Deep Rock Galactic – How To Promote Characters

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Deep Rock Galactic – How To Promote Characters

Looking to learn how to promote characters in Deep Rock Galactic? This powerful upgrade step in your progression allows you to unlock an additional active perk slot, unlock honour badges and is a key point of progression that many players aim for as a tick of game completion.

With these benefits in mind many players seek out the answers to promotion in Deep Rock Galactic. While this guide will cover the how to mechanics of promoting your favourite class it also includes useful level up fast tips to get there and ensure you enjoy the journey to your first and beyond.

Deep Rock Galactic Promotion Overview and Benefits

Promotion is a mechanic that is designed to allow players to continue playing their favourite class beyond the max level of 25 and still have a sense of progression. This is most obvious in continuing to contribute your blue level, player rank but does also unlock new content. Note that your equipment and cosmetics for that class is not reset upon promotion although prior to 2018 this mechanic was known as ‘retirement’ and did reset unlocks.

deep-rock-galactic-promotion-rewardsPromotion is often set as an end game goal for the community either on a single class or all classes but also highly sought after for the following benefits:

  • Increasing the number of active perk slots (only applies to the class promoted) from 1 to 2.
  • An honour badge that displays on your avatar to show off your current promotion status to friends and other players. Honour badges increase with each promotion from bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and legendary that each have 3 levels.
  • Unlock the Tritilyte Key which is used to activate machine events that spawn during normal missions for a significant experience boost and core rewards.
  • Access to a once off assignment to earn your first cores and a weekly mission that provides a regular source of cores.
  • Access to deep dive missions to earn cores.
  • Unlocks the forge to use your acquired cores from the above activities in crafting.

Given many of these benefits are accessible to all of your classes and are time blocked (weekly missions) a common recommendation is to complete one promotion as soon as possible to aide your progression.

Deep Rock Galactic How To Promote

The mechanics of completing a promotion in Deep Rock Galactic are included in the video above and as follows:

  • Players must first reach character (red) level 25.
  • Accept a promotion qualification assignment from the assignment board which requires 4 missions to be completed. While not obvious players don’t actually need to complete these with the character they plan to promote which is useful as a level 25 dwarf earns to experience and you may want to fill a needed role on the team instead.
  • After completing the assignment players can visit the memorial hall located to the left of the equipment terminal computer that you would be familiar with at this stage.
  • At the back of the memorial hall you’ll find the terminal to activate a promotion which requires credits and planet resources that increase with each promotion.

Deep Rock Galactic How To Level Up Fast For Promotion

While the process of Deep Rock Galactic promotion is fairly straight forward once you achieve the level 25 requirement reaching this point is no small task. If you’re finding the levelling process difficult these tips and experience basic information can help you achieve a fast promotion by maximising the experience you earn in your dwarven missions.

  • A total of 315,000 experience is required to reach level 25. The experience curve is not significant in Deep Rock compared to other games though with players earning half the required experience at around level 16.
  • Players earn experience for completion of primary and secondary objectives, minerals mined and enemies kills which is then multiplied by the total hazard bonus based on cave length, complexity, negative modifiers and hazard level.
  • Looking for missions with double experience on the mission select screen should be prioritised.
  • Maximising your experience gained per minute is all about finding a balance between a hazard level you can complete at a fast pace. For many in the community this makes point extraction a popular choice as the hazard level has the least impact and it also involves killing many enemies (although these are only worth a single experience point each).
  • Other popular choices for experience gaining as a solo player include morkite and dreadnought missions as these can be quickly completed with the help of Bosco.
  • Joining multiplayer games near the end of the completion can be a sneaky method to claim a large amount of experience for only a few minutes of time invested at the end of the mission.

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