The Collector Tarkov Quest – Find All Streamer Items

Last Updated on January 23, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

The Collector Tarkov Quest – Find All Streamer Items – Tarkov Quest Guide

The Collector quest is the final hurdle before your Kappa Secure Container which requires players to find all streamer items with found in raid status. Below we’ll cover where to obtain all the streamer items, the history of each and other important tips for those that are only one step away from the powerful Kappa which is a Tarkov goal for many players.

The Collector quest in Tarkov has continued to expand in requirements with each new Tarkov wipe and patches slowly adding in new streamer items that players need to collect and trade to Fence. Where there are new items introduced but not confirmed part of the quest they will be shown at the bottom of this article. In order to first unlock the Collector quest you’ll need to complete essentially all of the available Tarkov quests with only a small handful of exceptions and reach a high PMC character level.

As someone who has obtained the Kappa Secure Container on two separate occassions I’ll detail my experience in finding the items required below to help others focus on the best locations on their journey. Note that I assume a high level Tarkov game and location knowledge in this guide as if you’ve reached the Collector quest you are likely a strong Tarkov player already.

Players should also be aware that after you have a found in raid item for the quest these streamer items can still be worth picking up as they sell for a decent amount of Roubles to traders.

tarkov-collector-questHow To Find All Streamer Items For Collector

For those wanting to complete the Collector quest there are a few general tips that can significantly improve your chances of being well prepared before you even unlock Collector from Fence. These tips can help remove the frustration that you’ll experience when you have the quest unlocked and need to hunt only a few more items. For further information on the individual streamer items you can visit the Collector page on the Tarkov wiki.

  • All of the Tarkov streamer items can be obtained through the Scav Case moonshine option in the hideout and accordingly players should ensure they are constantly running this once unlocked to maximise the number of streamer items they obtain from this option.
  • Hidden stashes/caches are also a popular place to find the items required for the Collector so checking these during your raids as you complete other activities on the path to the Collector will ensure you have most by the time you unlock the quest.
  • The Collector requires that all items are found in raid. The safest option if you find one of the streamer items while doing other tasks is to abandon your plans and make your way safely to extract.



42nd Signature Blend English Tea

This Tarkov streamer item references Sacriel who refers to his followers as the 42nd given his interest in military games and something Sacriel explains himself in this article. This is also reflected in the image of the tea with a British soldier pictured on the container. Uniquely this 42nd tea is also available via barter and used in a number of crafts which is rare amongst the streamer items.

The 42nd Signature Blend English Tea is one of the easier streamer items to find given the high availability in ration supply crates and duffle bags that means most players will encounter this item through normal gameplay. Those looking to target find this item will want to explore maps with several ration crates in particular such as under the railyard in Reserve, the Customs bastion or the Woods forwarding operating base near the RUAF roadblock extract.


Antique Axe

Paying homage to a Russian streamer and YouTuber named Wycc220 with WYCC engraved on both the handle and axe bit. The antique axe is also a usable melee weapon in Escape From Tarkov and also one of the strongest capable of killing in a single stab due to its high (35+) damage and makes it a good pick for a hatchet runner wanting to defend themselves against Scavs.

Obtaining this streamer item for Collector is not significantly difficult as you’ll generally find a few on Scavs during a Tarkov playthrough especially given the huge number of quests that require you to kill Scavs with various equipment or on specific maps. With this in mind your best option to obtaining the antique axe is looting every Scav you kill until you find one in raid for targeted farming you’ll need to load up your favourite Tarkov map and kill as many Scavs as possible.


Battered Antique Book

Serving as a dual Easter egg the battered antique book has a sock within its pages in reference to a Harry Potter scene where Dobby the house-elf is freed from service. This ties into the content creator that the item is based who goes by the name DobbyKillStreak who uses the house-elf Dobby as his avatar.

The book is another one of the easier items to find in Escape From Tarkov with players likely to find one passively provided they loot a few safes and caches along the way. For those looking to locate one in a short time your best option is running safes on Customs and Shoreline which also gives you a solid chance of finding other safe based streamer items on this page.


