraded hideout using these Scav runs. On this page I’ve included Scav run tips, map specific guidance and community resources for you to optimise your Rouble generation and should be paired with a Tarkov map tool.

Table of Contents:
Tarkov Best Scav Maps
Interchange Scav Tips and Locations
Reserve Scav Tips and Locations
Lighthouse Scav Tips and Locations
Streets of Tarkov Scav Tips and Locations


Tarkov Best Scav Maps

Scav runs are a completely different experience to PMC raids and players need to adjust their playstyle to maximise Rouble return. Given you are loading into the map after the bulk of loot has been taken players will need to scavenge the leftovers which can still add up to decent Roubles when moving quickly through a map. I recommend that when playing as a Scav you focus on grabbing everything you find, being less picky and focusing on speed of your raid as threats are generally minimal. Night time raids can hold even more loot as they are less popular with PMCs but navigating the dark requires a well-known map to overcome the lack of light.

Don’t forget that by increasing your Fence reputation level you can reduce your Scav timer to allow you to use the Scav mechanic more often. If you don’t want to do a full loot run on your Scav loading into Factory and extracting straight way can generate around 100k Roubles from your starting kit alone and has the secondary benefit of boosting your karma.

Here are my choices for the best map for Scav runs:

  • Interchange: A medium size map that allows quicker Scav runs with a high focus of technical loot, computers and hidden stashes. Players should also be able to find dead Scavs easily to grab additional loot given the map size and your pathway through the map.
  • Reserve: Another medium sized map that has easy Scav extractions that allows players to grab loose weapon loot and any items on dead Scavs before leaving. With some of the loot hidden behind keys and the high PvP here there is usually plenty of loot available.
  • Lighthouse: With high amounts of diverse loot this large map simply has too much loot in the various settlements for everything to be taken and also has the Rogue base as an option. Given the size of the map this will be a longer overall Scav run.
  • Streets of Tarkov: As one of the newer Tarkov maps the abundance of loot means there is always something to grab as a Scav and despite it being larger players are generally not far from a Scav extraction point given the number of them.

Based on your map experience, game knowledge and time to invest into Scav runs different maps will cater to different players in their search for the Tarkov best map for loot with further detail on each of these maps and Scav specific tips included below.

Interchange Scav Tips and Locations

A common best map for loot Tarkov recommendation is Interchange with a large shopping centre full of loot that attracts both PMC and Scavs and while you won’t get the highest tiers of loot as a Scav it is still significant. The prevalence of hideout upgrade items, food, general tech loot and hidden stashes that are spread across the map and can easily produce millions of Roubles over a few raids.

If players spawn without a bag as a Scav you have a reasonable chance of finding on during your travels as well given the Scav spawns are concentrated around the loot locations you’ll be visiting. The notable locations for loot in Interchange to check are:

  • Goshan: The back of Goshan has notable toolbox spawns and a wealth of food items in the store itself that allow players to easily pick up a full bag and is located near one of the possible extractions as well.
  • OLI: The OLI location has plenty of loose loot that can often be missed by PMCs who are concerned about more threats than a Scav player but even if it has been picked clean there are many computer spawns in and nearby as an alternative.
  • Centre First Floor (The National, Mantis, ADIK): With this being a high risk area most PMCs will leave these stores untouched which allows player Scavs to have some guaranteed loot with filing cabinets, jackets, weapon boxes and other loose loot the highlight of this area.


Reserve Scav Tips and Locations

The best map for loot in Tarkov for a Scav is the army themed Reserve as the size of this map and the easy to reach Scav extracts ensures quick and profitable runs. With Raiders, a Scav Boss, Reserve keys and high PvP action there is plenty of distractions for PMCs which leaves loot for the Scav player. With attractive spawns for medical items, folder with intelligence, ammunition, tank items, grenades and a wealth of attachments Reserve is a gold mine waiting to be farmed. For an experienced PMC it similarly has some of the best loot for the size of the map although this is not an easy PMC map as they have harder extractions.

