Dungeons 4 Vein of Diamonds Locations (Diamond Vein Campaign Levels)

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Dungeons 4 Vein of Diamonds Locations (Diamond Vein Campaign Levels)

On this page we have documented all of the Dungeons 4 Vein of Diamonds locations through the campaign levels to help players ensure they have ample gold to create the ideal dungeon environment while also detailing the threats that protect these valuable resources. With gold being critical to constructing your core buildings, recruiting creatures from Horde, Demons and Undead and researching powerful upgrades having an infinite source of gold gives players one less mechanic to manage. With the ongoing risk of creature strikes if they aren’t paid at payday a failure to have gold for upfront and ongoing costs in Dungeons 4 can quickly leave players failing a campaign mission.

What Are Vein of Diamonds In Dungeons 4?

Previously called Diamond Veins in Dungeons 3 and renamed to Vein of Diamonds in Dungeon 4 these underground tiles provide a similar function across the Dungeons games in the franchise by providing players with an infinite amount of gold that will never run out. This allows your Snots to stay in a single (or multiple for some campaign levels) map locations to keep your treasury stocked with gold for its various in game uses with a never ending resource that means you can stop digging deeper for new sources of gold.

Securing a Vein of Diamonds early in a Dungeons 4 campaign level can set you up for success although it is not without risks as they are often located in difficult to reach location behind Dwarves or other creatures and thus players should only seek these out once other priorities have been dealt with and the gold in your immediate starting location has run dry. Given these locations are not randomised in campaign levels players can use the guide below (or using the included game map editor) to quickly locate the Vein of Diamonds locations which reduces both the time and risk you’ll take in acquiring them. For players that want to attempt finding some of the Vein of Diamonds themselves without referencing the screenshots below your best option will be to dig around the edges of the game map as these are generally the locations you will find them.

Dungeons 4 Campaign Vein of Diamonds Locations

Below Dungeons 4 players will find a list of the Vein of Diamonds (or Diamond Vein) locations with a screenshot to help identify these critical gold income locations on each location level. The location on the map is referenced based on north, east, south and west directions which are based on north being the top of the game map shown in the bottom right hand size of your screen in game. Where relevant these locations also note any notable threat that players will need to contend with in obtaining these unlimited sources of gold. While obtaining Vein of Diamonds are critical they are just one of many Dungeon 4 tips players should employ to maximise their chances of victory so be careful of over focus on obtaining these at the cost of other objectives.

  • Level 1: The Last Stand
    There is no diamond source in this level as players do not get an underground dungeon.
  • Level 2: Hammer Time
    South west bottom side of the game map, this location is not defended and thus can be claimed early during the campaign level.
  • Level 3: The Hellwoods
    North west corner of the map, similar to level 2 above there is nothing defending this position that makes it a viable early push.
  • Level 4: The Plains of Strothalm
    North west corner of the map and once again with no enemies in sight.
  • Level 5: Bad Elves Go Everywhere
    North west corner of the game map, this position is defended by a spider cavern which will need to be removed although is not a significant threat.
  • Level 6: Heroes Gorge
    The first map with multiple veins players will find three vein of diamonds located at the north east corner, north and north west. Each of these has their own challenges with the north east corner having mana eating creatures (Manavores), the northmost option within the dwarven base and the north west position protected by a small group of lava creatures (Lavalumps). The north west is the fastest and safest option players can access while also having space fully around it so more Snots can dig at one a time.
  • Level 7: The Ascent
    Once again players will find multiple different veins of diamonds with two that are available to support your gold spending with them located in the west side and north east. The west location has no defences that makes it an easy first target while the north east lies deeper in the dungeon and past an underground dwarven settlement.
  • Level 8: The Big Eaty
    Located south east corner of the game map within the large dwarven underground base in this area. Players can either dig here directly or reach the dwarven base by unlocking it from the corresponding above ground entrance in that corner of the overworld.
  • Level 9: Like Son
    Two vein of diamonds are available here with a north east and north west location. The north east one can be reached by digging in a straight line from your north east dungeon heart exit and is loosely defended by 5 Lavalumps. The other one to the west is located within a dwarven settlement and will be obtainable later in the campaign level.
  • Level 10: The Cathedral of Light
    Players will find 4 different veins of diamond on this level with locations being north, north east, south east and south west. While tempting to push for all of them for maximum gold the southern ones are protected by Lavalump spawn nests that can be difficult to deal with amongst your other priorities of this level. Instead players should obtain the unprotected north one early and then use the north east one which is within a dwarven base which combined provide sufficient gold income.
  • Level 11: Tanos’ Crusade Against Thalya
    One diamond to the north east and the other towards the south west. These are both loosely defended but relatively easy to access in comparison to other campaign levels so can be easily taken when required.
  • Level 12: All’s Well That Ends Evil
    Diamond can be found in the north, east and west on this campaign map with the west being quite close to the dungeon heart with no defences that sets players up for some easy gold acquisition throughout the level. Your second best diamond is to the east that is only loosely defended and with the more northern diamond vein being heavily defended by lavalumps players will often be better off ignoring the northern option.
  • Level 13: The Duel
    With essentially a diamond in each corner of the game map you’ll find one to the north west, north, south east and south with two being completely undefended. These priority ones to claim are the north west and south while the others can be saved for later when you have a comfortable fighting force or entirely skipped given you’ll find a large number of underground enemies at both locations.
  • Level 14: If Looks Could Kill
    There is no easy diamond source on this level with 4 heavily defended options full of spider nests and other creatures that should be delayed until you develop your dungeon and associated army. The diamond locations are north east, southeast and two are located in the south west corner.
  • Level 15: The Finitude Drill
    5 diamonds in the corners of the game map which means you will find diamond at the north west, north east, south east and two at the south west locations. The north east and one of the south west options are best if you can navigate around a few threats to get there while the others will likely take you past enemies unless you dig around them perfectly.
  • Level 16: Doom Hill
    Another 5 diamond are located on this level although there are many threats with a heavy number of Lavalump spawners that can quickly overrun the player if you aren’t careful. Diamond is located in the north west, north east, east, south east and west locations with none being possible to claim without significant resistance. In particular players should avoid the north east with the best options being the south east or north west.
  • Level 17: Raiders of the Lost Stone
    5 vein of diamonds present themselves to players here although none are particularly easy once again with locations to the north west, north, south and two located essentially in the middle of the game map. Access to these is heavily reliant on progression through the campaign stages of this level which can serve as your guide when to claim them.
  • Level 18: Rune Sockets of Finitude Part 1
    4 diamonds located north west, north east, east and south west that once again are all protected by significant forces with players going to have to fight hard to claim one. The best option early is the one to the east that sits below the dungeon entrance on that side with the south west one also near the dungeon entrance a close second despite both still being heavily defended.
  • Level 19: Rune Sockets of Finitude Part 2
    A level that is less chaotic than the past levels in terms of underground creatures hiding in the underground spaces players have easier access to the three veins of diamonds that are located to the north, south east and south west corner.
  • Level 20: The Last Stand – This time For Real!
    Players have 4 vein of diamond available to them on the final base campaign map with the north, east, south east and south west available for mining by Snots. The southern ones are heavily defended and include Lavalump spawners so should not be your focus while the west is only lightly defended and the north option a close second depending on how you path to the location.

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  1. You can open all the campaign maps in the map editor (under extras on the main menu) to see where the diamonds are.

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