Can of Dr. Lupo’s Coffee Beans

Created for the streamer DrLupo this item is one of the newer Collector requirements and has gone through some loot drop balancing since initial release as they proved one of the hardest items to find originally.

These days the coffee beans are middle of the road in regards to difficulty in finding them with a decent chance of finding one randomly from a duffle bag through a normal playthrough. Alternatively, ration supply crates can also prove a reliable source along with the moonshine scav case option.

Can of Sprats

With “Alkonafter” written on this can of sprats its a direct reference to the Russian Tarkov streamer who goes by the name alconafter.

The can of sprats itself is probably the most common items on this list of all streamer items for Collector given it is regularly found as a loose food spawn. This means locations such as Customs or Woods are your best option and one that players will likely have dozens of by the time they reach the Collector quest itself.

Deadlyslob’s Beard Oil

Inspired by the impressive beard of Deadlyslob who has been a staple in the Tarkov streaming community since the early days and often enjoys running unique weapons and created the hardcore Tarkov concept.

Interchange is where you are likely to find an oil for yourself with it being an uncommon find in the power station metal shelves near the computers and on the various tables around the OLI offices. Given the many interchange runs you’ll do on your way to Tarkov collector as both a PMC and Scav checking these spawn locations will see you acquire one without significant issue.

Fake Moustache

Based on the real life moustache of Sequisha this item is a wearable in the face cover slot and something that players will run from time to time in the late game for a bit of character customisation.

Locating this fake moustache is the same as the antique axe and comes down to farming Scavs and checking the face slot to see if they have it equipped. You can also spawn with it on your own Scavs so if you do regular Scav runs don’t be surprised if you have a few by the time Collector comes around.

FireKlean Gun Lube

A longstanding item on the Collector quest that is based on Klean a Twitch content creator who once worked for BattleStateGames. The item is also unique in that it is used as a hideout upgrade for workbench level 3 so players should be careful not to waste a found in raid item for this upgrade and instead purchase one from the flea market.

Locating a FireKlean gun lube for yourself is definitely in the more difficult category as far as streamer items for Collector goes with your best option being the robot arm area in Labs. Balancing this with some technical supply crate and hidden cache farming particularly for those that aren’t confident on Labs is your next best option alongside constant moonshine Scav runs from the hideout.


Golden 1GPhone

Borrowing from both the popular Apple iPhone and Summit1G this item is engraved with 1G based on the popular variety streamer who has also spent a healthy amount of time playing Escape From Tarkov.

This streamer item is quite an easy one to find with it regularly spawning in the Interchange tech stores of Rasmussen, Techlight and Techno. Players will need to rush these locations though if they wish to acquire one as this streamer item like most of them sells for a reasonable amount and likely to be picked up by players hunting graphics cards at these locations.

Golden Rooster

Designed in reference to Twitch streamer ChickenPrism who is referenced directly in the item description along with the general item design being a rooster reference.

The golden rooster is the easiest of all items for the Collector quest with one given to players as a reward for the Friend From The West (Part 1). Accordingly, players should hold onto this quest reward for the Collector and focus their hunts on the other streamer items. For those that unfortunately have already sold their quest reward your next best alternative is Shoreline room 310, safe farming or Labs if you have the necessary keys and are comfortable with the map.

Jar Of DevilDog Mayo

Referencing the Tarkov streamer that goes by the name of TheDevilDogGamer and his references to mayonnaise when welcoming new subscribers. This jar of mayo is a popular item for players completing Jaeger’s dehydration quest or levelling their metabolism skill due to the huge loss in hydration after eating it.

Your best farming option for the mayo is to leverage the various ration supply crates similar to the 42nd tea due to the shared container sources that these items share.

Kotton Beanie

Designed in reference to Kotton and his logo which features a cartoon character with a beanie the Kotton Beanie is another wearable streamer item you’ll need for the Collector.

