Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team (Story PvE and Arena PvP) Comp Guide

Last Updated on December 18, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Dominate the sugar-soaked battlefields of Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) with this best team comp guide which details strategic teams that utilise the best cookies for each team role. Building powerful teams for story PvE content or the PvP arena from the nearly 100 unique cookies can be a difficult task for new and even advanced Cookie Run Kingdom players with this guide cutting through this challenge to provide multiple team compositions recommendations based on my expansive CRK game experience across game modes.

With 5 team slots available, 3 different positions (front, middle and rear) and 7 cookie types (ambush, defence, charge, magic, bomber, ranged, support and hero) there are many considerations to balance for any CRK team builder. This is further complicated by the unique progress stage of every account and the fact that free to play players likely have a smaller pool of available cookie heroes than those going the gacha route with real money. Accordingly this guide explores both the principles of ideal team composition and diverse team options or alternative cookies if you currently do not have the Cookie Run Kingdom meta cookies available.

Table of Contents:
Cookie Team Composition Guide
Best PvE Team
Best PvP Team
Best Cookies By Type

Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team Composition Guide

The best Cookie Run Kingdom team will be based around a general set of guidelines which are applicable when developing both the best team for story or the best arena team. Importantly these guidelines to team composition can be used regardless of the cookies players have available to produce their best Cookie Run Kingdom team possible at any stage of account progression. For players still early on in their adventure and developing their Cookie Kingdom layout this composition information section provides a structure to selecting your cookies which are generally from the lower cookie tiers (common and rare) when the community meta teams out of reach. This guidance can also be paired with our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list and toppings guide to maximise their individual potential.

In designing your team there are three factors to consider that generally need to be balanced regardless of the content players are facing in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  • Durability: Raw durability is pivotal to surviving the diverse range of attack from enemies in the battles of Cookie Run Kingdom. While having a dedicated tanky character (or two) is important every cookie needs a base line of durability to survive given there are some attacks that will attack middle or rear characters. Durability is a balance though and cannot come fully at the cost of damage output with your goal to build up sufficient durability to survive between team healing cycles.
  • Damage: While having durability and a source of healing provide the foundation to a Cookie Run King best team you won’t be able to progress at all without a suitable damage structure. Generally this means dedicating all of the remaining team slots to damage roles to keep your team moving forward and killing the enemy before they have a chance to overwhelm your team. Many cookies in the damage role also offer important area of effect skills that can help you trim the large waves of weak enemies in PvE content.
  • Healing: Having a source of healing for your team is an absolute must as it’s simply not possible to have enough durability to last through an entire combat stage. Serving as a dedicated team role you’ll want to aim to have a single healer that is capable of keeping your team alive from also maximises your chances to 3 star a story stage by finishing with all cookies alive.

As a result of the above factors the community generally designs Cookie Run Kingdom teams around the following:

  • 2 durable cookies: Players should always include at least one defence type cookie as their foundation and pair it with a second front line fighter to protect the important middle and rear sections. While this second hero can be another defence type if players have a strong charge cookie they can provide a balance of damage and survivability to your team. Occasionally some Cookie Run Kingdom team comps will pair their tank with a support that provides durability to the whole team through their skill as an alternative to the 2 directly durable heroes depending on what you have available.
  • 2 damage cookies: Two damage cookies in the middle or rear of your team composition will be the major contributor to your damage output and will usually be magic, ranged or ambush types based on what you have available in your cookie collection.
  • 1 healer cookie: A non-negotiable selection in your Cookie Run Kingdom best team composition players will want to utilise the best healer type they have available in their rear position for the reasons noted above under the healing section.


Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team For Story (PvE Team)

The meta team compositions for story mode in Cookie Run Kingdom will of course be heavily influenced by what you have available in terms of cookies, your account treasure and toppings. These comps should be used as a guide only with players adjusting specific cookies to what they have available to fill similar roles in the team. In story generally the level of your cookie is going to play a greater role than a perfectly optimised team so working with your available cookies and their levels is always essential. PvE and in particular story content has a relatively static meta although newly released cookie heroes occasionally have redefined the meta. The notable team combinations to consider when creating the best team for story are:


