Dungeons 3 Walkthrough – Campaign Missions Guide

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Dungeons 3 Walkthrough – Campaign Missions Guide

Need a Dungeons 3 walkthrough to help you through the evil strategy title that has you using the dark elf Thalya to conquer the good heroes of the land above? Below we will detail all the specific level strategies you need to beat the game on Hellish difficulty and unlock all of the associated achievements (3 each per mission) for those that are stuck on specific levels or the campaign in general.

The video walkthrough to the Dungeons 3 campaign missions below were all played on the Hellish difficulty option and in coop which does provide some benefit when chasing the speed based achievements. However, the strategies are still perfectly viable for solo player completion given Dungeons 3 is a relatively slow paced strategy game. The videos are further supported with written dot point level specific tips for strategies that you can implement which might not be obvious from the video alone including an achievements guide.

For additional Dungeons 3 content and other guides we have the following articles that can also assist you with the campaign challenge.

Dungeons 3 Mission List Walkthrough

Note the that mission walkthrough below won’t repeat general tips like acquiring an evilness source early or finding the diamond vein in the level or using Thalya as your commander, tips such as these are contained in the Dungeons 3 tips article above.

    • The Shadow of Absolute Evil
      A straight forward level with a long introduction cutscene of Dungeons 3 story that can take as long as the level itself. The level itself is simple with players avoiding light sources through possession and manually activating Thalya’s Fire Bomb ability on the hero groups at the end to earn that specific achievement.
    • Twistram in Ruins
      Your first dungeon in Dungeons 3 means you’ll have limited options for your army which means the horde will be your close ally in the battles to come. Ensuring a good balance of Orcs to Naga is the only requirement to finish this level and obtain the corresponding achievements.
    • The Gehenna Stones
      With more troops available players can now use the powerful Imps for damage that should be added to your standing army. Tactics wise players should avoid taking any of the stones until they have a decent army as Thalya requires defending while converting them. With the stones unlocked the destructive magic ability makes this level an easy event with its ability to inflict serious damage and even one hit some enemies.
    • The Ashspring Swamplands
      With two dungeon entrances players can change the routes from these to be longer and separated if you are struggling with hero attacks. Focusing on taking the graveyards early can significantly reduce the challenge and is key to the achievement hunter as well, using these constantly when off cool down can slowly soften the defences for your final assault.
    • The Battle of Steelsmith
      While the hammers can deal direct damage to your Dungeon Heart this is not usually a threat unless you progress at a snails pace. Each time you destroy a hammer you’ll have to destroy another until you reach the end base which have increasing damage so keep your force large and able to retreat to base at a moment notice (with portal spell).
    • The End of Burgers’ End
      Avoid the central city at all costs as the heroes there are too powerful to fight directly. Portal spell is once again invaluable here to move your force around the map but players should also consider creating two separate balanced standing armies to fight separate deliveries. To acquire the achievements for this level make sure you activate the logs to cut off short pathways and favour Gob-O-Bots in your army.
    • The Crossing
      Avoid opening the northern dungeon entrance until you’ve progressed significantly and dug out a lengthy path to prevent this quick attack route. Taking advantage of the first 8 minutes of night time is also critical in this map to do the usual evilness acquisition and clearing the close camps. For the achievement defeat the heroes during night but don’t destroy the camps until daytime and you’ll encounter no resistance.
    • The Prince of Hell
      The first of several confrontations with Yaina during the campaign that is a fairly easy level with only a single dungeon entrance. Players are also introduced to the prison in this level which can provide significant evilness generation when built to scale and should be employed. Players can earn some free imps and a succubus that is not available until the next campaign level by listening to the narrator and carefully sacrificing the right prisoners into the pit.
    • The Storming of Dollaran
      Presents players with a campaign level where they will not be able use Thalya which does hamper your early to mid game progress as she is powerful combat. Players should ensure they maximise the use of the new demon arachnid they now have access to and always keep a few creatures at base to exit out of the dungeon entrance if Crowley is pushed back. Note that the diamond on this level has limited sides to mine so you’ll want to maintain some other gold locations at all times to ensure a steady flow of income.
    • The End of Yaina Overproud
