Dungeons 4 Walkthrough – Complete Campaign Missions Guide

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Our Dungeons 4 walkthrough guide helps players conquer the individual campaign levels on even the hardest difficulty (Difficult). With careful use of Thalya, the Horde, Demons and Undead combined with these key strategies for specific level objectives you will improve your chances of victory and reduce the time taken to complete a level. These strategies are also effective for level achievements (3 per level) and for the challenges that unlock new Thalya perk skills that require specific playstyle adjustments.

This guide also includes video walkthroughs showcasing these strategies in action with can be combined with our guides to Dungeons 4 Vein of Diamonds location and our general Dungeons 4 tips page. The video walkthroughs below are from a Difficult playthrough in co-operative mode which does provide some benefits in the speed based achievements although solo players can still replicate a similar strategy with practice and focus.

Mission Quick Reference Links:
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Dungeons 4 Mission List Walkthrough

The Dungeons 4 mission walkthrough below follows a similar format to our Dungeons 3 walkthrough and assumes players have a general understanding of the game and feel comfortable with the core mechanics of gold and Evilness, researching efficiently and establishing a strong defence underground. Dungeons 4 has a total of 20 mission levels that offer varied challenges by mixing the core mechanics and hero strategies in different ways.

  • Level 1: The Last Stand
    There is little strategy for players to consider in this tutorial level which features the last stand of the good heroes above ground although quickly becomes something much longer as it kicks off the Dungeons 4 missions. Players can follow the on screen guidance and attack each hero group as they appear with players slowly building up their forces as they progress without significant strategy or micromanagement required.

  • Level 2: Hammer Time
    The first level after Thalya’s capture that requires players to play without this powerful evil leader unit in their dungeon for now. This level still serves as a somewhat extended tutorial by guiding players towards building the core dungeon rooms and limiting your access to Horde creatures only. This level also introduces the new Dungeons 4faction of underground dwarves into the equation which players can easily defend against with a balance of the available Horde creatures or utilising the new traps available instead. Some easy sources of Evilness are available by following the side objectives on the right hand side of the screen to establish a foundation which is something to keep in mind on all of the campaign levels from here on.

  • Level 3: The Hellwoods
    Removing your ability to use Horde creatures you’ll exchange this for the ability to instead recruit Demons and introduces players to this alternative faction army and spells. Following the game objective prompts you to build certain buildings like the Vortex which are important on this level while also building up a large base of mana to use your new spells regularly. Demons as a faction are generally squishier than your other faction options so players should ensure they take the time to heal between major battles as a few losses can quickly cascade into high Evilness expenses to resurrect them. Accordingly using the aforementioned spells is critical to success in this level of the Dungeons 4 campaign and shows players just how strong these spells will be for future levels.

  • Level 4: The Plains of Strothalm
    Providing players with the last available factions this is an Undead only level for players to conquer while introducing you to some of the specific mechanics of this faction. Your army size on this level can reach some extremely high numbers once you accumulate enough Blight from your Sacrificial Pits as this new resource allows your Undead to summon their own mini minions. Given the Undead are relatively weak individually players will need to ensure they recruit a balanced force with a durable frontline of Bone Lords particularly important. With more regular hero attacks than previous levels and multiple dungeon entrances this can also be a good level to start building significant dungeon pathways and traps to slow the hero advance into your dungeon as it buys you extra time.

  • Level 5: Bad Elves Go Everywhere
    The first level that players have perks available (although only one is unlocked by default) the difficulty of Dungeons 4 only increases from here while also providing players control of Thalya and all three recruitable factions. There is a large stockpile of Evilness waiting if you can fight and destroy the Good Being (unicorn) but this will not be available for some time so your initial Evilness will come from other sources. With a large number of aggressive creature locations and regular hero attacks underground use of the new guard room will be critical as is early researching of simple spells to help your army move quickly between above and below ground as you seek to intercept the construction crews.