Like other clothing items such as the fake moustache the Kotton Beanie is most common on Scavs although can be found in hidden stashes as well. This means that finding this item for the Collector comes down to checking your Scav kills (or playing as a Scav) and possibly farming them if you are unlucky in acquiring one during your questing progress.

Old Firesteel

Another one of the original streamer items for the Collector quest the Old firesteel has long been available to find in your Tarkov raids. This item is based on dayzru a Russian streamer with his name engraved on the Old firesteel item.

Despite it’s length of time in the game the Old firesteel can be a tricky item to locate in Tarkov and hopefully one you earn through your moonshine scav cases. While the item can be found in toolboxes and technical supply crates it’s a super rare find in either of these locations. Your best bet for finding one desperately in my experience is the Lab map near the robot arm (similar to FireKlean gun lube), Reserve locked room RB-AM or farming technical supply crates as part of money loot runs on Woods, Customs or Reserve.

Pestily Plague Mask

Pestily‘s streamer item is the plague mask which is a wearable item on your face and based on his logo which features the same plague mask design.

Acquiring a plague mask through the moonshine scav case is reasonably common and an ideal method to acquire one. For those that aren’t as lucky your next best alternatives are to farm Scav bosses whose minions spawn with these a reasonable amount of the time. Lastly, the most difficult option is to hunt down the deadly cultists who wear these with extreme regularity.

Raven Figurine

Like many other streamer items required for the Collector the raven figurine is based on the logo of a popular content creator. For this item its Markstrom who is a Tarkov streaming regular amongst other games.

Acquiring the raven for your Kappa comes down to farming safes which is a good catch all option given the other streamer items that spawn in them also discussed on this page. The Raven also has a barter for a silencer for Skier making it one of the few special items with a barter trade.

Shroud Half-Mask

Shroud has been a long time fan of Escape From Tarkov as part of his variety stream and went without a streamer item for some time before finally receiving one.

Joining the ranks of other wearable Tarkov items the best opportunity to acquire a Shroud mask is to loot your Scav kills regularly or play as a Scav yourself. The moonshine scav case in your hideout is also a solid opportunity to acquire this one passively.

Silver Badge

The silver badge uses a sheriff badge like design in reference to SheriffEli who streams Escape From Tarkov and a number of other video games.

The silver badge ranks amongst the more difficult items to locate for the Collector and often the last items that many Tarkov streamers themselves collect. The most popular location for this item is the Labs Manager Office although this can be difficult for many players to reach and secure a found in raid badge. Alternatively, farming safes offers a second viable option and is particularly effective if you also need other streamer items on this page that can be found in safes.

Veritas Guitar Pick

Another long term Tarkov content creator in the community that went without an item for some time is Veritas with the guitar pick featuring his name and logo.

Like some others on this list it’s a fairly common find in safes (I even found two guitar picks in one safe) that makes farming safes the easiest way to acquire one with Shoreline or Customs being viable options due to the high density. The overlap to other streamer items on this how to guide also makes it particularly attractive along with the general money earned from rare items and money in the process.


Smoke Balaclava

An item was added to the Tarkov drop pool since patch 12.9 (December 2020) after first being first teased in April 2020 and readily available on Scavs although not currently required for The Collector quest. It’s a reference to the Tarkov and DayZ streamer known as Smoke.


Can of Ratcola

The General Sam streamer item introduced into Tarkov that reflects his popular YouTube video on the rat playstyle and something he continues to reference whenever he pops back into Tarkov to cause chaos. Joining the ranks of other consumable items players can take a restoring drink of this cola while they chad or rat in their raids. Like other food items finding this item relies on duffle bugs and ration crates.


WZ Wallet

A functional wallet with the same number of slots as your standard wallet that you might find out in the Tarkov world the WZ Wallet is a reference to WillerZ who is primarily a streamer in the EFT community although also has a YouTube channel. Locating one of these was once highly difficulty as they were only available through marked rooms although they are now available on Scavs which means players are likely to naturally acquire one while doing other quests.



