Tarkov All Streamer Items (The Collector Quest) Guide

Last Updated on January 4, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

The Collector quest is the final hurdle to the prized Kappa Secure Container which requires players to find all streamer items with a found in raid status. Whether this is your Tarkov goal or you want to learn the history of these items this guide to The Collector quest will answer your questions of these unique valuables.

With an expanding number of streamer items available with each Tarkov patch there are currently over 30 items that need to be located to complete this quest dedicated to a community content creator. This page includes images of all streamer items currently available, the streamer they are based on and other important tips to spawn locations based on my own EFT experience obtaining the Kappa Secure Container in two wipes.

Table of Contents:
The Collector Quest Overview & Tips
All Streamer Items (Summary)
All Streamer Items (Detailed)


The Collector Quest Overview & Tips

The Collector Quest is available from Fence once players have completed nearly all of the Tarkov quests and rewards players with the Kappa Secure Container and DEADSKUL armband. Requiring players to obtain all of the streamer items with found in raid status this is the pinnacle of Tarkov achievements, requiring a high level of game knowledge to unlock the quest, find the items and extract from raids successfully.

If obtaining all of the Kappa items is your goal I recommend the following tips:

  • Collecting streamer items should start at level 1 as players will encounter most of the items naturally as they progress towards The Collector quest. When you do happen to locate one of the required items players should take the safest option of moving towards extraction and abandoning your current raid plans.
  • All of the Tarkov streamer items can be obtained through the Scav Case moonshine option in your hideout and should be prioritised over the other Scav Case options and will require significant Roubles to do so.
  • Hidden stashes/caches are a popular method to find the items required for the Collector given the large loot pools available of these spawning containers. Players should learn as many locations as possible to further maximise your chances during a raid to locate these items and make them a priority to loot in your paths through game maps.
  • Other popular loot containers for streamer items include dead scavs, marked rooms and duffle bags with a large number available from these sources that make them priorities during raids. As each of these containers is also effective for other quest items and general money making needs in Tarkov players will passively loot many of these anyway.


All Streamer Items In Escape From Tarkov (Summary)

The below table summarises all streamer items in Tarkov including the content creator they reference with Twitch or YouTube links, the date they were added and any notable spawn locations to help players acquire them. Detailed information on each item is included in the detailed section at the end of this page.

