Fallout New Vegas Best Ending For The Mojave Wasteland

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What is the Fallout New Vegas best ending for the Mojave Wasteland and its inhabitants? With a wealth of decision points in your journey it can be difficult to determine what is the best ending to pursue for your character across the main story and side plots that ultimately lead to your final game credits. For those that want to leave the Wasteland in a better place than it was at the start of your Courier adventure this guide to possible endings will help you make the right story faction decisions and includes significant story spoilers.

Central to Fallout New Vegas and the respective DLCs is players driving the story based on their character’s ideology and view of the Mojave Wasteland. The purpose of this best ending guide below is to summarise the impacts of your faction decisions in order to allow players to craft their own personal Fallout NV best ending as the Courier. At the end of the day war never changes in the Fallout universe and there will always be some group that suffers in the post apocalyptic world.

Table of Contents:
F:NV Ending Summary
New California Republic (NCR) Ending
Caesar’s Legion Ending
Mr. House Ending
Yes Man Ending

Fallout New Vegas (FNV) Ending Summary

Similar to other role playing games like Fallout player decisions throughout the story have a small and large impact on your ending credits. In Fallout New Vegas the major plot point is battle for control of Hoover Dam with the Courier deciding who to support in achieving victory of this battle and ultimately decide who controls New Vegas after your adventure ends.

In total FNV has 29 ending slides that are driven by both the Hoover Dam victor and choices in the other various quests throughout the game or can also be triggered by a lack of action from the player. If you want to see the conditions for each of the slides then the Fallout Wiki has a fantastic overview page on the Fallout New Vegas endings as a reference. The results of these decisions are also discussed below along with their impacts to major in game characters (such as the Arcade Gannon endings or impact to Goodsprings).

Ultimately your own thoughts and opinions are what will define the best ending for New Vegas for you but they can be briefly summarised as follows:

  • NCR: Establish security and order throughout New Vegas with pre-war Government ideals around safety and equality although it is not a perfect system of governance.
  • Legion: Obtain complete control of New Vegas through force and slavery which ensures full compliance at a cost.
  • Mr. House: Offers a path of stability through the established securitron army pushing out the two other major factions in the Mr. House ending. Many inhabitants are able to go about their lives with autonomy in the surrounding Mojave Wasteland outside of The Strip with Mr. House using his knowledge and power to seek technological advancement to help survivors potentially prosper.
  • Yes Man: Gives New Vegas independence which is free of a major faction to dictate the politics. The lack of law though creates pockets of chaos that are deadly to those in those areas though without the previous protection the factions may have provided.


New California Republic (NCR) Ending

The New California Republic (NCR) are seen throughout your New Vegas adventure and call New California their home although their reach now goes well beyond this area. NCR is the closest resemblance to the pre-war Government with their objectives to take control of New Vegas to secure order and impose their rule of law that reflects traditional values of security to all and justice for crimes. The NCR also strive to bring society back to a somewhat enjoyable existence that goes beyond mere survival while upholding equality values and encouraging free market economics. The result is a mixture of familiarity to players through their strengths of trade route establishment but also failings as an organisation with the large reach of their operations proving difficult to manage effectively.

With victory at Hoover Dam by completing the Eureka! quest the NCR are able to achieve their vision of full control over the Mojave Wasteland which brings a relative peace due to the security and stability it provides. While some communities are allowed to have a peaceful independence some communities are forced to move out from their homes to resettle elsewhere. Regardless this is generally considered the best ending for Fallout New Vegas by most players in the community as it ensures the vast majority of citizens have opportunity and safety.

Potential notable impacts of selecting the NCR ending are included below, the majority of these depend on your actions in other key quests:

  • NCR takes control of Hoover Dam and unites New Vegas under the NCR banner.
  • Players are honoured by the NCR with a civilian award of the Golden Branch.
  • The NCR develop trade relations with the Boomers or embark on a failed campaign against them (Volare! quest impacts outcome).
  • The NCR and The Brotherhood develop a truce in return for the NCR surrendering power armour to them.
  • The Fiends attack the NCR (Camp McCarran) and fail.
  • The Followers of the Apocalypse are either forced out of Old Mormon Fort or allowed to stay (You’ll Know It When It Happens choices by the Courier impact the outcome).
  • Arcade Gannon is either forced out of Mojave or becomes a teacher within the NCR territory (For Auld Lang Syne quest impacts outcome).
  • Goodsprings sees increased traffic and trading albeit higher taxes that force some to close their business.
  • The Great Khans are pushed north.
  • The Kings have a prosperous relationship with the NCR or are killed and driven out or stand their ground (depends on various story decisions).
  • Craig Boone relists in his unit or tracks down the NCR officer who attacked Bitter Springs (I Forgot to Remember to Forget quest impacts outcome).
  • The NCR retake the Correctional Facility from the Powder Gangers by force if Eddie is still alive.
  • Primm is developed into a thriving community and major stopping point for travellers although like Goodsprings does suffer from higher NCR taxes to pay for the protection.
  • NCR rangers assist in the battle of Hoover Dam and Chief Hanston retires.


