Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List – Best Cookies (PvE & PvP)

Last Updated on May 13, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List – Best Cookies

Our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list will help players to develop the best cookies team possible from their available pool of sweet biscuit heroes for both PvE and PvP content. With a large number of cookies to unlock and develop the abundance of choice can often create analysis paralysis for new and even experienced players as they are unsure which heroes to focus investing their limited game resources. With this tier list you’ll be able to build a competitive team across game modes and also have confidence that the time and EXP Star Jelly stock investment from your personalised cookie kingdom will pay dividends in the long run for your Cookie Run Kingdom account.

In addition to the core list of cookies on an individual scale this guide will help you develop the best cookies team with a number of tips and considerations when deciding which heroes will fight on your behalf across the hundreds of game campaign story stages and other content. As all cookie heroes in Cookie Run Kingdom are included below this list will be useful regardless of your current account progression and preferences.

Cookie Run Kingdom Best Cookies Guide

While it can be easy for players to visit a Cookie Run Kingdom tier list such as this one and select the highest ranked cookies from their available pool of heroes players still need a solid understanding of the game mechanics to maximise their cookies team power level. When reading the cookie tier list below to design your best cookies team in Cookie Run Kingdom players should ensure that they consider the following specific to their account:

  • Team Composition: Creating a team full of the best healing cookie heroes will never be an effective strategy even if they are all highly ranked heroes. Players should ensure that any team they create is sufficiently balanced across hero types and position preferences even if that balance requires players to utilise cookies from a slightly lower tier as you’ll be better equipped to deal with the diverse range of enemies that Cookie Run Kingdom offers. A balanced team will typically involve 1 tank and 1 healer with the remaining team slots filled primarily with high damage heroes or one utility hero if you have a high tier one available.
  • Content (PvE or PvP): Like other hero collecting fighting games PvE and PvP have different cookie hero needs to create an effective fighting team. While there is some overlap for the truly powerful heroes players will need to consider the type of content they are focusing on and also the specific challenges. PvE for example also has story, cookie alliance, events, guild bosses and several difficulty mode variants that might require some team adjustment. PvE content is generally longer which means healing and survivability are critical while PvP favours aggressive damage focused cookies to end the battle quickly which means the Cookie Run Kingdom PvP tier list prioritises damage output.
  • Game Funds: While free to play players can still experience most of what Cookie Kingdom has available your choice of free to play or playing player will impact the best cookies team you can develop. While a paying player can generally acquire a team full of high ranked heroes a free player will want to aim lower on the overall tier list and may need to commit to investing into a lower tier hero than a paying player would. Free to play players will also need to build their team around the powerful heroes they can obtain to ensure they are reaching their maximum potential even if you may prefer another hero aesthetically.
  • Other Factors: Other minor factors to consider when developing your team include cookie bonds that provide a stat boost based on your team selections, the availability of toppings you have to boost heroes, the individual promotion level of each hero given this provides a boost to their stats and the special treasures you have collected that each provide passive unique benefits. Noting that toppings, promotions and treasures in particular have an element of luck to acquiring them.


Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List – Ranking Factors

The following factors have been included in the tier list rankings of Cookie Run Kingdom cookies below.

  • Base Stats/Skills: The core of hero strength in Cookie Run Kingdom and similar games on the market will be your cookie hero stats and skills. Generally the rarer a hero the higher their HP, ATK, DEF, CRIT % statistics will be initially alongside their stat growth with this also impacted by their intended game role. A defence front hero such as Strawberry Cookie has significantly more HP than an ambush middle character like Chili Pepper Cookie for example. Each cookie also has a specific skill to consider with some being more effective at their intended purposes either because the values are higher on these talents inherently or the nature of the attack has greater effectiveness in game play. Strawberry Cookie for example has a reasonable strong powerful area of effect attack for a defence hero but the range of this attack is tiny and thus requires careful timing to ensure there are enemies in range for this attack to be useful at all. For this tier list heroes with higher base stats and skills that are offer greater power or utility to the team are ranked higher.
  • Flexibility: With a wealth of different content challenges on offer in Cookie Run Kingdom having a hero that is flexible across content types can be invaluable as it allows you to achieve success with less overall resources invested into your account. Cookies that are effective against multiple types of game content are ranked higher accordingly.
  • Role: As a balanced team is important to your overall cookie team strength this tier list has been designed by comparing cookies within the same roles to highlight the best in each class type. While a healing character does not deal the level of damage as an attacking focused character this doesn’t mean they are not a strong hero for your team.
  • Rarity: Rarity has had a minor consideration in this tier list creation with heroes that perform above their expectations for their rarity given a small boost in overall tier rank. For example a common hero that performs comparable to a rare or epic cookie will be ranked higher given the relative ease of acquiring them while a hero that is weak considering their rarity will be ranked lower.


Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List – Rankings

With the factors above the following tier list ratings have been assigned to each of the Cookie Run Kingdom cookies available, the following tier ratings are applicable:

  • S Tier: A powerhouse cookie that fulfils their role to the fullest potential. Heroes in this tier have deadly skills, fantastic base stats and are flexible in a number of team compositions regardless of the content you are trying to overcome.
  • A Tier: A powerful cookie hero that is a great asset to any team composition and is one of the best (although not the best) at their role. Given the difficulty of acquiring many S tier heroes this is likely the tier of cookie hero a free to play player will strive for.
  • B Tier: A character that can fit into the right team although some element of their character design is lacking compared to the S and A tier options for the same role. This could be weaker stat bases or stat growth or a skill that simply isn’t as effective as other options.
  • C Tier: C tier cookie heroes fill niche roles that can work with some effort (such as careful manual activation of abilities) or are well suited to counter a particular piece of game content. In general though these are not worth long term investment of your account resources.
  • D Tier: The worst cookie characters available that you’ll only use when you don’t have another suitable hero for that role as they have few redeeming qualities compared to their peers.

