Dungeons 3 Diamond Vein Locations (Campaign)

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Dungeons 3 Diamond Vein Locations (Campaign)

This guide features all of the Dungeons 3 diamond vein locations in the campaign which can significantly help you in beating the core game levels, particularly on the Hellish difficulty. If you are struggling to stay ahead of your gold needs to build key rooms or meet your creature payday then capitalising on the various veins hidden in the campaign levels can be a boost to your survival chances.


What Is Diamond Vein In Dungeons 3?

Unlike the various gold blocks that you can find near your dungeon heart at the start of each game level diamond vein acts as an infinite gold vein offering an unlimited amount of gold so it won’t run out after 15,000 gold being mined by your Little Snots. The benefits of this are obvious in that you can spend less time hunting for new gold sources and turn your limited attention elsewhere towards the specific campaign level objectives.

Diamond veins are by no means a free lunch though and are often heavily guarded so they should rarely be your first source of gold acquired.

How To Find Diamond Veins In The Dungeons 3 Campaign

Your chances of finding diamond vein in Dungeons 3 can be boosted with some simple tips that also overlap somewhat with finding the Golden Pickaxes for those players hunting for the rewards of those as well. The below are Dungeon 3 tips and general information on diamond in Dungeons 3:

  • Diamond veins spawn in the same location on each level all the time (there is no randomisation). However, the other skirmish game modes available do randomise the location of these precious mineral blocks.
  • As noted above they can often be heavily guarded by dragons, spiders or heroes so players should build up some basic creatures before digging for them.
  • The majority of campaign levels have only a single vein although some have multiple (these are rarely needed in practice but are provided in the per level location guide below).
  • The best method to finding diamond vein locations in Dungeons 3 is excavating around the edges of the underground map as they are always on the edges of the map. This edge of the map is easy to locate as the edges are invulnerable to digging.


Dungeons 3 Campaign Diamond Vein Locations

The below is a list of all diamond vein locations with screenshots to help you get all the gold you need for each campaign level. Each level will detail where to dig and what you can expect to stand in your way to the precious diamond tile. These instructions use a typical north, east, south, west direction where north is the top of the game map and so on. Note that there are spoilers in the below information.

  1. The Shadow of Absolute Evil
    There is no diamond vein located in this level as you do not have an underground base.
  2. Twistram in Ruins
    South-east, defended by a small number of spiders.
  3. The Gehenna Stones
    South-east, defended by a large number of spiders and spider nest.
  4. The Ashspring Swamplands
    North-east, defended by a large number of spiders and spider nest.
  5. The Battle of Steelsmith
    North-east, defended by a large number of spiders and spider nest. If you do not dig very close to the map edge from the dungeon exit you will also run into a small room of underground heroes.
  6. The End of Burgers’ End
    South-east, defended by a large number of spiders and spider nest. There are also a number of gold veins to the west of the map if you need more gold income as this diamond vein has only 3 exposed sides.
  7. The Crossing
    North-east, defended by a small group of spiders, this vein is at risk of heroes coming through the north most dungeon entrance and stealing gold.
  8. The Prince of Hell
    North-east, hiding away in the corner of the map this vein is protected by a large group of spiders and spider nest. It also only has 3 sides accessible to players so income rate will be slightly lower.
  9. The Storming of Dollaran
    North-east, once again protected by spiders and a nest this vein is one of the weakest of the entire campaign with only two sides accessible for mining.
  10. The End of Yaina Overproud
    South-east, defended by a familiar spider party and nest to delay your acquisition of this infinite gold source.
  11. Once upon a Catapult
    North-west, this is another weak diamond vein with only two sides for players to dig so it should be supported with some of the gold also featured in the map screenshot below.
  12. The Hungry, Hungry Ogre
    North-east, a return to the standard formula in this level with a four sided vein protected by the usual spiders and nest.
  13. Ups and Downs
    North-east, hiding behind the hero portal this is a unique diamond vein in Dungeons 3 as it is not protected by anything and thus can be obtained instantly as this campaign level starts.
  14. The Titan of Alphaas
    There is no dungeon for this level with players fighting with a pre determined army.
  15. I am your Father
    South-east, with no heroes or creatures near this location this is another level where you can access it instantly and strongly recommended to do so given this is a tough defensive level.
  16. Baptism in Fire
    Another Dungeons 3 campaign level that is solely played in the overworld.
  17. Light and Shadow
    North-east, defended by a small group of dragons this is a weak source of gold with only 2 sides being accessible for mining.
  18. Two Sides of the Medal
    All corners, for the first time players will have access to multiple diamond veins with a massive four located on this game map. The north-west one is the highest priority as it offers four sided access and has no defences. North-east has two side access with no defenders, south-east is two sided and defended by worms and south-west has only one accessible side. Given this taking control of the northern veins is usually sufficient for any level attempt.
  19. A Disturbance in the Force
    Three corners, another Dungeons 3 level with multiple rich diamond sources of gold income that are again corner based. Available in the north-east corner is a two sided option defended by a small army of spiders while the south-east side offers a single accessible side, spiders and a spider nest to contend with. The best diamond vein is located to the south-west with a four sided option that has no creatures defending it.
  20. Everything has an End
    Four locations that are near the map corners that all have the profitable four sided diamond veins to ensure gold income is not an issue in the last level of the core Dungeons 3 campaign. The north-west and east veins are defended by small groups of spiders while the south-east and west options also have spider nests.


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