Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide – Best Toppings

Last Updated on May 14, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide – Best Toppings

This Cookie Run Kingdom toppings guide details the best toppings for all of your cookie heroes alongside general information on how the topping system works and how to maximise your gains from this important cookie customisation system. Allowing players to boost their cookie power levels the topping system in Cookie Run Kingdom is one of the extra game upgrade mechanics that allow you to customise your team of cookies. While a minor boost the toppings system can be vital to pushing the highest levels of gameplay and alongside the treasure system ensures that a team of the same cookies between players can perform differently in practice.

In this toppings guide we provide an overview of the topping system, the available game toppings, how to obtain each topping, a general set of advice for toppings and finally the specific Cookie Run Kingdom best topping options for each cookie character archetype that you’ll recruit to your sugar quest. Being aware of these tips while building your account will ensure players can both continue to push through content while also saving you account resources.

Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide – Overview & Tips

Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom are an additional mechanic that allows you to equip up to 5 customise items to your cookie characters which provide stat boosts. While the bonus effects provided by toppings may seem to be small percentages they are critical to pushing through the ever increasing challenges that Cookie Run Kingdom. The core mechanics of the toppings system are:

  • Toppings first become available to players after they clear 2-9 Cake Monster Camp in the story adventure portion of the game.
  • There are a total of 5 topping slots available for each cookie with these unlocked at cookie level 1, 15, 20, 25 and 30 respectively.
  • Toppings can be upgraded up to level 12 by spending topping pieces and coins with an increasing cost and decreasing success chance per level which boosts the stat value. Topping pieces can be obtained directly from game content (Balloon Dock, world exploration, quests and medal shop) or obtained from destroying existing toppings that are not required.
  • Toppings come in three different rarities of Common (XS), Rare (S) and Epic (M) which have a change to drop from episode 2, 3 and 6 respectively.
  • This rarity value impacts on the stats provided by a topping and it’s maximum level with Common, Rare and Epic having maximum levels of 6, 9 and 12 respectively.
  • At level 6, 9 and 12 the topping will gain a special bonus effect randomly from the available pool of bonus effects (ATK 1-2%, DEF 1-3%, HP 1-3%, ATK SPD 1-3%, CRIT% 1-3%, Cooldown 1-2%, DMG Resist 1-6%, CRIT Resist 3-4%, Amplify Buff 1-2$ and Debuff Resist 1-2%). A stat cannot repeat twice on the same topping with this special sub stat bonus.
  • If players equip multiple of the same topping type to a cookie character they will receive an equipment set bonus that provides an additional boost to the stat of that topping. This varies based on the topping and range from 2, 3 and 5 equip bonuses.
  • Players can have up to 3 different topping presets per cookie that allows you to swap between different presets for your current needs. If you’re wondering how to upgrade extra topping presets you’ll need to upgrade your Sugar Gnome Laboratory to level 7 and level 8.

cookie-run-kingdom-topping-spaceGiven the above the following are key tips to maximise the benefits of the topping system for your Cookie Run Kingdom account progress:

  • Players should limit their investment in non Epic toppings given their potential is limited although these still provide useful base stats so can be used non-upgraded until players reach far enough into the game to unlock higher tier topping variants. Saving your topping pieces in particular for Epic toppings will allow these resources to go further and limit the farming required of this important scarce resource.
  • There is no secret formula to farming toppings or topping pieces although your best option is to target farm toppings that you need (based on the best toppings listed on this page) from particular stage rewards which are shown when you select the stage. This will maximise your chance of obtaining these with any other toppings that you acquire during this process broken down for pieces instead.
  • Given the set bonuses that apply players will always want to maximise these where possible to do so by equipping 5 of the same topping type or mixing 2 and 3 to unlock these set bonuses instead.
  • As the level up chance for toppings decreases as you progress in levels a balanced approach to levelling your toppings is the recommended process (first get them all to level 6 then level 9 and then level 12). This also allows you to abandon levelling toppings that receive a low or unwanted level 6 special bonus from the random pool to acquire additional topping gains.
  • There are generally two approaches in the Cookie Run Kingdom community to maximising the effect of the small percentage changes that toppings provide. Players will either want to target a specific character weakness such as improving the survivability of a squishy cookie or push a character strength to a whole other level such as improving the damage output of an already deadly damage focused hero. This decision will be influenced by both the toppings you have available, your overall team composition and content you are trying to complete.

Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide – Topping Stats

The below stats are available for each topping in Cookie Run Kingdom nothing that these are the base state values which grow with each topping level:

Topping Type Stat Common (XS) Rare (S) Epic (M) Equip Bonus (Number Equipped)
bouncy_caramel_xsBouncy Caramel ATK SPD 1.1% 1.5% 1.7% 1% ATK SPD (2)
2% ATK SPD (5)
fresh_kiwi_xsFresh Kiwi Debuff Resist 0.4% 1.1% 1.8% 3% Debuff Resist (2)
5% Debuff Resist (5)
hard_walnut_xsHard Walnut DEF 1% 2% 3% 3% DEF (3)
5% DEF (5)
healthy_peanut_xsHealthy Peanut HP 1% 2% 3% 3% HP (2)
5% HP (5)
hearty_hazelnut_xsHearty Hazelnut CRIT Resist 1.1% 1.5% 2.1% 10% CRIT Resist (2)
20% CRIT Resist (5)
juicy_apple_jelly_xsJuicy Apple Jelly CRIT 1% 2% 3% 5% CRIT (5)
searing_raspberry_xsSearing Raspberry ATK 1% 2% 3% 3% ATK (3)
5% ATK (5)
solid_almond_xsSolid Almond DMG Resist 1% 1.5% 1.7% 5% DMG Resist (5)
sweet_candy_xsSweet Candy Amplify Buff 0.4% 1.1% 1.8% 1% Amplify Buff (2)
2% Amplify Buff (5)
swift_chocolate_xsSwift Chocolate Cooldown 0.4% 1.1% 1.8% 5% Cooldown (5)

Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide – Best General Toppings

Like optimising your Kingdom layout toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom are a long term process and your first goal should be to create some generalist topping sets that you can move through your best cookie heroes as necessary. This also allows you to focus your farming efforts on particular stages that offer these specific combinations of toppings as potential rewards. In addition to the base stats of toppings this guidance below can also be used to determine the best sub stats to upgrade for:

Cookie Type Best Toppings Secondary Toppings Notes
ambushAmbush Searing Raspberry (ATK) Swift Chocolate (Cooldown) or Solid Almond (DMG Resist) Focus should be on boosting the damage of these cookies which generally comes from raw ATK or cooldown to allow for shorter skill cycles. Some damage focused heroes of the Ambush type may need the DMG Resistance if you find they are dying too quickly to be effective in their role.
defenseDefence Solid Almond (DMG Resist) Swift Chocolate (Cooldown) Defence heroes are there to soak up damage from your team and so the vast majority of situations will want to enhance their survivability with damage resistance. Cooldown can be an option on some defence cookies that rely on their skill heavily or if you already have sufficient DMG Resist for them to survive (such as a high level cookie ahead of the difficulty curve or if you have rolled the DMG Resist sub stat on your Swift Chocolate toppings).
chargeCharge Solid Almond (DMG Resist) Swift Chocolate (Cooldown) Similar to above these frontline heroes will be absorbing damage for your team and so benefit from the DMG Resist. When they are the sole tank in your team I would favour DMG Resist while if you have a defence hero in your team composition you can shift to Swift Chocolate for Cooldown instead.
magicMagic Searing Raspberry (ATK) Solid Almond (DMG Resist) or Swift Chocolate (Cooldown) Another damage focused cookie type you’ll generally be looking to boost their damage to new heights through Searing Raspberries. Like the Ambush type you can supplement in DMG Resist or Cooldown if you need additional survivability or extra skill cycles.
bomberBomber Searing Raspberry (ATK) Solid Almond (DMG Resist) or Swift Chocolate (Cooldown) The Bomber archetype follows the same guidance as the Magic archetype above for similar reasons.
rangedRanged Searing Raspberry (ATK) Solid Almond (DMG Resist) or Juicy Apple Jelly (CRIT) Like the other damage focused characters doubling down on attack or acquiring some additional defence are your best topping options here. This archetype can also use the additional critical chance where this is a major source of their power such as cookie heroes like Twizzly Gummy.
supportSupport Swift Chocolate (Cooldown) Solid Almond (DMG Resist) Supporting heroes can benefit from both extra cooldown to utilise their supporting skill more often or the additional damage resistance when necessary. Damage resistance is particularly useful on stages (or the arena) where attacks against the back line are common and they need the need the extra survivability to stay alive for the team.
healingHealing Swift Chocolate (Cooldown) Solid Almond (DMG Resist) The healing archetype follows the same logic as the support archetype above.

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Sam enjoys the strategic mobile gameplay offered by Cookie Run Kingdom as he constantly develops and changes his team for the growing challenges of each game update. His favourite cookies designs are Sherbet, Werewolf and Dark Cacao who have each played a role in his team over the years. He also appreciated the high quality production values of Cookie Run Kingdom which is well above other titles in the genre.

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