The tier list below is sorted by PvE ranking first and then PvP from S to D tier based on the criteria noted above. Ratings are heavily influenced based on the core game modes of world exploration (PvE) and Kingdom Arena (PvP) with a smaller consideration for the remaining game mode content.

Cookie Rating (PvE) Rating (PvP) Rarity Type Position
sherbet-cookieSherbet S S Super Epic Ranged Middle
wildberryWildberry S S Epic Defence Front
pure_vanillaPure Vanilla S S Ancient Healing Rear
black_pearlBlack Pearl S S Legendary Ambush Middle
captain_caviarCaptain Caviar S A Epic Bomber Middle
bruteSchwarzwälder (Brute) S A Epic Charge Front
cottonCotton S A Epic Support Rear
eclairEclair S A Epic Support Middle
moonlightMoonlight A S Legendary Magic Middle
hollyberryHollyberry A S Ancient Defence Front
blueberry_pieBlueberry Pie A S Epic Magic Middle
werewolfWerewolf A S Epic Charge Front
crunchy_chipCrunchy Chip A S Epic Charge Front
dark_cacaoDark Cacao A S Ancient Charge Front
financierFinancier A S Epic Defence Front
milky_wayMilky Way A S Epic Charge Front
squid_inkSquid Ink A S Epic Magic Middle
cream_puffCream Puff A S Epic Support Rear
frost_queenFrost Queen A S Legendary Magic Middle
vampireVampire A S Epic Ambush Rear
oysterOyster A S Super Epic Support Rear
ryeRye A S Epic Ranged Rear
btsBTS (all) A S Special BTS Rear
herbHerb A S Epic Healing Rear
pumpkin_piePumpkin Pie A A Epic Magic Middle
espressoEspresso Cookie A A Epic Magic Middle
carolCarol A A Epic Healing Rear
pineconePinecone A A Epic Bomber Front
cream_unicornCream Unicorn A A Epic Healing Rear
pomegranatePomegranate A A Epic Support Middle
clotted_creamClotted Cream A A Super Epic Magic Middle
purple_yamPurple Yam A A Epic Charge Front
sea_fairySea Fairy A B Legendary Bomber Middle
licoriceLicorice A B Epic Magic Middle
affogatoAffogato A B Epic Bomber Middle
parfaitParfait A B Epic Support Rear
macaronMacaron A B Epic Magic Middle
prophetProphet B S Epic Support Rear
caramel_arrowCaramel Arrow B A Epic Ranged Front
sorbet_sharkSorbet Shark B A Epic Ambush Middle
strawberry_crepeStrawberry Crepe B B Epic Defence Front
red_velvetRed Velvet B C Epic Charge Front
cherry_blossomCherry Blossom B C Epic Ambush Rear
dark_chocoDark Choco B C Epic Charge Front
milkMilk B C Epic Defence Front
tiger_lilyTiger Lily B C Epic Ranged Rear
moon_rabbitMoon Rabbit B C Epic Defence Front
snow_sugarSnow Sugar B C Epic Magic Middle
kumihoKumiho B C Epic Charge Front
black_raisinBlack Raisin B C Epic Ambush Middle
twizzly_gummyTwizzly Gummy B D Epic Ranged Rear
sparklingSparkling B D Epic Healing Rear
madeleineMadeleine C B Epic Defence Front
tea_knightTea Knight C B Epic Charge Front
latteLatte C C Epic Magic Middle
candy_diverCandy Diver C C Epic Support Rear
poison_mushroomPoison Mushroom C C Epic Bomber Middle
almondAlmond C C Epic Support Rear
pastryPastry C C Epic Ranged Rear
lilacLilac C C Epic Support Middle
mint_chocoMint Choco C C Epic Support Rear
mangoMango C D Epic Magic Middle
mala_sauceMala Sauce C D Epic Charge Front
raspberryRaspberry C D Epic Charge Front
princessPrincess C D Rare Charge Front
custard_iiiCustard Cookie III C D Rare Healing Rear
blackberryBlackberry C D Rare Magic Rear
gingerbraveGingerBrave D C Common Charge Front
cherryCherry D D Rare Bomber Rear
adventurerAdventurer D D Rare Ambush Middle
sonicSonic D D Special Ambush Middle
tailsTails D D Special Ambush Middle
knightKnight D D Rare Defence Front
avocadoAvocado D D Rare Defence Front
carrotCarrot D D Rare Support Middle
wizardWizard D D Common Magic Middle
ninjaNinja D D Common Ambush Middle
chili_pepperChili Pepper D D Epic Ambush Middle
figFig D D Epic Support Middle
pancakePancake D D Rare Ambush Rear
devilDevil D D Rare Magic Middle
cloverClover D D Rare Support Rear
beetBeet D D Common Ranged Rear
alchemistAlchemist D D Rare Bomber Middle
onionOnion D D Rare Support Middle
gumballGumball D D Rare Bomber Rear
strawberryStrawberry D D Common Defence Front
muscleMuscle D D Common Charge Front
angelAngel D D Common Healing Rear

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam enjoys the strategic mobile gameplay offered by Cookie Run Kingdom as he constantly develops and changes his team for the growing challenges of each game update. His favourite cookies designs are Sherbet, Werewolf and Dark Cacao who have each played a role in his team over the years. He also appreciated the high quality production values of Cookie Run Kingdom which is well above other titles in the genre.

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