      Annoyingly Yaina summons Arcane Tears that can destroy underground rooms and can disrupt your room efficiency when summoned. Thankfully though these events are timed so you can have your army within your base as needed and quickly fix any rooms where this occurs as a first priority to ensure your operations remain stable. Otherwise this level is fairly standard from a strategy stand point although the final fight needs careful creature control to avoid the high damage and stalling tactics employed by Yaina. For this reason I recommend avoiding Horde on this level as if you lose them to the final fight you’ll be severely weakened compared to Demons or Undead that can return to the fight with time.
    • Once upon a Catapult
      Another campaign level with low diamond income due to only two accessible sides that needs to be planned around. The biggest threat is the high level roaming hero patrol that spawns around mid campaign and should be avoided until you have sufficient strength to limit casualties. Once you have a single catapult claimed you can use this to snipe hero camps and even the final base with ease.
    • The Hungry, Hungry Ogre
      Your first introduction to the durable Ogre who offers great area of effect damage and health to your army. Building a decent brewery early is important to ensuring you have the necessary beer to convince the Ogre to fight for you at each stage gate. Pairing this with exploration of the map you’ll find a larger number of underground rooms with beer. Given map progression is tied to giving the Ogre beer you are in complete control of the challenge pacing so take the time to build up an army. You’ll likely be starved for evilness because of this though so invest in a prison and spend it carefully.
    • Ups and Downs
      A difficult level in comparison to your challenges so far players will want to quickly grab the diamond behind the hero portal to ensure gold is not an issue. With your resources sorted this level comes down to managing the flood mechanic and its recommend you clear the map before starting to poison the water sources and only start this after a flood disappears.
    • The Titan of Alphaas
      A mission where Thalya cannot die but she is also a key part of your damage in overworld as your other fighters are primarily focused on absorbing damage rather than dishing it. You’ll need to focus on leading with your orcs in every battle and ensuring they receive healing during and between each battle. Exploration is also an important step to bolstering your forces with new fighters like the vampire who can heal their own wounds and the lich mage for deadly slowing. After you’ve explored all the map the final battle is just a matter of time until your victory.
    • I am your Father
      With the goal to summon the Absolute Evil you start with a prison for heroes that can then be scarified. Digging quickly to the south-east of the dungeon entrance is a fantastic strategy as it offers you a diamond vein and has no monsters defending it. With this in hand you can build a large base rapidly to keep your forces satisfied. In order to better deal with the three hero gates you can connect paths between them to slow down the advance and create a single fighting front for traps.
    • Baptism in Fire
      Players will be introduced to the Grave Golem on this level as he comes to the rescue when the end of Thalya seems near. Similar to The Titan of Alphaas you need to keep Thalya alive so positioning your forces in a smart manner is the bulk of gameplay on this level and is otherwise heavily scripted from start to end.
    • Light and Shadow
      One where gold income will be a problem due to the limited diamond vein mining sides although this is somewhat offset by the starting prison that means a higher Evilness generation. Ensure you always have a few gold locations on your radar at any time. Beyond that this level gives you a reasonable amount of time to build up your forces with your ultimate time limit being the hour countdown before Thalya’s time runs out.
    • Two Sides of the Medal
      From here on all the levels have multiple diamond veins so gold income will not be any concern. Taking the obelisk early is a good move allowing you to use their power to quickly expand throughout the overworld with their power and they are sparsely defended in comparison to the hero strongholds. While there are many camps to overtake the high income of gold and evilness you can acquire on this level means a consistent investment in new creatures that makes this barely a challenge.
    • A Disturbance in the Force
      With the goal to acquire all the titans this is a longer level than most as it will take time to acquire the necessary resources while also investing in your army on the side. To speed up the process you can focus on pathways of research that result in unlocking titans without too much impact on your army strength (although make sure you still grab the magic portal spell). Players can defeat the entire map except for the final army camp before having to sacrifice the golems so keep that in mind.
    • Everything has an End
      The final level of Dungeons 3 (until you buy the DLC) that is far from the most difficult campaign level given it once again throws ample vein sources for you to take control of. By now you should have your preferred army setup so focus on building this and supporting them with the necessary rooms as you slowly tear through the overworld for one last time.


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