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Find the best Tarkov player that you can watch and learn from with this directory of YouTubers, streamers and other content creators. Whether you’re a new or experienced EFT player this variety of entertaining video content can give you a break from the brutal Escape From Tarkov raid experience and serve as a potential learning opportunity at the same time.

Tarkov has a large community of content creators that offer everything from impressive, insightful and funny videos with many well known personalities. Below I’ve featured a mix of community and my personal favourite options while discussing what they specialise in so you can find the best option for your tastes. In summary my recommendations for the best content creators are:

  • Best general gameplay and entertainment: Pestily, Deadlyslob and Jessekazam
  • Best for beginners: Gigabeef, Airwingmarine, Veritas, J Dog Th3 Wise and Tweak
  • Best for PvP: Lvndmark, Glorious_E and Quattroace

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Tarkov YouTubers, Streams & Content Creators Summary
J Dog Th3 Wise

Tarkov YouTubers, Streams & Content Creators Summary

Content Creator Links Content Summary
Pestily Twitch & YouTube
  • Educational full raid series that steps through gameplay decisions
  • Brutal hardcore series that adds extra challenge to Tarkov
  • Mixture of humorous and educational content
DeadlySlob Twitch & YouTube
  • Creator of the hardcore challenge
  • Favours a slow methodological playstyle with unique weapon builds
  • Also players a number of games similar to Tarkov
JesseKazam Twitch & YouTube
  • Large variety of content across tips, reactions and raid highlights
  • Beyond The Grave series breaks down his own deaths to learn lessons
Gigabeef Twitch & YouTube
  • Diverse guide content targeted at the new or intermediate Tarkov player that covers loadouts, weapons and general gameplay tips
Airwingmarine Twitch & YouTube
  • Specialist of optimising the hideout crafting process for maximum survivability
  • Covers major Tarkov news and events to keep players informed
Veritas Twitch & YouTube
  • Regularly dives deep in Tarkov science experiments to educate the community
  • Part of the Tarkov podcast (The Pogcast)
J Dog Th3 Wise Twitch & YouTube
  • Focus on weapon builds at different budgets and trader levels
  • Tests out a diverse range of weapon builds when playing
Tweak Twitch & YouTube
  • Streamer focused with general tips and tricks combined with relaxing gameplay
  • YouTube reactions to Tarkov announcements and guides
Lvndmark Twitch & YouTube
  • One of the best Tarkov players who regularly dominates in PvP (particularly Labs map) as a PvP specialist
  • Master of meta and off-meta builds
Glorious_E Twitch & YouTube
  • Strong PvP player with several Tarkov tournament wins and a PUBG professional background
Quattroace Twitch & YouTube
  • High tier PvP player that is a master of combat with an aggressive playstyle
  • Edited highlights on YouTube with humour edits (audio and video references)

Pestily – Twitch & YouTube

One of the longstanding popular Escape From Tarkov Youtubers and content creator in the community who also has his own Pestily plague mask in game for The Collector quest. From Australia with his own military background that Pestily discusses often stream he is a balanced streamer of educational content and hilarious antics. While he doesn’t frag opponents quite as hard as other streamers on this list his mix of attributes makes him highly entertaining while also having a strong charity focus with ongoing support for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

While on YouTube he has a vast amount of guide content, the unique full play through ‘Raid’ series and even a hardcore series that are supported with well structured videos this makes him an ideal learning candidate for the intermediate or new player. More recently Pestily has also had a keen interest in organising challenging tournaments for content creators to help determine who is the best Tarkov player amongst well known and less known contenders.

DeadlySlob – Twitch & YouTube

The godfather of the Hardcore series that self imposes some brutal restrictions to make Escape From Tarkov even more unforgiving is DeadlySlob. Like Pestily above he also has his own streamer rare item which reflects how long he has been involved in the community creating content for EFT.

Delivering some of the best content amongst Escape From Tarkov YouTubers with game guides and commentary DeadlySlob hits the mark although has recently produced less guides on his YouTube channel in favour of edited highlight videos that discuss his thought process or show off unique elements of Tarkov (like the Hardcore Tarkov series or unique budget weapons). He is also regularly tries games similar to Tarkov which gives him a great sixth sense when playing these games that makes it great to listen to his thought processes when learning.

JesseKazam – Twitch & YouTube

Co-host of the aforementioned Pogcast with JesseKazam provides content across Twitch and YouTube with a similar focus on guide orientated content. Rocking a strong beard to rival that of DeadlySlob’s JesseKazam has a calm demeanour in all of his content and is not afraid to experiment with different weapons and strategies to ensure variety. His tip orientated content pairs nicely with his Escape From Tarkov Lesson From Beyond The Grave where he breaks down each of his deaths to improve his own and your raid gameplay.