  • Holyberry, Wildberry, Blueberry Pie, Moonlight and Pure Vanilla: A standard meta team for PvE and PvP content that has plenty of durability from the dual front line (Holyberry/Wildberry) which support the team with Holyberry’s Oath on the Shield that adds raw durability and Wildberry’s Wild Punch that adds further damage resistance and enhances it with a long stun effect. Adding strong damage output from the middle magic users (Blueberry/Moonlight) you have Cursed Tome from Blueberry that makes her quite durable given the mixture of damage, healing and damage resistance this provides and then the debuff from Moonlight that increases damage from all sources and makes enemmies drowsy for reduced attack and movement speed. Standing behind this team is the always popular Pure Vanilla that is simply one of the best healing cookies available in the game with Love & Peace being a typical buff, heal and shield in a single skill.Other useful cookies in this composition include Werewolf (aoe damage and durability), BTS (debuff resistance/immunity), Stardust (debuff), Crunchy Chip (damage) and Black Pearl (damage) depending on cookie availability and the need to counter specific story challenges. Core item treasures include Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch and Dream Conductor’s Whistle as these items are effective across cookies.
  • Holyberry, Financier, Sherbet, Frost Queen and Pure Vanilla: Maintaining the powerful Holyberry and Pure Vanilla core this team composition adds Financier as an alternative defence type cookie with Paladin Protection adding area of effect damage, healing, attack boost, resistance and shield for a different form of utility compared to Wildberry’s stun focus. To maintain this battlefield control though we add in Sherbet and Frost Queen with Sherbet able to heavily debuff the enemy with frost with Frost Queen then dealing high frost damage. Alternative damage sources to leverage the Sherbet debuff include Moonlight or Black Pearl cookies that have equal hard hitting skills.
  • Holyberry, Dark Choco, Sea Fairy, Espresso and Pure Vanilla: Once again this team composition builds from the solid foundation of Holyberry and Pure Vanilla but seeks to obtain a large amount of area of effect attacks that are suited to story challenges given most have have high numbers of enemies. To achieve this we add Dark Choco who is a charge type who charges into the middle of enemies and can then use Sword of Darkness for area damage and a debuff. In order to capitalise on this debuff Sea Fairy can stun and damage multiple enemies with Soaring Compassion while Espresso has a whirlwind attack that deals consistent damage while pulling enemies together.


Cookie Run Kingdom Best Arena Team (PvP Team)

The PvP meta often adjusts quickly in Cookie Run Kingdom following a new cookie release and also has an element of countering what is currently in meta for you to see long term success in the arena. With PvP being home to a number of end game players there is less room to change cookies in the best Cookie Run Kingdom arena teams noted below:

  • Kumiho, GingerBrave Caramel Arrow, Dark Cacao and Sea Fairy: Designed to be a one shot Cookie Run Kingdom PvP team this is an all or nothing approach with no healing or significant durability that is either highly effective or completely ineffective depending on the PvP match up. Kumiho, GingerBrave and Dark Cacao are the heart of this with the triple charge types that leads with Solemn Judgement from Dark Cacao that lowers the enemy defence and inflicts injury before Kumiho and GingerBrave dive into the enemy formation to deal high damage. Caramel Arrow supports the team from behind with Arrow of Resolution as your finishing move with Soaring Compassion from Sea Fairy for some area of effect power.Some other variants of this team include the likes of Milky Way (charge and self buff), Captain Caviar (additional area of effect damage), Black Pearl (damage), Moonlight (damage) and Squid Ink (high single target damage).
  • Wildberry, Crunchy Chip, Pumpkin Pie, Sorbet Shark and Cotton: Another PvP arena team composition focused on countering a durable opponent by stacking damage primarily through critical attacks. In this team group Crunchy Chip brings a Wolf Squadron to disrupt the enemy and deal these high critical attacks while Pumpkin Pie lowers the enemy healing capabilities and buffs the wolf attack speed for maximum damage output. The Shark Splash from Sorbet Shark as an ambush type can clean up any remaining cookies with Cotton offering a huge attack increased buff that is useful to all cookies on this team. Alternatively Clotted Dream can be used to add back some durability to the team while adding some area of effect attacks as a replacement for either Shark or Cotton.



Cookie Run Kingdom Best Healer Cookie

The healing type is an important contributor to your cookie team given the best healers are always vital to any piece of content with your 5 slots generally reserving one for this key role. While the best healer cookie for you will be influenced by what players have available and their respective level some notable powerful options of this type include:

  • Pure Vanilla (Love & Peace provides buff, healing and shield)
  • Herb (Sunny Garden provides large raw healing and removes all debuffs)
  • Carol (Magic Songs provides healing, cooldown reduction and a buff for critical rate/damage)
  • Cream Unicorn (Midsummer Night’s Dream provides healing and critical/damage resistance)