Like Interchange above you will likely stumble upon a number of dead Scavs while exploring which adds extra loot and the opportunity to upgrade your bag. When playing as a Scav the best locations on Reserve for loot are:

  • White Knight/Black Knight: One of the best Scav locations is the white and black knight buildings as these generally are not looted by PMCs due to the associated risk of these buildings and the Glukhar spawn in this area which Scavs also need to be aware of. In both of these locations you will find filing cabinets, computers, weapon boxes and various loose loot to fill a bag quickly.
  • Black Pawn/White Pawn: With an abundance of loose ammunition and weapon ammunition these large story buildings and particularly the roofs provide another source of loot that PMCs will generally not spend a significant amount of time near as they balance threats from many different angles.
  • Queen: The queen building is a popular sniping spot for PMCs and most don’t go to the effort of looting the building itself given there are two guard houses with higher tier loot that generally draws their focus. It is a little out of the way for the Scav extracts but if you need to move from one side of the map to the other this can be a quick stop.


Lighthouse Scav Tips and Locations

Lighthouse is a larger map that will increase your total raid time although offsets this with plenty of high value loot locations that mean there is always something left behind. Learning these routes and the map will be a little harder then the smaller maps of Interchange and Reserve already featured on this list of best maps for Scav runs but if you are a regular Lighthouse player already it will be your best option. In addition to a near endless amount of loot spread across the map players have the Rogue base in the water treatment plant that results in particularly higher risk and high reward outcomes.

Given it can be difficult to locate dead Scavs as they are spread out on the Lighthouse map if you can see your current Scav doesn’t have a backpack I would run a different map instead. The notable loot locations for players are:

  • Rogue Base: The main area for looting as a Scav is the water treatment plant area as the Rogues will not attack Scavs unless you get to close and players can even kill them if necessary without a loss to your reputation although beyond one or two this will be difficult with a Scav loadout. The loot from here can come directly from all the loose loot, dead Rogues and dead PMCs which is abundant while also being of higher quality.
  • Village: The village area of Lighthouse located between the towering Chalet in the mountains and the rogue base has many buildings that are rarely touched by PMCs and have multiple containers or loose loot. This includes duffle bags, food items and even technical pieces that are the staple of Tarkov money making.
  • Chalet: Featuring some of the highest tiers of Tarkov loot the Chalet is a popular PMC fighting location and generally I would avoid this as a Scav as it is likely picked clean unless you actually spawn here. If you are a master of the Chalet spawn locations it is not uncommon to find one or two missed high value items but it is not worth adventuring solely to this location.


Streets of Tarkov Scav Tips and Locations

As a newer map to the Tarkov raid experience the concentration and abundance of high tier loot is incredible and given the amount of loot much of it is left untouched by PMCs. While the size of the map makes it difficult to master every spawn location players can focus on a smaller subset of areas which are also conveniently near the Scav extracts that keep your overall raid times down.

Similar to Lighthouse if your Scav has no backpack you are likely better off visiting a different map as it can be difficult to rely on upgrading your bag within raid. The notable locations on Streets of Tarkov can be tailored to your specific Scav spawn and extracts are:

  • Lexos: With a potential boss spawn (Kaban) this location has plenty of high value loot and while this may be taken by PMCs there are so many loose spawns that some are likely to be missed. Players may also potentially find dead PMCs or a dead Scav Boss to pick any leftover equipment/
  • Concordia: Located near the Sewer Manhole extract these buildings have plenty of loose loot in the form of medical, technical and rare. Players can also quickly determine where to loot here given the number of doors can be an obvious sign of where a PMC may or may not have been if they are open.
  • Pinewood Hotel: Located near the Klimov Shopping Mall Exfil extraction the sheer number of hotel rooms, desks and floors means there will always be something left behind and many PMCs don’t spend the time to go through every room as they often have other raid priorities. Like Concordia above the number of open and closed doors can tip players off if it was worthwhile looting or not.


Written by
Samuel Franklin
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Sam (Seelyon) is a seasoned Escape From Tarkov player with over 1,000 raids across multiple Tarkov patches while accumulating thousands of player kills and maintaining a 50% survival rate who favours a calculated playstyle. During these wipes he has earned the coveted Kappa secure container, proving his determination in the unforgiving world of Tarkov. His passion for the punishing game goes beyond personal accomplishment and he is driven by a desire to guide new players on their own Escape From Tarkov journey one raid at a time.

Through countless firefights, strategic flanks and exhilarating boss encounters, he has accumulated a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and nuances that allows him to offer valuable insights and strategies to those seeking to navigate the complexities of Tarkov.

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