Cat Quest Best Gear – Willpower, Faith & Courage Legendary Set

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Cat Quest Best Gear – Willpower, Faith & Courage Legendary Set

Learn how to acquire the Cat Quest best gear to help you progress through the cat themed action RPG. With the best available gear and sets you’ll be able to maximise health, attack, magic and armour with a blend of these statistics that suits your preferred cat style.

While there are several options for the best equipment that are featured below by far the most reliable is the legendary set which you can target farm from specific locations and contains Willpower, Faith and Courage. Cat Quest Willpower can be obtained as soon as you have the ability to walk on water which requires level 27 as the location it is hidden within has low level enemies only. Acquiring the other pieces though is significantly harder although with patience and practice can also be obtained this early. However, for the majority of players you’ll likely need to gear up a little further before tackling the challenges that protect these items from other dungeons or sources of unlockable golden chests such as the Cat Quest pirate treasure.

How To Get Cat Quest Willpower (Weapon)

Willpower is the easiest piece of the legendary set in Cat Quest and should be the first item you look to obtain as soon as you unlock the walk on water ability. You will also need to bring an area of effect spell such as the Lightnyan and the healing spell can also be useful along with some armour.

Obtaining this equipment piece as early as possible is strongly recommended as Willpower in Cat Quest is a hard hitting item (actually your first) with a massive 333 damage that makes it the best weapon in the game considering its ease of acquisition and can easily be used for the entire game once obtained and still be effective in Mew Game (New Game +).

Focused on the concept of having willpower players will have to adventure through a long dungeon that has some unavoidable damage, requires patience and has a few basic fights following the video or step by step guide below:

  1. Start from the Winters Edge location near the north of the map which is just on the edge of the main island. Walk north into the snow regions until you find an island with a bush that has the typical dungeon question mark over it.

  2. Enter the level 0 dungeon known as the Secret Cave and advance through the various challenges as you continue to head right. You can collect the normal chests along the way although they all hold gear from the Crappy Gear set and are not useful.
  3. Note that various Cattraps will spawn on the floor some of which are unavoidable while others you can cross with patience. If you take too much damage use your heal spell or wait for your armour to regenerate. You must save some mana to cast an attacking spell at the end of this dungeon, there is an enemy chest towards the end that gives you an opportunity to refill your mana.
  4. Eventually you will reach what appears to be the end of the dungeon although there is a secret path leading off to the right.
  5. Go as far right as you can until you reach the last golden chest, a Cattrap spawns under this chest and can only be opened by destroying this trap by using Lightnyan or a similar attacking spell.
  6. You can now open the chest and acquire Cat Quest Willpower which is part of the Legendary Set, this item replaces your weapon with your first and has 333 attack damage.

How To Get Cat Quest Faith (Helm)

Faith is the second easiest of the Legendary Set to acquire which requires a number of tough fights in a level 99 dungeon. These can be done much earlier with patience, practice and the right setup which includes obtaining Willpower above first. For the rest of the setup use your best equipment available in terms of stats and utilise Flamepurr and Purrserk spells for your main attacks. Freezepaw can also be a nice backup to slow down the fights in this dungeon.

In return you’ll earn the red coloured dot (bindi) which is a helm that gives 333 magic stat. Note that the location of this piece of equipment can be a good location to level up in Cat Quest to 99 given it’s high level enemies.

The video and step by step guide to acquiring Faith is as follows:

  1. Start at East Pawt which is on the eastern side of the main island in Cat Quest and head north until you locate the level 99 Hidden Cave.
  2. Defeat the enemies inside the cave which includes two large dragons in what appears to the be the end of this dungeon cave.
  3. Travel right from where you defeated the two dragons and you’ll find a hidden path that leads you to a tougher dragon fight who defends the gold chest that contains Faith.
  4. After you’ve defeated the last dragon open the golden chest to obtain Faith.

How To Get Cat Quest Courage (Armour)

The hardest of all the Legendary Set items in Cat Quest is courage which lies within a level 200 dungeon. Despite the high level this item can be obtained much earlier with practice and patience although is generally best acquired last in the Legendary Set as the other items will make acquiring it significantly easier. This item is a piece of armour that provides 333 health stat to your character and completes the Legendary Set. Note that you need water walking ability to obtain this item.

The video and step by step guide to get Courage is as follows:

  1. Start at East Pawt which is on the eastern side of the main island and walk east until you locate the level 200 Lonely Cave on its own small island.
  2. Enter the cave and defeat the enemies within, note that the two golden chest enemies deal 9,999 damage each and should thus be avoided at all costs. I recommend you defeat both of these enemies first by attacking them from the sides. After defeating these enemies you can then fight the hedgehog in the centre. Note that this hedgehog is extremely powerful in terms of damage and abilities, it can be very difficult to avoid all attacks given the large area effect of these attacks. Using a combination of Flamepurr, Purrserk and Freezepaw spells are likely to be most effective for your attacks. Higher level characters that can tank a few hits can go for an all in strategy while others will have to play a strategy of safety and avoid getting hit.
  3. After defeating all enemies the golden chest in the middle of the large area can be opened to obtain Courage.

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