Cookie Run Kingdom Best Defence Cookie

The defence role is another key team requirement that is used consistently across a number of team compositions with either one or two cookie heroes from this type. Having a reliable defence cookie with the right toppings and level is invaluable to your progression with some of the notable options to use if available including:

  • Wildberry (Wild Punch provides damage resistance, damage and stun)
  • Hollyberry (Oath on the Shield provides damage and various buffs)
  • Financier (Paladin Protection provides healing and various buffs)


Cookie Run Kingdom Best Charge Cookie

Serving often as a viable off tank in your front line the charge type can be durable fighters that also bring damage to your team composition that make them popular options and one players will be familiar with given your starting cookie hero of GingerBrave is also a charge type. Notable cookie options here include the likes of:

  • Schwarzwälder/Brute (Choco Chip Hammer provides high damage and stun)
  • Werewolf (Transformation provides a durable high damage wolf transformation)
  • Crunchy Chip (Wolf Squadron provides a high critical damage team of wolves)
  • Dark Cacao (Solemn Judgment provides a debuff to enemies)


Cookie Run Kingdom Best Support Cookie

Support cookies can be useful given some of their powerful skills although fitting them into a team of 5 can be difficult depending on your other available cookies. The best support cookie options include:

  • Cotton (A Warm Light provides a sheep stampede for stun, heal and attack buff)
  • Eclair (Book of History provides a shield and debuffs enemies with weakness)
  • Cream Puff (Jellius Extremus! provides damage and healing)
  • Oyster (Might of House Oyster provides various damage buffs)


Cookie Run Kingdom Best Ambush Cookie

Ambush heroes are designed to be fast characters that lie in wait in the back lines before diving into the fight to unleash massive damage and serve a damage focused role in your team composition. Notable heroes of this ambush type include:

  • Black Pearl (Duskgloom’s Sovereign provides area of effect damage and debuff)
  • Vampire (Vampirism provides high damage and self healing)


Cookie Run Kingdom Best Ranged Cookie

Another DPS focused type in the Cookie Run Kingdom game that sits behind your durable characters to attack foes with their long ranged attacks, notable ranged cookies include:

  • Sherbet (Frost Shards provides damage and an attack speed slow)
  • Rye (Final Showdown provides large single hit damage and an attack speed buff)


Cookie Run Kingdom Best Magic Cookie

One of the common choices for the Cookie Run Kingdom damage role in a team composition the magic cookies wield powerful magic and associated skills to dispatch various challenges. Magic options that are particularly popular include:

  • Moonlight (Dream of the Night Sky provides area of effect debuffs)
  • Blueberry Pie (Cursed Tome provides area of effect buffs and healing)
  • Squid Ink (Ink Tentacle Slap provides high single target damage)
  • Frost Queen (Freezing Squall provides damage and freeze debuff)
  • Pumpkin Pie (Pompon, help! provides enemy healing debuff and ally attack speed buff)


Cookie Run Kingdom Best Bomber Cookie

Less common than the other damage focused cookie types the bombers are primarily middle and rear cookies that specialise in area of effect attacks to dispatch large numbers of enemies. Notable choices from the bomber cookie options are:

  • Pinecone (Pinecone Bomb provides large area of effect that ignores damage resistance)
  • Sea Fairy (Soaring Compassion provides area of  effect damage and stun)
  • Captain Caviar (Black Shark Torpedo provides debuff resistance and lowers enemy defences)

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Forged in the sugar-glazed battlefields of Cookie Run Kingdom, Sam’s strategic cookie prowess in PvE and PvP has seen him evolve team compositions through countless seasonal game updates. Witnessing the rise and fall of meta cookies, his personal favourites within his collection are Sherbet, Werewolf and Dark Cacao for their flexibility, power and unique design aesthetics that has taken him to the end of story content. Beyond the strategic challenge of Cookie Run Kingdom Sam also appreciates the high quality visual production values in the mobile gaming sphere that keeps him coming back for more.


  1. Is super epic strong

    • It really depends. Just because the rarity is legendary or ancient doesn’t mean the cookie will always be strong/meta. The super epic cookies I suggest you invest in are Sherbet cookie and Capsaicin cookie if you get them. The other super epic cookies are not worth investing in.

      • Hi bob what very useful team for win in arena PVP? If you have like WhatsApp it’s better because it’s hard if my enemy now use golden cheese or use piano player if forgot his name..

      • that’s not true stardust was in the old meta before golden cheese an d fettuccine came out

  2. what is the best team currently in your opinion i am pretty sure the meta is snapdragon, golden cheese white lily, fettuccine and frost queen but what do you think

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