Caesar’s Legion Ending

Caesar’s Legion are another major faction in the Mojave Wasteland that players are quickly introduced to when they stumble onto the town of Nipton that is destroyed in their wake. Attempting to bring the Mojave under control by force the Caesar’s Legion has a dictatorship mindset that relies on slavery and dominance based on the Roman Empire of centuries long past. This warring civilisation unites a number of tribes through slavery and oppression to expand it’s presence across the already devastated landscape. While they have this heavy handed approach it has still allowed the territories of their control to offer relative safety.

By siding with Caesar’s Legion in the battle of Hoover Dam players complete the quest Veni, Vidi, Vici with either Caesar or Legate Lanius becoming the ultimate ruler depending on a choice you make. This has little impact on the actual ending although Legate Lanius is portrayed as a slightly more brutal occupier of the Mojave Wasteland in the ending credits that you receive. The Caesar’s Legion ending is no doubt considered the Fallout New Vegas bad ending by many in the community given that it rebuilds civilisation by force rather than the democratic style of NCR. The Legion also has many views on society and its structure that are not aligned to our modern day view of equality and scientific knowledge that lead many to avoid this path entirely.

Potential notable impacts of selecting the Caesar’s Legion ending are included below, the majority of these depend on your actions in other key quests:

  • With control of the Hoover Dam the Legion pushes NCR out of the New Vegas area while taking control of all major locations and uniting the area into a single civilisation. This leads to enslavement of many while the remaining population is able to serve under the Legion’s banner peacefully through other contributions.
  • Players are honoured with a minted golden coin that is used throughout the wasteland.
  • The Boomers are enslaved after falling to superior numbers or are left alone entirely (Volare! quest impacts outcome).
  • The Brotherhood of Steel are forced out of HELIOS One and the Hidden Valley by the overwhelming forces of the Legion.
  • The Fiends are exterminated by Caesar given they engage in chem usage which is against the Caesar’s Legion doctrine.
  • The Followers of the Apocalypse are either killed or forced to abandon the Old Mormon Fort (Et Tumor, Brute? quest impacts outcome)
  • Arcade Gannon ends up dead through his own hands or Legion hands or imprisoned depending on a range of decisions.
  • Goodsprings is left untouched for the time being as the Legion focuses their attention elsewhere.
  • The Great Khans are destroyed for assisting the NCR or are rewarded for assisting Caesar’s Legion. This “reward” sees them forcibly integrated into the Legion at great cost to their identity and leaves many dead or in slavery.
  • The Kings are destroyed by overwhelming force (specific factors depending on your other story decisions).
  • The NCR misfits fight bravely against Caesar although do not survive.
  • Craig Boone goes to war with the Legion using his talents as a soldier to defeat many in the Legion army by himself.
  • The Powder Gangers flea from the Correctional Facility and those that stay beyond are quickly killed when the Legion sweeps through the area.
  • Primm is left open for business under the watchful eyes of soldiers or entirely wiped out (Complete My Kind of Town quest impacts outcome)
  • The NCR Rangers are honoured for their fight against the Caesar’s Legion but do not survive.


Mr. House Ending

Mr. House (or Robert House) was the CEO of RobCo Industries before the war with this company being specialists in computer technology and robotics. He also hides within a microbial free chamber where he controls the systems of the Lucky 38 while utilising them for his benefit and those around him. Most notably was his success in predicting the war and being able to save the Hoover Dam and New Vegas from most of the attacks while establishing systems that would keep him alive over a long period of time. Seeking the Platinum Chip to enhance the capabilities of these systems this is his top priority and will allow him and his army to reach full potential in order to protect his interests for control of the Mojave and the New Vegas Strip. Mr. House is well known and even if you don’t side with him you’ll hear countless stories about him during your travels. He has a rocky relationship with the NCR that is a partnership of convenience and need rather than sharing similar ideals.

By helping Mr. House and completing the All or Nothing quest players side with Robert House and put him in charge instead of the other faction options. The goal of Mr. House is to return to the world to the glory it experienced before the war with a flair for innovation in technology to drive business. This vision includes a civilisation free of corruption through an autocratic philosophy where he has absolute power over everyone and everything. At the same time he embodies an element of autonomy with his control being focused towards ensuring the surviving Mojave inhabitants have a future of technology advancement rather than entirely selfish needs.

