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With this Fallout Shelter Game Show Gauntlet questions and answers guide players will conquer the recurring raider themed quest and not lose your head in the process. Available weekly the Game Show Gauntlet is a test of your broader Fallout franchise game knowledge and with the correct answers players can avoid fighting the Raiders for an efficient quest completion while obtaining the weekly account rewards.

During this quest players receive a pool of questions based on the quest duration time that are all included below to enable quick completion. For new players wanting to learn the basics of this event quest I have also provided an overview section based on my Fallout Shelter experience and answer some of the common community questions. Note that this page has spoilers for multiple games in the Fallout franchise as these are referenced in the Fallout Shelter game show.

To access specific duration quest pools quickly use the following links: 14 Hour, 15 Hour, 16 Hour, 17 Hour, 18 Hour, 19 Hour, 20 Hour, 21 Hour, 22 Hour, 23 Hour, 24 Hour.


Fallout Shelter Game Show Gauntlet Overview

The following is a basic summary of the mechanics surrounding the Fallout Shelter Game Show Gauntlet for new players seeking to optimise this important weekly challenge:

  • The Gauntlet is available from a weekly quest which requires players to have constructed the Overseer’s Office within your Fallout Shelter vault layout to access the content.
  • This quest has similar mechanics to other quests in Fallout Shelter with players selecting a team of 3 vault dwellers from your personal vault to adventure into the Wasteland. After the quest timer (14 to 24hrs) finishes players will reach a building structure like other missions that contain rooms of questions, loot and fights like Radroach swarms.
  • Moving through the building rooms players will answer 4 questions in total from groups of Raiders and if you answer successfully you will be able to move on to the next room without combat. If you fail to answer correctly you will “lose your head” which requires players to fight the Raiders instead. Purposefully failing the questions to fight the Raiders does result in slightly better rewards as you can obtain their loot drops although significantly increases the time to complete the weekly quest and requires strong combat dwellers so this is an advanced mechanic for established players.
  • The four Fallout Shelter Game Show questions players receive are selected from a fixed pool of 11 options which is based on the weekly quest duration required to reach the location. This is between 14 hours and 24 hours which can be sped up by spending Nuka-Cola Quantum like other quests although I don’t recommend players spend the premium currency to speed up this particular quest duration.
  • Rewards for this weekly quest include Nuka-Cola Quantum, pet carrier, Mister Handy, caps and lunchboxes along with various loose loot and Fallout Shelter junk you acquire from the building.
  • Occasional items can be looted from the Raider rooms, similar to other quests, so don’t forget to grab these during your adventures before moving to the next room to maximise your rewards.


Fallout Shelter Game Show Gauntlet Questions and Answers

The below correct answers to the game show questions are presented in quest duration order, each answer should be read carefully as some of the answer pools use similar answers that can trick players when rushing through this quest content. If players would rather fight the raiders which will take longer but provide a small increase in overall loot you can also use these to avoid selecting the correct option.

Quest Duration Question Pool Game Show Questions Game Show Answers

14 Hours

Who was the insane leader of the Republic of Dave? Dave
14 Hours What was Rivet City before the war? Aircraft Carrier
14 Hours What group did Sarah Lyons belong to? The Brotherhood of Steel
14 Hours Who is trapped at the top of Trinity Tower? Rex Goodman

15 Hours

Which famous statue lost its head? Abraham Lincoln
15 Hours What little boy was trapped in a refrigerator in the commonwealth? Billy
15 Hours Super Mutants were created using… Forced Evolutionary Virus
15 Hours What group worships the Glow? Children of Atom

16 Hours

Who is the most famous reporter in Diamond City? Piper Wright
16 Hours Who was the Sheriff of Megaton? Lucas Simms
16 Hours What deadly creature lurks in the Salem Museum of Witchcraft? Deathclaw
16 Hours Who is the DJ for Galaxy News Radio? Three Dog

17 Hours

The Children of Atom make their home in what region of the Commonwealth? The Glowing Sea
17 Hours Where was Lorenzo Cabot held prisoner? Parson State Insane Asylum
17 Hours Which of the following is not a location in the Commonwealth? Harbor Hotel
17 Hours Where was Kellogg’s headquarters? Fort Hagen

18 Hours

What book was Moria trying to write? Wasteland Survival Guide
18 Hours What was Moira’s last name? Brown
18 Hours What store does Moira send the Lone Wanderer to for food? Super-Duper Mart
18 Hours Which of these did Moira not send the Lone Wanderer to? Nuka-Cola Plant

19 Hours

What is the settlement closest to Vault 111? Sanctuary
19 Hours Who trims the bushes in Sanctuary? Codsworth
19 Hours Who is hanging around The Red Rocket near Sanctuary? Dogmeat
19 Hours The Great War started before what Holiday? Halloween

20 Hours

How did the Brotherhood of Steel arrive at the Commonwealth? In an Airship
20 Hours What brotherhood of Steel member took shelter in the Cambridge Police Station? Paladin Danse and Scribe Haylen
20 Hours Which advanced technology did brotherhood of steel members employ? Power armour
20 Hours What was the Brotherhood seeking at Mass Fusion headquarters? Beryllium agitator

21 Hours

The Far Habour island lies just of what former state? Maine
21 Hours What is DiMA? Synth
21 Hours What is the name of the Children of Atom’s base in Far Harbor? The Nucleus
21 Hours Why did Kasumi Nakuno run away to Acadia? She believed she was a synth

22 Hours

Who is the old psychic with the Minutemen? Mama Murphy
22 Hours What military group occupied project purity before it became activated? Enclave
22 Hours Who is the crazy mechanic in the railroad? Tinker Tom
22 Hours What eyesore did Allistair Tenpenny want gone? Megaton

23 Hours

Name one of the Raider gangs in Nuka-World Disciples OR Operators OR  The Pack (any of these 3 answers is correct)
23 Hours Which weapon is needed to defeat Ryker? Squirt gun
23 Hours What are the Hubologists after? A Spaceship
23 Hours Which of these is not a flavor of Nuka-Cola? Nuka Fresh

24 Hours

Who were the mercenaries in the Capital Wasteland? Talon Company
24 Hours What organization created the synths? The Institute
24 Hours What monument did Hannibal Hamlin want to restore? Lincoln Memorial
24 Hours What was the name of the Behemoth in the Boston Common pond? Swan

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