Craft The World Comfort Levels Guide To Make A Shelter

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Craft The World Comfort Levels Guide To Make A Shelter

Craft The World comfort is a vital mechanic to understand with multiple levels that influence how fast your dwarves recover health within your shelter. In this comfort guide I’ll detail the best ways to increase it and provide general tips to help those who find their comfort not rising or need to learn how to make a shelter in general.

For the new, intermediate or advanced player this page is vital reading to make your Craft The World experience safer and you’ll learn why comfort level management is a regular tip and arguably the most important factor in your ability to beat the campaign levels offered by the base game and challenges of the various DLCs.

What Does Comfort Do In Craft The World

The primary purpose of comfort is to reduce the overall time that is taken for your dwarves to heal in your shelter by using the available beds. With the risk of losing your dwarves to monster raids ever present in Craft The World this faster recovery speed significantly boosts your chances of survival.

This is because not only will your dwarves always be ready for an attack (with good resting management by yourself before an attack) but you’ll waste less time recovering from each attack that means more resources to boost your settlement strength. Improving the comfort average score of your settlement should always be a priority to your survival. Once comfort is above 50% rats nests will also stop spawning which means no more risk of wheat crops being destroyed or having your food stolen.

How To Increase Comfort Level in Craft The World

Your level of comfort is based on a number of factors within your shelter:

  • Number of beds within your shelter (additional beds lower comfort)
  • Quality of material used in external walls
  • Quality of material used for internal walls
  • Quality of material for doors and hatches
  • The amount of lighting in your shelter (with requirements increasing with shelter size)
  • Overall size of your shelter (larger is better to reflect each dwarf wanting their own space)
  • Bonuses from furniture and decorations placed within the shelter

Given the above the best ways to go from comfort 0 to comfort 100 are:

  • Minimise the number of beds by only building beds equivalent to the number of dwarves you currently have.
  • Use high quality materials on external walls, I generally recommend stone or stone walls as these are readily available early, don’t use important raw materials and more than sufficient to reach maximum comfort.
  • Use high quality materials on internal walls, similar to above I recommend stone or wood as they are readily available early on while providing nearly the best possible comfort for this category.
  • Use the best possible hatches or doors you currently have access to as this is also a key to your shelter defence.
  • Ensure you place adequate lighting throughout your shelter structure. I generally find that using torches are sufficient when placed 2 to 3 squares away from each other. Players can also upgrade to wall lamps when available for aesthetics and if you are struggling to reach comfort 100%.
  • Ensure your base is large enough, I’ve found that expanding your base with your needs to build crafting stations and beds is usually sufficient.
  • Place high value furniture and decorations on any spare wall space. Players should use options that don’t waste a significant amount of important resources while providing high comfort such as wooden furniture items, stained glass windows, leather chairs, black and white pennants, statues, landscape paintings, portraits, wall carpet and wall skin rug.

Craft The World Comfort Levels

There are several comfort levels in Craft The World which players will advance through and gives you an indication of how your progress is going. This comfort level is displayed when placing your cursor over the Totem and is also represented visually by the coloured circle above the Totem head along with the facial expression.

The Craft The World comfort levels are:

  • Comfort No (0%)
  • Comfort Poor (1% – 14%)
  • Comfort Moderate (15% – 29%)
  • Comfort Average (30% – 49%)
  • Comfort Good (50% – 69%)
  • Comfort Excellent (70% – 100%)


Craft The World Comfort Won’t Rise

If you are having trouble with your comfort not rising then the first thing to check is if you have a complete shelter for your dwarves. If you have the “Comfort No” status and a red circle above your Totem that means you have not met the shelter criteria yet. How to make a shelter is actually an easy process and simply requires that the player have walls (and backdrops unless underground) surrounding a Totem. In order to have no gaps to meet the shelter requirement any opening for dwarves to enter and exit must have a hatch or door.

If you have another comfort level on your Totem then follow the tips above for increasing comfort if you aren’t seeing it increase it’s likely that due to making more beds as your settlement expands it is offsetting any comfort gains you are making so it seems like it is not increasing.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam has played Craft The World since initial release completing the campaign and all the challenges offered by the DLCs to date. He enjoys the mixture of strategic and management genres that the game offers in a single dwarven adventure.

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