Streamer Item Content Creator Wipe Patch (Date) Added Notable Spawn Locations
streamer-items-42nd-tea42nd Signature Blend English Tea Sacriel 10.5 (November 2018) Ration Supply Crates
streamer-items-antique-axeAntique Axe Wycc220 10.5 (November 2018)
streamer-items-antique-bookBattered Antique Book DobbyKillStreak 10.5 (November 2018) Safes
streamer-items-spratsCan of Sprats Alconafter 10.5 (November 2018) Ration Supply Crates
streamer-items-beard-oilDeadlyslob’s Beard Oil Deadlyslob 10.5 (November 2018)
  • East 107 and Mattress in Chairman’s house near swamp on Shoreline
  • Counters in OLI or Power Station office on Interchange
streamer-items-mustacheFake Mustache Sequisha 10.5 (November 2018) Scavs
streamer-items-gun-lubeFireKlean Gun Lube Klean 10.5 (November 2018)
  • Robot Arms area near the server room on Labs
  • Mattress in Chairman’s house near swamp on Shoreline
  • Technical Supply Crates
streamer-items-1gphoneGolden 1GPhone Summit1G 10.5 (November 2018)
  • Rasmussen, Techlight and Techno stores on Interchange
  • West 301 on Shoreline
streamer-items-golden-roosterGolden Rooster ChickenPrism 10.5 (November 2018)
  • East 310 or West 220 on Shoreline
  • Arsenal Storage room or Manager Office on Labs
  • Saferoom extraction on Interchange
  • Friend From The West (Part 1) quest reward
streamer-items-jar-of-mayoJar of DevilDog Mayo TheDevilDogGamer 10.5 (November 2018)
  • West 216 on Shoreline
  • Saferoom extraction on Interchange
streamer-items-kotton-beanieKotton Beanie Kotton 10.5 (November 2018) Scavs
streamer-items-old-firesteelOld Firesteel Dayzru 10.5 (November 2018)
  • RB-AM and RB-GN on Reserve
  • West 301 on Shoreline
streamer-items-silver-badgeSilver Badge SheriffEli 10.5 (November 2018)
  • Saferoom extraction or Ultra Medical Storage on Interchange
  • East 205/222/310 and West 220 on Shoreline
  • Arsenal Storage room or Manager Office on Labs
streamer-items-lupo-beansCan of Dr. Lupo’s Coffee Beans DrLupo 12.0 (October 2019) Ration Supply Crates
streamer-items-pestily-plague-maskPestily Plague Mask Pestily 12.0 (October 2019)
  • Scavs
  • Cultists
  • Boss followers (Reshala, Sanitar and Shturman)
streamer-items-ravenRaven Figurine Markstrom 12.0 (October 2019) Safes
streamer-items-shroud-half-maskShroud Half-Mask Shroud 12.0 (October 2019) Scavs
streamer-items-veritas-guitar-pickVeritas Guitar Pick Veritas 12.6 (May 2020)
  • Safes
  • Saferoom extraction on Interchange
  • East 310 and West 220 on Shoreline
  • Arsenal Storage room or Manager Office on Labs
streamer-items-smoke-balaclavaSmoke Balaclava Smoke 12.9 (December 2020)
streamer-items-ratcolaCan of Ratcola General Sam 12.11 (June 2021)
streamer-items-evasion-armbandEvasion Armband Sigma 12.11 (June 2021) Airdrops
streamer-items-loot-lord-plushieLoot Lord AquaFPS 12.11 (June 2021)
streamer-items-rat-poisonLVNDMARK Rat Poison LVNDMARK 12.11 (June 2021)
streamer-items-wz-walletWZ Wallet WillerZ 12.11 (June 2021) Scavs
streamer-items-axel-parrotAxel Parrot Figurine Axel 12.12.30 (June 2022) Safes
streamer-items-bear-buddyBear Buddy Plush Toy Anne Munition 12.12.30 (June 2022)
streamer-items-baddie-red-beardBaddie’s Red Beard Baddie 12.12.30 (June 2022)
streamer-items-cook-bookBakeEzy Cook Book BakeEzy 12.12.30 (June 2022) Safes
streamer-items-drd-body-armourDRD Body Armour Dr. Disrespect 12.12.30 (June 2022)
streamer-items-gingy-keychainGingy Keychain Gingy 12.12.30 (June 2022)
  • Jackets
  • Scavs
streamer-items-glorious-e-maskGlorious E Lightweight Armoured Mask Glorious E 12.12.30 (June 2022)
streamer-items-golden-eggGolden Egg MeYer 12.12.30 (June 2022) Safes
streamer-items-johnb-glassesJohnB Liquid DNB Glasses John B 12.12.30 (June 2022)
streamer-items-forklift-keyMissam Forklift Key DanExert 12.12.30 (June 2022) Jackets
streamer-items-press-passPress Pass NoiceGuy 12.12.30 (June 2022)
streamer-items-vhsVideo Cassette with Cyborg Killer Movie Проходимец (CyborgKiller) 12.12.30 (June 2022)

All Streamer Items In Escape From Tarkov (Detailed)


42nd Signature Blend English Tea

This Tarkov streamer item references Sacriel who refers to his followers as the 42nd given his interest in military games and something explained in this article with the tea also having a British soldier pictured on the container. Uniquely this 42nd tea is also available via barter from Therapist and used in a number of crafts which is uncommon amongst the streamer items. It has high availability though in ration supply crates and duffle bags that means most players will encounter this item through normal gameplay with map locations like under the railyard in Reserve, the Customs bastion or the Woods Forward Operating Base near the RUAF roadblock extract with high concentrations of crates being the best tea hunting locations.


