Craft The World – How To Plant Wheat

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Craft The World – How To Plant Wheat

Learn how to plant wheat in Craft The World with this step by step guide including screenshots to help you learn the basic farming mechanics. Wheat is the first opportunity that players will have to farm resources from the ground and is prompted by the farming task that players get quite early on in their adventure but commonly confuses new players on the mechanics to do so.

craft-the-world-farmingHow To Plant Wheat (Step By Step Guide)

In order to grow wheat players must first obtain grain seeds which have a 5% chance to drop from destroyed dirt earth blocks. Digging out a few of these while clearing the land to make it flat will likely result in players having a bunch of these when required. Note that if you already have wheat you can use the crafting window to turn it into 2 grain seeds.

  1. Place grain seeds on your item bar and select them
  2. Left click on dirt blocks that do not have any trees, bushes or roots on them. Note that wheat can be farmed underground and does not actually require sun or water to grow.
  3. Your dwarves will then place the seeds which will sprout some basic wheat. The most significant risk to your growing wheat is rats from your base that can destroy it which is indicated by a darker lifeless colour.
  4. Once fully grown the wheat will be a block in height with a strong yellow colour which can be farmed by your dwarves in the same way you would acquire other resources from the world (right click).

Wheat Uses In Craft The World

Wheat is a key hurdle in technology tree progression which makes it a potential roadblock if you are not sure how to plant wheat in Craft The World. By turning grain into wheat players can craft:

  • Beer
  • Egg Incubator
  • Training Dummy
  • Grain (2)

Beer is particularly useful through the mid game once you have a kitchen crafting station as it provides a significant 50% speed boost to boost productivity and resource gathering. Having multiple training dummies for your growing settlement of dwarven warriors is also vital so you’ll want a decent wheat stockpile.

Having a reliable source of grain from the wheat you create is also invaluable as players can then use the grain for food by crafting flour or for farming animals with the trap and farm fence. Foods from flour are reasonably effective options to maintain your dwarves although they do require coal to craft.


Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam has played Craft The World since initial release completing the campaign and all the challenges offered by the DLCs to date. He enjoys the mixture of strategic and management genres that the game offers in a single dwarven adventure.


  1. Hey Sam! I’m trying to figure out how to create the blocks to grow the food for this game. Field blocks? I keep looking and can’t find anything on this. Do you know ? I would be SOO grateful omg I love this game but when I clear away a whole mountain to use the stone for building and then put dirt blocks in, now nothing grows. Not even TREES!!! o.o NOTHING. What in God’s name Sam?!

  2. Hi Delilah,

    Craft The World has traditionally had some bugs related to placed dirt blocks that can stop them from growing, it’s meant to have been fixed but I still get it from time to time although a game restart can fix it sometimes. I’ve also had some success using the magic forest spell or replacing stone blocks with dirt rather than removing the stone block entirely and then placing the dirt. No one trick fixes all unfortunately when I’ve seen this happen in the past.

    The Games Finder Team

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