Cat Quest Pirate Treasure Location Guide

Last Updated on June 15, 2022 by Samuel Franklin

Cat Quest Pirate Treasure Location Guide

Learn the Cat Quest pirate treasure location with our quick guide to locating this hidden chest to earn yourself a new piece of equipment for your game progression. Available from the mid game once players earn the ability to walk over water for their cat character this items provides the Gentlebros armour in your first playthrough of Cat Quest. Note that on original release this treasure chest provided players with 5,000 coins although was quickly changed to provide the tuxedo themed armour.

While this armour is not the best gear in Cat Quest and has other acquisition methods this is an easy option to acquire a balance piece of equipment. Completing the Cat Quest pirate treasure location mystery also resolves one of the games many mysteries for those that want to take a completionist path. Note that in the Mew Game mode you’ll earn the special Guitar weapon for those that are challenging themselves with that New Game+ mode of Cat Quest. This weapon is primarily a cosmetic item and one for your equipment collection as it offers only a small amount of damage and negative health that makes it impractical to use.

Following the Cat Quest pirate guide instructions (written or video) below players will be able to locate the Cat Quest treasure location to solve the puzzle for themselves. players can solve this puzzle for themselves.

Cat Quest Pirate Treasure Location Steps

With the steps below you can locate the hidden pirate treasure (piratenschatz) in Cat Quest, note that you do not have to visit the pirate guide building first as the chest is always available on the location below even if you have not completed the dialogue. The steps below are intended to show you how the puzzle is completed but you can easily skip to the end location as you do not need to follow the sequence of movements shown here. The only requirement to locate the chest is to having the ability to walk on water which requires you to be at least level 27 to complete the applicable Cat Quest mission that provides that ability.

  1. The Pirate Guide is a location in the north eastern part of the map on its own spooky island of dead trees. As noted above this building initiates your quest for the pirate treasure although not required for the chest to spawn if players want to skip to the final treasure location.
  2. Talking to the building will reveal the following clues to locating the hidden treasure; “Yaaaaarrrr! Sail south to the funny head that looks like no cat…”, “Now head west to da towns borne of twins…”, “From thar, go north-west to the centre of the biggest lake in da land…”, “Now stay northwards to da gulf between grass and ice…” and “Finally, travel far west till da treasure is seen hidden underwater!”
  3. Travel down (south) from the Pirate Guide location until you come to the Unknown landmark that looks like a human face on the Cat Quest map.
  4. Travel left (west) to the Twin Towns location.
  5. Travel up and left (north-west) to the large Felingard Lake which is the largest lake in the game world referenced in the initial dialogue tips.
  6. Travel up (north) until you come to Winter’s Edge which is where the area splits between ice and land.
  7. Travel left (west) beyond the Icy Glaive and search around the area for the treasure chest. Referencing the below image of the larger map will be useful in determining the exact location.
  8. Once in range of the treasure you will be able to open the golden chest just as you would for other chests in the game and obtain your equipment reward. Similar to other chests in the Cat Quest game world the range to open the chest is quite small so walking around slowly is your best option if you are having trouble locating it. If this is your first Cat Quest adventure you well earn the Gentlebros armour while Mew Game players will earn the Guitar weapon instead.

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