Antique Axe

Paying homage to a Russian streamer and YouTuber named Wycc220 with WYCC engraved on both the handle and axe bit the Antique Zxe is a usable melee weapon in Escape From Tarkov with high damage once popular with hatchet running PMCs. This is another simple to acquire streamer item Scavs occasionally spawn with this item equipped and are central to the core gameplay loop through many quests.


Battered Antique Book

Serving as a dual Easter egg the Battered Antique Book has a sock within its pages in reference to a Harry Potter scene where Dobby the house-elf is freed from service. This double connection is based on the content creator DobbyKillStreak who also uses the house-elf as his avatar. The book is another one of the easier streamer items to find in Escape From Tarkov given it spawns in safes with Customs having a high concentration as a possible hunting location.


Can of Sprats

With “Alkonafter” written on this Can of Sprats item is a direct reference to the Russian Tarkov streamer who goes by the name alconafter. It is another common item for the Collector quest and regularly spawns at loose food spawn locations or in ration supply crates like the other food based streamer items.


Deadlyslob’s Beard Oil

Inspired by the impressive beard of Deadlyslob who has been a staple in the Tarkov streaming community since the early days and created the hardcore Tarkov challenge concept. Interchange is where you are likely to find an oil for yourself with it being an uncommon find in the power station metal shelves near the computers and on the various tables around the OLI offices.


Fake Mustache

Based on the real life moustache of Sequisha this item is a wearable in the face cover slot and something that players can equip for some light PMC customisation. Locating this Fake Mustache primarily comes down to farming Scavs as they will occasionally spawn with this equipped.


FireKlean Gun Lube

One of the original items for the Collector quest that is based on Klean, a Twitch content creator who once worked for BattleStateGames. The item is unique because it is a requirement for workbench and weapon rack level 3 so players should be careful not to use a found in raid Gun Lube for this upgrade and instead purchase one from the flea market. Labs is the most reliable location for this item with a fixed spawn at the robot arms near the server room but can also be found in technical supply crates as a backup option.


Golden 1GPhone

Borrowing from both the popular Apple iPhone and Summit1G this item is engraved with 1G based on the popular variety streamer who has also spent time playing Escape From Tarkov. This streamer item regularly spawns in the Interchange tech stores of Rasmussen, Techlight and Techno although these locations are contested and since the trader sell value for the item is high they will always be taken.


Golden Rooster

Designed in reference to Twitch streamer ChickenPrism who is referenced directly in the item description along with the general item design. The Golden Rooster can be obtained from the quest Friend From The West (Part 1), safes and appears in a number of high value loot spawns that make it fairly straightforward to acquire. Like FireKlean Gun Lube players will need 2 of these for the Scav Case and Hall of Fame level 2 so be careful using your found in raid ones for hideout buildings.


Jar Of DevilDog Mayo

Referencing the Tarkov streamer TheDevilDogGamer and his references to mayonnaise when welcoming new subscribers this Jar of Mayo is relatively common from food spawn locations and is a popular item for purposefully trying to dehydrate themselves for particular quests.


Kotton Beanie

Designed in reference to Kotton and his logo which features a cartoon character with a beanie the Kotton Beanie is another wearable streamer item you’ll need for the Collector and is most commonly found equipped on Scavs.


Old Firesteel

Another one of the original streamer items to find in your Tarkov raids this item is based on dayzru a Russian streamer with his name engraved on the item image. Despite it’s length of time in the game the Old Firesteel can be a tricky item to locate with your best odds being Reserve locked rooms RB-AM, RB-GN or farming technical supply crates.