LVNDMARK has a long hateful relationship of rats on his favourite Lab map and his streamer item reflects this with a rat killing themed item. As one of the best and most aggressive Tarkov players who is deadly with basic to meta gear it’s an appropriate item.


Loot Lord

AquaFPS has been a long time Tarkov player and the Loot Lord plushie is based on his real life merchandise that he offers. It’s also one of the larger streamer items taking up a total of 4 slots in the player inventory similar to the Pestily Plague Mask.


Evasion Armband

Adding one more challenge to the already difficult quest is Sigma‘s streamer item that brings another wearable option to players that want to show off their spare streamer items in raid. The black armband lives in the armband slot and is best found from the various ground stashes and equipped when found to save an item slot given it requires found in raid status like all the other items.


Missam Forklift Key

The first Collector quest item that is a key (although not the first with a durability) this key does not unlock any door and is dedicated to the streamer DanExert. Like other key based items in Tarkov locating this item is primarily done through looting jackets across the Tarkov territory or can be found in the inventory of Scavs.


Video Cassette with the Cyborg Killer Movie

Taking a step back in time this VHS tape allows players to watch a 1990s action movie (if they could build an entertainment area in their hideout). This is a tribute item to the Russian based content producer for Tarkov known as Проходимец (Rogue) which is printed on the VHS tape.


BakeEzy Cook Book

Joining the many other book based items in Escape From Tarkov this book is dedicated to BakeEzy who is active across Twitcha and YouTube. This item is also required for the library upgrade and features in a number of recipe based crafting recipes.


JohnB Liquid DNB Glasses

Linked to JohnB the liquid DNB Glasses are one of the many wearable streamer items players are able to acquire and potentially use in raid. They function similarly to other goggles that can be warn in the eyewear slot and intended to offer blindness protection with these offering higher than average protection.


Glorious E Lightweight Armoured Mask

Another wearable item in the face cover slot which is one of the most popular wearable categories for streamer items is the Glorious E armoured mask. While not as terrifying as some of the other options it still has a dark aura about the design and is dedicated to content creator Glorious. With a high ricochet chance it may just even save your life in a Tarkov firefight.


Baddie’s Red Beard

A wearable item that is based on the white Santa beard’s that have been around for many years and often make an appearance during Christmas events. This red variant is an option for players to add a beard to their character and based on Baddie.


DRD Body Armour

Styled after Dr. Disrespect this body armour is visually similar to the PACA armour that existed previously in Tarkov although it is a class 3 variant with surprisingly good protection. This actually makes it one of the best Tarkov armours early game although the distinct red colour can give players position away if not covered.


Gingy Keychain

Uniquely serving as a container this keychain provides an alternative to other containers in Tarkov for players looking to store keys although is only capable of holding 4 compared to the larger options. It was originally limited to marked rooms on release although like the WZ Wallet is now within the normal Scav loot pool that ensures you can obtain one in a passive manner. As the name suggests this collector item is a reference to Gingy.


Golden Egg

The inscribed part of this egg reads Meyer which is the content creator reference for this item. The Golden Egg is also required for Living High is Not a Crime Part 1 which is a Tarkov quest based on golden and rare items in addition to the Collector.


Press Pass

Issues for NoiceGuy (including logo) this content creator item for the Collector quest is themed around NoiceGuy’s ability to always piece together bits of information from BattleStateGames and decipher it or make predictions for others in the community.


Axel Parrot Figurine

Introduced to pay homage to Axel this Parrot Figurine joins the other various other figurines in Tarkov as highly prized items. This one is required for both the Collector and Living High is Not a Crime Part 2.


BEAR Buddy Plush Toy

Like the other plushie based Collector items this is one of the larger items required for the Collector quest with its 2×2 size which is dedicated to Anne Munition.


Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam (Seelyon) has over 1,000 hours, 1,000 raids, 2,000 kills and 50% survival rate in Escape From Tarkov (EFT) over multiple wipes and has achieved the elusive Kappa secure container in the process. He loves the Tarkov experience and seeks to share his insights and expertise with new players to the game.

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