  • Level 6: Heroes Gorge
    There are many underground locations for players to unlock new ways to the surface although each has some danger to overcome so you’ll want to focus on only one pathway at a time to prevent yourself being overrun. Use of the core mechanic of the Magic Tower is critical with the damage output able to completely wipe out any of the hero groups you’ll encounter so maximising this whenever it is available will help you through the level at a good pace. If you’re wondering how to use the magic tower you’ll want to click the button at the top right of the screen which will then allow you to cast its magical energy in an area as you would with over spells.

  • Level 7: The Ascent
    The primary mechanic for this campaign level is the storm that limits the timeframe you are able to be above ground to achieve your goals. Thankfully there is an artefact known as the Conqueror of Storms that allows players to ignore this mechanic which makes it a priority in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It is reasonably well defended though so you’ll need to balance Evilness acquisition when the storm isn’t around to recruit a suitable army. In this campaign level you’ll find a number of large hero groups with higher tier enemies that makes targeting critical as you’ll want to focus on the healers first as they provide a defensive buff to others around them. Careful use of the dynamite carts that you obtain is useful to shorten your paths although not necessary with your best offensive options being your new potion arsenal and the reliable spells.

  • Level 8: The Big Eaty
    A defensive setup is going to be critical here for players particularly those chasing the level achievements along with careful timing of Gorgu’s ability that can stop enemies in their tracks. In order to achieve this players will want to create long winding pathways from all of the dungeon entrances which ensures that hero attacks take a long time to reach Gorgu’s location. Once constructed this can then be laced with traps for damage or further slowing so players have maximum time to deal with enemies. With some extremely strong hero waves planning your army ahead of time and optimising for a durable front line with lots of damage plays into the long narrow pathways you have just constructed perfectly. To obtain the Thalya skill perk this will be Undead focused which will mean ensuring you maintain adequate Blight levels while players not seeking this can instead go for a classic Horde up front and Demons behind combo.

  • Level 9: Like Son
    With Gorgu at full strength now this is a relatively easy level to conquer as he provides your army a significant power leap and can be summoned without too much effort to take out large hero groups. Summoning Gorgu when a large hero wave is close to your summoning location and not wasting this precious time on hero structures will help optimise the time that he is available for. With only a single dungeon entrance this level is also quite straight forward to defend with the usual mixture of traps and long pathways serving players well. Important to note though that during the middle to later stages of this campaign level you will have random hero portals spawn in the dungeon that will need to be addressed quickly.

  • Level 10: The Cathedral of Light
    Your objective here is to stack up a large stockpile of beer with players obtaining the occasional Horde creature through a delivery to the Laboratory and so it makes sense to build your army around this faction. On top of that you’ll also be able to free some Horde Champions on your travels so taking any of the Horde research reduction skills if available at the start of the campaign level is also recommended. To help defend against the heroes until that point in time effective use of the lava areas near the dungeon entrance with push traps is ideal as you’ll primarily be focused on defences here as you create beer with Snots and attack any caravans for an influx of Evilness.

  • Level 11: Tanos’ Crusade Against Thalya
    Campaign level 11 is a race against Tanos as he attempts to acquire a new army from the various grave sites in the overworld while constantly attacking players through the short routes from the dungeon entrances. Building traps, extending the paths and constructing doors alongside some Dungeon Heart research may serve players well on this level although you can’t be solely defensive as the major Evilness sources on this level are the Good Beings that require at least some offensive. With two lightly defended sources of diamond gold is extremely easy to come by so players don’t have to work too hard to acquire the necessary research upgrades.

  • Level 12: All’s Well That Ends Evil
    After several defensive focused missions players must now go heavily on the offensive as you’ll need a large fighting force to destroy the Good Beings before your enemy while also covering a lot of distance above ground that makes speed potions an important addition to acquire. With enough power you can also attack Tanos directly to remove him from the game for a short period of time although this is generally not necessary if you can play an objective focused game and avoid encountering him all together.