Silver Badge

The Silver Badge is intended as a sheriff badge in reference to SheriffEli who streams Escape From Tarkov and a number of other video games. The Silver Badge ranks amongst the more difficult items to locate for the Collector due to its best location being the Labs Manager Office that is a PvP hotspot. Alternatively players can farm safes which are a necessary farming path for other streamer items.


Can of Dr. Lupo’s Coffee Beans

Created for the streamer DrLupo the coffee beans based on his collaboration with KingsCoastCoffee to create a signature blend of coffee beans these can be hunted for in duffle bags or ration supply crates like the other food items on the Collector list.


Pestily Plague Mask

Pestily’s streamer item is the plague mask which is a wearable item on your characters face and based on his logo which features the same plague mask design. Similar to other clothing themed items it can be found on Scavs but also the harder Cultists or boss followers of Reshala, Sanitar and Shturman.


Raven Figurine

The raven figurine is based on the logo of the popular content creator Markstrom who is a Tarkov streaming regular amongst other games. Acquiring the Raven for your Kappa is most likely to come from safe farming with the item also being used in a quest (Living High is Not a Crime Part 2) and barter traders with Skier and Ragman.


Shroud Half-Mask

Shroud has been a long time fan of Escape From Tarkov as part of his variety stream with his streamer and went without a Kappa item for some time before finally receiving one. Joining the ranks of other wearable Tarkov items the best opportunity to acquire a Shroud mask is to loot your Scav kills regularly or play as a Scav yourself or use the Moonshine Scav Case in your hideout.


Veritas Guitar Pick

Another long term Tarkov content creator in the community Veritas has a Guiaar Pick based on his interest in music and sound design with the item featuring his name and logo. While there are some specific spawns available it also spawns in safes which means you can farm it while farming other streamer items.


Smoke Balaclava

Added to the Tarkov drop pool since patch 12.9 (December 2020) the item was first teased by BSG in April 2020. It’s a reference to the Tarkov and DayZ streamer known as Smoke who produces Twitch based content.


Can of Ratcola

The General Sam streamer item introduced into Tarkov that reflects his popular YouTube video on the rat playstyle and something he continues to reference whenever he pops back into Tarkov to cause chaos. As a consumable item players can drink this cola regardless of their chad or rat playstyle and is fairly common in food spawn locations and ration crafts.


Evasion Armband

Adding one more challenge to the already difficult Collector quest is Sigma’s streamer item which is another wearable option for players that want to show off their spare streamer items in raid. The black armband can be equipped in the armband slot and is best found from the various ground stashes or airdrops from the Tarkov world.


Loot Lord

AquaFPS has been a long time Tarkov player and the Loot Lord plushie is based on his real life merchandise that he offers to his fans. It’s also one of the larger streamer items taking up a total of 4 slots in the player and was the first of several toy plushie based items to be added to the game.



LVNDMARK has a long hateful relationship of PMCs using the quiet rat playstyle on his favourite Lab map and his streamer item reflects this with a rat killing themed item. As one of the best and most aggressive Tarkov players who is deadly with basic to meta gear it’s an appropriately themed item for players to hunt.


WZ Wallet

A functional wallet with the same number of slots as your standard Tarkov wallet that you might find the WZ Wallet is a reference to WillerZ who is primarily a streamer in the EFT community although also has a YouTube channel. Locating one of these was once highly difficulty as they were only available through marked rooms although they are now available on Scavs which means players are likely to naturally acquire one while doing other game quests.


Axel Parrot Figurine

Introduced to pay homage to the content creator known as Axel, this Parrot Figurine joins the other various other figurines in Tarkov as highly prized items that can be acquired from safes. This item is required for both the Collector and Living High is Not a Crime Part 2.


BEAR Buddy Plush Toy

Like the other plushie based Collector items this is one of the larger items required for the Collector quest with its 2×2 size which is dedicated to Anne Munition the content creator and also a reference to the BEAR faction in Tarkov.


