How To Get Keys in Cat Quest (Golden Key)

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How To Get Keys in Cat Quest (Golden Key)

Learn how to get keys in Cat Quest with our guide to the golden key that allows players to open all the golden treasure chests hidden throughout the game. Requiring players to complete a specific quest that is located off the regular path to acquire Cat Quest keys this is the only way to unlock some of the Cat Quest best gear from chests in the original game.

While players are likely to encounter a number of golden chests prior to being able to obtain this key the game does not provide any hints to players as to how these chests can be opened. This quickly leads to many Cat Quest players wondering when and how they’ll have the ability to open these chests and obtain the loot inside. With golden chests offering a number of high quality equipment pieces that can help your progression they can be a vital aspect to completing the countless quests and Cat Quest treasure puzzles across the world map. While they are limited in number golden chests are a vital source of free high quality equipment with further upgrades only available if you purchase a chest from the various blacksmiths.

cat-quest-open-golden-questsWe have a video guide available below in addition to step by step instructions and screenshots that shows the Cat Quest keys quest completion. Note that players must be able to walk on water which requires you to have completed the Royal Art of Water Walking quest in Pawt City from the Governor so you must be at least level 27.


How To Get Keys In Cat Quest

The below step by step guide with screenshots details the approach to completing the golden key quest in Cat Quest.

  1. After obtaining the ability to walk on water visit your initial town (Mewtown) and head south until you reach Gentle Town.
  2. Visit the quest board at Gentle Town and accept “The Golden Key” quest and complete the dialogue from the townsfolk.
  3. Move to the bottom left corner of the island and enter the Founder’s Cave.
  4. Inside the cave you’ll find a number of chest and golden chest enemies which must be defeated to complete the side quest. These enemies will do 9,999 damage to the player so you will need to avoid getting hit. Using the early game spells can be an effective way to do this with players only using melee attacks carefully when it is needed to regenerate mana. Given you will not be able to survive any hits from the enemies regardless of your equipment you should maximise attack damage and magic damage instead. If you die at anytime you will be returned to Gentle Town and will have to restart clearing the cave, there are no limits to your attempts.
  5. When all enemies are defeated you will find a Golden Key automatically. You can now also open the two normal chests in the cave for additional loot.
  6. Return to Gentle Town and finish the dialogue with the townsfolk. This will complete the quest, reward a game item and permanently unlock the ability to open an unlimited number of golden chests within the various Cat Quest caves and dungeons.

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