  • Level 13: The Duel
    A relatively straight forward mission although Evilness generation can be tight as there is only a single Good Being and limited other sources of acquisition that may make players want to consider the likes of a prison or Gobbler slapping to ensure you earn enough for key research milestones. It is easy to lose your recruited Creatures in the battles between The Absolute Evil Gorgu and Tanos as there is lots of area effect potential and flanks from hero groups so relying on either Undead or Horde with the laboratory built will be critical to keeping a fighting force alive.

  • Level 14: If Looks Could Kill
    Obtaining the mirrors for this level are critical and so building large resource generating rooms like mana, toolboxes and Gobblers is important as you’ll be able to quickly address any of the Council needs to earn yourself a mirror. Without these mirrors Tanos will cause significant destruction to your base and in time the Dungeon Heart that can be difficult if not impossible to recover from. For the achievement on this level even if you place the mirror directly in the path of his laser eyes there will be some room damage so deleting the room his laser eyes are approaching is important for achievement hunters.

  • Level 15: The Finitude Drill
    Another level where most of the difficulty is driven by scarce Evilness resources which means players will need to be highly efficient in their choices as upgrading your Little Snots do dig through the tougher ground is required to find all of the stones. The constant threat of spider attacks from the drill activating also needs to be carefully managed and can hurt your room efficiency if you aren’t paying attention so be sure to rebuild any rooms to maximise your efficiency if a spider cave ruins your dungeon layout.

  • Level 16: Doom Hill
    There are two short routes to your dungeon here with little room to build a winding path to trap heroes so players need to be careful to not leave themselves without a way to return home on this level. Digging around to obtain the multiple Charmellion Artifacts is key given they are effective lavalump destroying tools of which you’ll encounter many spawners as you dig for necessary gold or one of the vein of diamonds available.

  • Level 17: Raiders of the Lost Stone
    Stopping the mana shipments should be your main goal in this level as not only does it provide you with important Evilness to earn the required Little Snot levels to dig out the underground but it also stops the drill from having the power it needs. Be careful of digging downwards from your Dungeon Heart past the Brimstone as there is a lavalump spawner that will likely result in a game over early on if you aren’t prepared although it does have a vein of diamond. Digging out the rest of the map is relatively safe provided you slowly dig as this is a highly structured underground level.

  • Level 18: Rune Sockets of Finitude Part 1
    The order of stone placement is important in this level as you’ll unlock unique stone powers in the order that they are placed. These powers include the ability to regenerate health, deal additional damage, improve speed, improve room efficiency and generate additional experience. While the order you place them will somewhat depend on your playstyle good initial options are the additional experience to quickly level your army (provided you aren’t blocked by faction level), improved speed to move around the overworld quickly to your next objective and improved damage for faster fights. This isn’t to say the regeneration or extra efficiency isn’t useful but there are other source of healing already available to each faction and efficiency is rarely going to be a bottleneck with good room design and applicable research.

  • Level 19: Rune Sockets of Finitude Part 2
    Swapping stones based on the current activity you are trying to achieve is important as it is free to swap between them as players see fit in this survive 60 minute mission. With survival your top priority defences once again your focus although you’ll still need to be aggressive on the spawning caravans to generate sufficient Evilness. The short pathways to the stones is tricky so players should quickly create alternative longer pathways to protect these vital assets as any stone destruction means game over on this Dungeons 4 level.

  • Level 20: The Last Stand – This time For Real!
    The real last stand this level calls for all of your experience earned to date with the stones once again available to swap between as necessary. Tanos and his forces do not hold back either with some strong hero groups coming to his aide that requires a careful balance of durable and damage focused creatures supported with spells and potions to effectively hold out. The fight can move surprisingly quickly if you aren’t watching and have no creatures in the area so careful monitoring of above ground is critical.

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Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

As a seasoned Dungeon Keeper veteran Sam has delved deep into Dungeons 4, conquering all its challenges on the brutal Difficult setting. Having amassed over 100 hours in the game, he has not only mastered the campaign but also unlocked every achievement alongside fellow dungeon masters in co-op mode. Dungeons 4 truly scratches that strategic itch for Sam and has reigniting his joy of meticulously crafting and defending an underground domain, reminiscent of the legendary Dungeon Keeper.

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