Gigabeef – Twitch & YouTube

A great resource for beginners and intermediate players Gigabeef is focused on loadout, weapon and general gameplay tips that are supported with robust testing and data. For players that want simple methodologies to follow and a comfortable pace of play that can be mimicked Gigabeef is one of my personal favourites when it comes to the best Tarkov YouTubers to watch. When not watching his guide focused YouTube content he is also a consistent streamer of his progression through that Tarkov wipe cycle.

Airwingmarine – Twitch & YouTube

A master of the hideout mechanic and Flea Market pricing Airwingmarine is one for players that like to have intimate knowledge of the market economy of Escape From Tarkov and like to maximise their Roubles from all sources. Airwingmarine also specialises in game update roundups where he discusses the latest news and events along with the impact to the meta so that players can adjust as necessary.

Veritas – Twitch & YouTube

An Escape From Tarkov content creator who also loves to create music Veritas has produced some of the best researched guide content on his YouTube channel covering important mechanics like zeroing, ammo, headphones and bitcoin farming. With his software engineer job it’s easy to see why Veritas loves to break down mechanics and dive right into them with a scientific proficiency.

Along with his podcast called Pogcast and general highlights this rounds out the content offering from one of the best Tarkov YouTubers. Meanwhile on Twitch you can expect a chill orientated stream with plenty of laughs and the occasional education titbit although these are more often delivered through the aforementioned YouTube content.

J Dog th3 Wise – Twitch & YouTube

Another one of the guide and commentary based content creators you’ll find J Dog th3 Wise produces balanced content in that 10-15 minute range that makes it easy to digest and might just make him one of the best Escape From Tarkov YouTubers for you. Not limiting himself to any single element he has produced general, builds and solo player tips with a few of his stream highlights thrown in of him dropping entire squads across Escape From Tarkov. His particular speciality is breaking down the various weapon builds at each trader level that makes him an invaluable reference during a new EFT wipe.

TweaK – Twitch & YouTube

A streamer focused content creator TweaK is part of a content duo with shob0t in Ireland but still holds his own in the best Tarkov YouTubers department. With his recognisable purple hair colour you know that you are in for a treat with his stream being laid back while also being a capable player that isn’t afraid to mix up his Tarkov adventures through variety.

On YouTube TweaK delivers raid highlights from his stream but also often produces lengthy videos where he shares his thoughts on patches, meta and general gear. One of his best series though is the budget to best where he covers 3 gun variants at different Rouble budgets and tries them out on Factory to help players understand the differences you can expect in raids from different weapon loadouts.

LVNDMARK – Twitch & YouTube

One of the deadliest players who regularly roams Labs while acquiring millions in Rouble loot it is easy to see why LVNDMARK is considered one of the best Tarkov streamers currently playing the game. Be it zero to hero, budget or meme guns LVNDMARK uses it all and has some seriously impressive map knowledge and skill to back it up.

LVNDMARK is primarily active on Twitch with his YouTube reserved for some of his best runs with some minor edits (like speeding up the lengthy time it takes him to stack all of his impressive Labs loot). For the gamer wondering who is the best Tarkov player it is hard to look beyond LVNDMARK although learn from his Labs heavy content will need to be adjusted for other Tarkov maps.

Glorious_E – Twitch & YouTube

A PUBG professional before he found Tarkov Glorious_E has won a number of the Tarkov tournaments over the year that gives him the resume of best Tarkov player. With this background you will definitely find high quality PvP action with Glorious_E comfortable on every game map, weapon and situation. The result is a great learning and educational stream with YouTube highlights of some incredible firefights.

QuattroAce – Twitch & YouTube

Another one of the top Escape From Tarkov streamers and best Tarkov players who is extremely deadly is QuattroAce. With a heavy focus on PvP on the Escape From Tarkov map of Labs he has a super aggressive playstyle that sees him taking down other PMCs with ease. Often finishing a kill with a signature “GG” QuattroAce is one to watch for high level aggressive Tarkov action and see how peak Tarkov PvP can be played. Similar to LVNDMARK his YouTube channel is reserved for highlight videos of his deadly killing sprees with some humour focused editing by injecting familiar audio and videos in between Tarkov gameplay.


Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam (Seelyon) is a seasoned Escape From Tarkov player with over 1,000 raids across multiple Tarkov patches while accumulating thousands of player kills and maintaining a 50% survival rate who favours a calculated playstyle. During these wipes he has earned the coveted Kappa secure container, proving his determination in the unforgiving world of Tarkov. His passion for the punishing game goes beyond personal accomplishment and he is driven by a desire to guide new players on their own Escape From Tarkov journey one raid at a time.

Through countless firefights, strategic flanks and exhilarating boss encounters, he has accumulated a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and nuances that allows him to offer valuable insights and strategies to those seeking to navigate the complexities of Tarkov.

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