Fallout Shelter Junk Guide – Uses, Keep and Sell List

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If you’re wondering what to do with junk in Fallout Shelter this comprehensive guide details what is junk used for, junk to keep and junk to sell. Despite its name it is one of the most important Fallout Shelter items and is vital to acquiring powerful equipment through crafting. With dozens of types to find and limited space while you expand your vault players will constantly face tough decisions related to junk.

While you can continue to build storage space in your Vault to hold all of these items the cost and space required is substantial. Instead I recommend players keep specific junk while selling the remainder based on my priority keep list from thousands of gameplay hours which is based on the best junk items for crafting.

Table of Contents:
Junk Overview
Junk Uses/Keep/Sell Recommendations
Full Fallout Shelter Junk List


Fallout Shelter Junk Guide – Overview

  • Junk is available from a number of sources, including quest completion rewards (such as the Gauntlet Game Show), finding items while completing quests from the environment or enemies, from dwellers while exploring the wasteland, scrapping weapons or outfits and opening lunchboxes. If you’re wondering how to scrap items this is done from the storage screen and selecting the recycle icon.
  • Junk has three tiers; common, rare and legendary which impacts where it can be acquired and general chance to obtain the item from that source. There are 7 junk items of each tier and the majority of junk items in Fallout Shelter are also seen in in the Fallout 4 crafting system.
  • The primary use of junk is to craft weapons or outfits which requires the appropriate crafting room and blueprint. These craftable items have the same three tier system and will generally require junk from their equivalent tier and below to craft.
  • Junk can also be sold for caps which scales with the rarity of the junk item which is 2 caps for common, 50 caps for rare and 200 caps for legendary junk.
  • Each item of junk uses one storage space which can be expanded by building Storage Rooms. It can sometimes be more space efficient to retain rare or legendary weapons or outfits as they only take a single slot but if scrapped may turn into multiple junk items and thus take up additional storage space.


Junk Uses/Keep/Sell Guide

This section provides general principles for players to apply when determining what to do with junk in Fallout Shelter. These principles are based on ensuring you have sufficient junk to craft items as necessary or to complete your survival guide by crafting all items. Having a small stockpile of junk on hand at all times is also useful as you can use it for crafted items to complete Vault objectives.


For Junk management I recommend players:

  • Keep all legendary and rare junk items.
  • Determine a specific number of common items that you wish to keep based on your storage space, a number between 20 or 30 is usually a good benchmark to aim for. As there are 7 common items so this could require anywhere from 140 to 210 storage capacity. Using our full junk list below you can identify some common items you may want to keep more of.
  • Keep all legendary and rare outfits or weapons that you don’t need for your dwellers. Do not scrap them as this generally preserves storage space.
  • Scrap all common outfits or weapons that you don’t need.


Fallout Shelter Full Junk List

The full list of junk in Fallout Shelter includes key information to help you decide what to do with the junk you collect. Each item below has the notable uses (outfit and weapons) noted across common, rare and legendary items that are the strongest in their respective category.

Items rated High should be kept and prioritised for storage space, Medium should be similarly retained although have less value than High items. Meanwhile Low should be the first items you scrap for caps to free up storage space. Note that this priority to keep rating will depend on your current Fallout Shelter progress and goals but is driven by the best outfits and weapons statistically.

Junk Item Junk Tier Notable Uses Priority To Keep
fallout-shelter-junk-alarm-clockAlarm clock Common Plasma Rifle High
fallout-shelter-junk-baseball-gloveBaseball glove Common Advanced Jumpsuit (+5A), Sturdy vault suit (+5P) High
fallout-shelter-junk-desk-fanDesk fan Common Low
fallout-shelter-junk-duct-tapeDuct tape Common Naughty nightwear (+5C) Low
fallout-shelter-junk-magnifying-glassMagnifying glass Common Sturdy wasteland gear (+5E), Advanced lab coat (+5I) High
fallout-shelter-junk-toy-carToy car Common Sturdy wasteland gear (+5E), Officer fatigues (+5S) High
fallout-shelter-junk-yarnYarn Common Advanced Jumpsuit (+5A), Naughty nightwear (+5C), Advanced lab coat (+5I), Fancy formal wear (+5L), Sturdy vault suit (+5P), Officer fatigues (+5S) High
fallout-shelter-junk-brahmin-hideBrahmin hide Rare Advanced Jumpsuit (+5A), Sturdy wasteland gear (+5E), Lucky nightwear (+7C), Heavy vault suit (+7P) High
fallout-shelter-junk-cameraCamera Rare Low
fallout-shelter-junk-globeGlobe Rare Plasma Rifle, Dragon’s Maw, Heavy wasteland gear (+7E), Commander fatigues (+7S) High
fallout-shelter-junk-microscopeMicroscope Rare Plasma Rifle, Vengeance, Advanced lab coat (+5I) High
fallout-shelter-junk-shovelShovel Rare MIRV Medium
fallout-shelter-junk-teddy-bearTeddy bear Rare Naughty nightwear (+5C), Fancy formal wear (+5L), Sturdy vault suit (+5P), Officer fatigues (+5S), Expert jumpsuit (+7A), Expert lab coat (+7I), Lucky formal wear (+7L) High
fallout-shelter-junk-wonderglueWonderglue Rare Low
fallout-shelter-junk-chemistry-flaskChemistry flask Legendary Dragon’s Maw, MIRV, Heavy wasteland gear (+7E), Expert lab coat (+7I) High
fallout-shelter-junk-giddyup-buttercupGiddyup Buttercup Legendary Vengeance Medium
fallout-shelter-junk-gold-watchGold watch Legendary Low
fallout-shelter-junk-military-circuit-boardMilitary circuit board Legendary Dragon’s Maw, Vengeance High
fallout-shelter-junk-military-duct-tapeMilitary duct tape Legendary MIRV Medium
fallout-shelter-junk-tri-fold-flagTri-fold flag Legendary Lucky nightwear (+7C), Lucky formal wear (+7L), Heavy vault suit (+7P), Commander fatigues (+7S) High
fallout-shelter-junk-yao-guai-hideYao guai hide Legendary Expert jumpsuit (+7A), Heavy wasteland gear (+7E) High

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