Baddie’s Red Beard

A wearable item that is based on the similar white Santa beards that spawn during Christmas events. This red variant is an option for players to add a beard to their character and based on the content creator Baddie.


BakeEzy Cook Book

This book is dedicated to BakeEzy who is active across Twitch and YouTube for Tarkov content and uniquely the QR code located on the back of the item links to his YouTube channel. This item used to construct the library in the hideout, has a barter with Ragman and multiple uses in crafting recipes that make it one of the most used streamer items available.


DRD Body Armour

Styled after Dr. Disrespect this body armour is visually similar to the PACA armour in Tarkov although this is a class 3 variant with surprisingly good protection for that armour tier although it is not a subtle colour.


Gingy Keychain

Based on the content creator Gingy this collector item is actually a container and can hold up to 4 keys. It was originally limited to marked rooms on release although like the WZ Wallet is now within the normal Scav loot pool that ensures you can obtain one eventually while also being a rare find in jackets which are a common loot focus for players.


Glorious E Lightweight Armoured Mask

Another wearable item in the face cover slot the Glorious E armoured mask which is dedicated to content creator Glorious_E. With a high ricochet chance it may just even save your life in a Tarkov firefight with Glorious_E never one to back down from a fight.


Golden Egg

The inscribed part of this egg reads Meyer which is the content creator reference for this item. The Golden Egg is also required for Living High is Not a Crime Part 1 which is a Tarkov quest based on golden and rare items in addition to the Collector.


JohnB Liquid DNB Glasses

A reference to JohnB the liquid DNB Glasses are another wearable streamer items players are able to acquire and potentially use in raid for extra fashion they provide. They function similar to other eyewear items it Tarkov and intended to offer higher than average blindness protection given their dark design.


Missam Forklift Key

The first Collector quest item to be a key (although currently it does not unlock anything) is dedicated to the streamer DanExert and a parody of Nissan (Missam). Like other key based items in Tarkov locating this item is primarily done through looting jackets across the Tarkov territory or can be found in the inventory of Scavs.


Press Pass

Issued for NoiceGuy and including his logo the press pass is themed around NoiceGuy’s ability to play the role of journalist and reporter of the Tarkov world who always pieces together bits of information from BattleStateGames to make predictions for others in the community.


Video Cassette with the Cyborg Killer Movie

Taking a step back in time this VHS tape allows players to watch a 1990s action movie with the name based on the Russian content creator Cyborg Killer who also goes by the names Nulloman/Null1k and has his logo printed on the VHS tape.


Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam (Seelyon) is a seasoned Escape From Tarkov player with over 1,000 raids across multiple Tarkov patches while accumulating thousands of player kills and maintaining a 50% survival rate who favours a calculated playstyle. During these wipes he has earned the coveted Kappa secure container, proving his determination in the unforgiving world of Tarkov. His passion for the punishing game goes beyond personal accomplishment and he is driven by a desire to guide new players on their own Escape From Tarkov journey one raid at a time.

Through countless firefights, strategic flanks and exhilarating boss encounters, he has accumulated a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and nuances that allows him to offer valuable insights and strategies to those seeking to navigate the complexities of Tarkov.


  1. For sam’s rat cola it says “ratio” instead of ration

  2. What the hell are you doing BSG Get Jesse Kazzam in here with a Streamer Item. NgL, I am flabbergasted that you guys haven’t had him in yet. YOU GUYS HAVE SHROUD AS A STREAMER ITEM & DR. D. & honestly they barely even play the game (NOT HATING ON EITHER OF THEM I LOVE THEM BOTH EQUALLY, THEIR BOTH AMAZING CONTENT CREATORS, & PERSONALITIES.) But, our boy Jesse Mr. PIZZA Kazzam hasn’t even got as little as a Empty Pizza box OR, Maybe JUUUUST maybe you guys at BSG should give Jesse Kazzam an edible Pizza. I think it is well warranted. What if I designed the item myself so all you guys would have to do is upload it?

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