Potential notable impacts of selecting the Mr. House ending are included below, the majority of these depend on your actions in other key quests:

  • Mr. House utilises his securitron army to take permanent control of the Hoover Dam and The Strip while pushing both the NCR and Legion from the area. This sees the New Vegas area return to order and efficiency that allow travellers to visit safely for their chance at fame and fortune.
  • The Boomers are left to themselves and will either stay isolated or slowly adventure beyond Nellis (Volare! quest impacts outcome).
  • The Fiends are removed by the securitron forces of Mr. House.
  • Arcade Gannon leaves the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Victor the securitron is sent to Goodsprings as a gift of thanks for saving the Courier.
  • The Kings are completely wiped out by the security forces of Mr. House or keeps them alive due to their loyalty against the NCR near Freeside (Kings’ Gambit quest and other actions impacts outcome).
  • Craig Boone becomes either a security force for travelling caravans or a mercenary with no morals for hire (I Forgot to Remember to Forget quest impacts outcome).
  • The Powder Gangers are left untouched and their raids on the area just become another part of life in the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Primm is placed under heavy guard of securitrons and taxed harshly for the assistance to the NCR they provided.
  • The NCR rangers decline in presence after their impressive albeit failed contributions at Hoover Dam.


Independent (Yes Man) New Vegas Ending

This Fallout New Vegas ending is centred around the character Yes Man who is a securitron robot that players meet during their Fallout New Vegas campaign. Playing the role of an assistant and adviser to Benny this AI has a wealth of personality and is capable of helping the Courier obtain the Fallout New Vegas independent ending. This primarily involves overthrowing the rule of Mr. House and taking control of his army of securitrons which was originally Benny’s plan although Yes Man allows for the Courier to step into Benny’s shoes for the plan instead. While Yes Man has origins as a simple securitron robot as part of the fleet that Mr. House owns and operates he has been significantly reprogrammed by Benny with the aid of the Followers of the Apocalypse after a pulse grenade event leaves him damaged. The main element of this as his character name implies is that Yes Man is incapable of not obeying an order and is unable to withhold information when asked.

By completing the No Gods, No Masters you’ll give Yes Man the opportunity to make an independent New Vegas while removing all of the three other factions from the equation (Mr. House, Legion and NCR). With the army of securitrons at his disposal Yes Man is able to acquire some peace although the disposal of three major factions does create a somewhat chaotic transition that ultimately settles with New Vegas having its independence. Notably after this victory Yes Man conducts a change to his personality that makes him more assertive so that he no longer takes orders from anyone aimlessly. While Yes Man and the player Courier are seen somewhat as the de-facto rulers of this independence the game locations operate on their own accord.

Potential notable impacts of selecting the Yes Man ending are included below, the majority of these depend on your actions in other key quests:

  • After pushing the Legion and NCR from the strategic Hoover Dam New Vegas is free from both factions. If the player upgrades the securitron army during the Wild Card: You and What Army? quest the takeover of The Strip is significantly less chaotic and results in less loss of life.
  • Players are recognised as the key contributor to freeing New Vegas and providing its independence.
  • The Boomers continue to live isolated and defending themselves from opportunistic attacks or live peacefully if they contribute to the Hoover Damn assault (Volare! quest impacts outcome).
  • The Brotherhood of Steel is able to settle in HELIOS One and is no longer opposed which allows them to take technology from those that run into their patrols.
  • The Fiends overtake the outer Vegas areas if Motor-Runner is still alive otherwise they only establish a small foothold in the area.
  • The Followers of the Apocalypse in the Old Mormon Fort are overwhelmed with patients as a result of the unstable and violent New Vegas and unable to provide basic services.
  • Arcade Gannon is either just another casualty of war or manages to provide some basic level of ongoing assistance to those around him (For Auld Lang Syne quest impacts outcome).
  • Goodsprings prospers due to increases in traffic to the area as people stop on their way to and from The Strip.
  • The Kings retain Freeside control which becomes a home for both the locals and those once loyal to the NCR.
  • Craig Boone has the same two fates noted above in the Mr. House ending (either a security force for travelling caravans or a mercenary with no morals for hire).
  • The Powder Gangers are left untouched and their raids on the area just become another part of life in the Mojave Wasteland (same result as siding with Mr. House above).
  • Primm returns to the way it always had been with the NCR retreating although neither flourishes or disappears.

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