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The For The King Forgotten Cellar is one of your first objectives in the primary campaign and leaves many wondering where to find it and how to beat what lies inside. In this mini guide I’ll detail what exactly the Forgotten Cellar is, how to find it quickly and how you can ultimately defeat what is inside given this is a significant jump in difficulty. This page includes minor campaign spoilers for the For The King campaign.

Table of Contents:
How To Find The Forgotten Cellar
How To Beat The Forgotten Cellar

How To Find The Forgotten Cellar

The quest to find the Forgotten Cellar is part of The Shattered Key challenge that players are given after clearing the Glittering Mines and visiting Parid. After arriving at Parid players are informed of 3 locations where they must obtain a key and while 2 of these are revealed in the overworld the Forgotten Cellar is not.

for-the-king-forgotten-cellar-questIn order to find the Forgotten Cellar players need to follow the steps below:

  1. Pay careful attention to the biome that is included in the quest summary at the top right of your game screen. This will tell players where to look as it can be either the Golden Plains, Rogue Isles or the Burning Forest. To check which biome you are in players can check the top of their screen as highlighted below. Additionally players can left click on the quest objective at the top of their screen to move their camera to the appropriate biome.
  2. As the Forgotten Cellar is hidden players need to visit every hex in their quest specific biome. The screenshot below shows the difference between unrevealed world hexes (hexes on the left) and revealed world hexes (hexes on the right). The strong yellow border and question mark within the hex shows that it has not been explored.
    for-the-king-overworld-hexesExploring hexes is a matter of moving adjacent to or directly landing on the hex. Note that there are some items in the game that can increase this distance which is known as Find Distance. The most effective strategy generally involves splitting your team (but staying close to each other) to maximise your exploration range.
  3. Once players are close enough to the Forgotten Cellar they will get an in game pop up and be able to enter the cellar like any other dungeon.
  4. Note that unlike normal dungeons that reward lore the cellar only has enough room for a single character so choose wisely.

How To Beat The Forgotten Cellar

Beating the Forgotten Cellar in For The King can often be a difficult hurdle to overcome. As with the broader campaign choosing the best class and understanding the game mechanics are a first important step.

for-the-king-acid-jellyWithin the Forgotten Cellar you’ll face a deadly Acid Jelly who has a sizeable health pool (depends on difficulty level) and is immune to bleed, shock and stun. The larger threat though is the acid it can inflict that will destroy your weapon or a piece of armour meaning you want to take out the Acid Jelly threat as soon as possible.

for-the-king-acid-jelly-fightOther useful tips for the Forgotten Cellar include:

  • As you the cellar is a 1v1 battle you will want to choose your strongest fighter to take on the challenge. This will vary from game to game but should be decided based on the strongest damage output weapon on your team. If there is no clear choice select the character with the largest Focus Points pool as this will be invaluable.
  • Don’t use a fighter that is less than one level below the cellar level and ideally is at least the same level.
  • Ensure your selected fighter has full health and focus as both of these will be vital along with any consumables you have acquired so far such as Godsbeard and damage or defence boosting items.
  • The largest risk from the Acid Jelly is the acid it can inflict so every move you make should be focused on ending the fight quickly. Use Focus and items early in the fight to help you end it quickly.


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Forged in the crucible of Master difficulty Sam has battled his way through to victory in every For The King campaign. With each playthrough being a unique journey of party compositions he has been tested against the relentless RNG for over a 100 hours. Despite the brutal difficulty Sam has fond memories of this strategic challenge where the thrill of outsmarting the game and crafting the perfect team against all odds continued to bring him back for more.

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