Cookie Run Kingdom Layout Ideas & Designs

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Cookie Run Kingdom Layout Ideas & Designs

With your own Cookie Kingdom to customise many players in the mobile game community are looking for Cookie Run Kingdom layout ideas and designs to create cool, cute, easy or an efficient gameplay layout design. On this page we detail all of the key considerations players will want to consider whether they are aiming for an aesthetically pleasing kingdom design or one that maximises their account progression instead. Generally during the early stages of your Cookie Run Kingdom game where currency and time is difficult to come by you’ll be focused on optimising your kingdom for game progression while later on some players opt to completely redesign their kingdom to be visually pleasing to acquire prestige points instead of a kingdom that solely maximises account gains.

Players often overlook the potential account gains that you can earn from your kingdom over time with an optimised layout and careful investment of resources paying dividends in the long run to push your account and best cookie team through game content. Part of this is driven by the fact that Cookie Run Kingdom doesn’t promote the potential gains of developing a thriving kingdom early on in comparison to the wealth of other focus areas that the game throws at players after creating their account such as cookie toppings.

Cookie Run Kingdom Layout Overview

The below section describes the core features and mechanics of your Cookie Kingdom:

Territory Expansion

Players start their Cookie Run Kingdom adventure with a blank slate and small territory area that is littered with rocks, trees and weeds with players introduced to building construction as part of the new player game tutorial. With a tap players can clear these initial obstacles which alongside battles or using specific tools allows you to slowly expand on your kingdom into the forest area surrounding your Cookie Kingdom.

Cookie Castle

At the heart of your Cookie Kingdom is the player Cookie Castle that levels up alongside your cookie heroes and provides additional buildings or access to higher building levels at certain level milestones. In order to advance your Cookie Castle level players will have to complete prerequisite missions that are tied to story progress, cookie hero levels, decor points, fulfilled wishes and require a specific building be constructed. Note that this is separate to your Kingdom Level which grows as you complete game content and influences your max hero level and stamina jelly cap.

Sugar Gnomes & Buildings

Sugar Gnomes are your primary builders in Cookie Run Kingdom with players able to acquire two for free with further ones available for gems or direct premium purchase. These Sugar Gnomes are occupied when constructing or upgrading a building which limits the pace at which players can grow their kingdom. Buildings are a core element to the castle building mechanic of the game with each offering players 24 decor points while occupying a 12×12 square area when built. Buildings can be raw material focused that are designed to convert your game coins into raw materials such as Roll Cake Wood from the Lumberjack’s Lodge. Alternatively buildings can be craft buildings which consume raw materials in order to make goods such as the Smithy that turns Roll Cake Wood into the Robust Axe.

Upgrades to both of these building types allows for players to make increasingly complex raw materials and goods with all of these placed in your account storage until being used. Importantly these buildings must be occupied by a cookie hero for the duration of the craft to take place. Later in your account progression players can research Kingdom technologies that provide bonuses to building collection and production rates. Players can also expand the number of crafting slots in these buildings through crystal currency that allow for additional queuing of production.

Decorations & Decor Points

Allowing players to decorate their Cookie Kingdom decorations (or decor) are objects that let players to truly create a special home for their recruited cookie heroes while rewarding decor points for each item placed on your kingdom layout. Including decorations like paths, roads, water, swings, fences, flowerbeds, tables, lights and everything in between the wealth of items in the decor category allows for unlimited visual options with some also able to interacted with by specific cookies you own. Decorations of a similar aesthetic are grouped together in themes with players rewarded with crystals when all pieces of a particular theme are actively placed in their kingdom which is often at the core of many player decor ideas.

In addition to the visually pleasing element of decorations players need to reach specific decor point milestones to grow their Cookie Castle level. Most decoration themes also have a landmark building which provide powerful account boosts and have a significant gold and/or crystal cost such as the Tick Tock Clock Tower of the Crispy Cookie Town theme that provides a reduction to material and goods production time.

Cookie Run Kingdom Ideas Layout Tips

The following layout tips will help players design an aesthetically pleasing and/or gameplay optimal Cookie Kingdom:

  • Don’t overthink where you place buildings when you are rapidly growing your Cookie Kingdom as buildings can be moved later without penalty. As you unlock new buildings and decorations with time it is likely that your first initial idea will not be the Cookie Kingdom design idea that you stick with long term.
  • When players are ready to redesign their Cookie Kingdom it can be a good idea to create a Cookie Run Kingdom layout planner for your account before you start placing buildings and decorations. In order to do this you’ll want to map out the number of grid slots you have unlocked currently and the associated shape as these will be different for each account depending on progression.
  • For optimal efficiency players can construct raw and good production buildings together in a dedicated area for these tasks. Not only does this make it faster to queue items it is also quicker to identify your buildings are ready for collection that both save you time when visiting your kingdom.
  • Given the importance of cookie hero levels to progress through the game players will want to always ensure they have constructed the maximum number of cookie houses as these are a reliable method to acquire EXP Star Jellies for your account. With upgrades they can produce this special consumable faster and store greater numbers that make them always a priority to upgrade with your resources as well.
  • Visually the best Cookie Run Kingdom designs will focus on either a single theme category across your entire kingdom or split your kingdom into smaller sections each designed with a specific theme.
  • For inspiration players can visit the prestige leader board from the game menu which allows you to visit the kingdoms of popular community players.

Cookie Run Kingdom Layout Ideas & Designs

Below we have curated 4 different layout ideas from the top prestige player leader board to provide inspiration in designing your own layout and bringing your Cookie Run Kingdom ideas to life. The names of these creators are included in the screenshots below which players can use to visit these kingdoms for themselves and give them a like while investigating their base design. If you have found other creative or unique kingdom layout ideas from the community include their in game name in the comments below for others to visit.

Madurasa: This Cookie Kingdom design makes great use of water to separate the map into distinct settings and focuses on only small number of building themes to keep it consistent across the corners of the game map.

cookie-run-kingom-layout-madurasaMeeGachaYT: A setup that is designed for optimal gameplay with a focus on resource buildings in the centre of the map that are grouped together based on their production type. This Cookie Kingdom layout also segregates the cookie houses to the upper right hand side so that they don’t clutter the screen while still being relatively accessible to claim.

cookie-run-kingom-layout-meegachayttrantrongquap: A Cookie Kingdom concept that places a number of the impressive landmarks together to create a formidable design. Separating these from the other production buildings with paths there are clear areas for two of each production building this is a design that optimises the landmark boosts and efficient resource gathering in a single setup.

cookie-run-kingom-layout-trantrongquapFlowerwood: A design concept that focuses pulls together a few similar themed decoration items to create a unique space and snow mixture with a handful of construction focused buildings on the sides or on their own little layout islands. This is a formula you can apply to your own Cookie Run Kingdom ideas based around specific themes or several similar themes.


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