For The King Best Lore Store Items – Unlock Classes, Locations & Encounters

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For The King Best Lore Store Items – Unlock Classes, Locations & Encounters

For the King has a wealth of lore store unlocks for players to spend their hard earned lore game currency on. Allowing you to unlock classes, items, locations, encounters and customisation the lore store is a key element of underlying progression in For The King to help you with the brutal roguelike strategy gameplay that it offers.

The For the King lore store unlocks can be one of the confusing elements when first tackling For The King and it’s also the most important that makes a lore store guide like this to understand the best lore store items an invaluable resource to ensure your success in your selected campaign. With over 100 hours in For The King and having completed all the campaigns on the highest difficultly level available I’ll detail how to unlock each lore store upgrade and more importantly which ones you want to prioritise for maximum chance of victory. I’ll also provide a general overview of what each unlock offers and how strong it is overall.

Lore Store Overview – Currency, Categories and Multiplayer

Earning lore currency in For The King will happen passively as you play the campaign with the “Book of Lore” being an obtainable item predominately found within chests at the end of For The King dungeons. This makes farming lore easy in the main campaign with the wealth of sea caves that spawn on that map, higher difficulties also reward more lore per book found. If you are struggling to make any reasonable progress to acquire lore currency I recommend our general For The King guide.

The lore store is accessed through the main For The King menu and will start with no unlocks available until certain requirements are met. The store is split into the following sections where players can spend lore currency:

  • Locations: Unlocks key points of interest on the map that focus on giving you better options to traverse the map and spend the gold you acquire on each run. Also includes upgrades to the various sanctums in For The King to give them a little extra power. These items when unlocked will only appear in newly created game campaigns.
  • Characters/Classes: If you’re wondering how to unlock the Herbalist you’ll find this character and others within this section which allows you to pick different For The King classes that are often stronger than the base options and unlocks new team compositions.
  • Items: This category allows you to locate new items during each campaign with some of the best For The King items being found here. Just like the other categories careful spending of lore here will greatly assist your chance of survival with both devastating weapons and durable armours. Once unlocked items can appear in current campaign games.
  • Mini Encounters: While far less common than the location category to be encountered during the campaign these mini encounters can lend a helping hand when you need it most. Once unlocked these mini encounters can appear in current campaign games.
  • Character Customisation: Visual only enhancements that you can choose from when starting a new game. The rarity of some of these due to the achievements required also make these a fantastic way to show off your accomplishments in For The King.

For those wondering how lore store multiplayer works you’ll be pleased to know that locations and items that players have unlocked have the ability to appear in game. While this doesn’t work for characters (and customisation) after you have created your party and started your campaign attempt other players can control characters they don’t own after restarting the game. Given this groups of players can optimally spend the limited lore points available early on to maximise their unlocked items.

Lore Store Priority List

If you’re wondering how to unlock any specific item the Craft For The World wiki has a wealth of information on cost and unlock requirements that should be referenced in conjunction with the below. The details below are focused on priority lore store unlocks within each category of the store for those that either have limited lore to spend or looking for their next purchase to maximise their chances of campaign victory. Character customisation is not included given this is personal preference and does not impact your chances of success in a campaign.

Priority Lore Store Locations

Locations are some of the highest priority lore store unlocks in For The King and make your adventure significantly easier by giving you the ability to teleport, avoid the deadly Kraken or have places to spend to your hard earned gold.

  • Night Market: The night market is cheap invaluable early purchase that unlocks a host of unique and powerful items for sale in your adventure with the trade off being that they are only open at night time.
  • Dark Carnival: Allows players to spend carnival tickets in games of chance that are high risk and high reward. By stacking luck based items though before entering players can significantly boost their odds and acquire these rewards to ensure victory.
  • Alluring Pools: An absolute must have given the map flexibility they unlock by allowing players to teleport between biomes they have visited.
  • Kraken Ward: Your only potential safety from the Kraken these can make adventuring out into the ocean safe for a few turns and is particularly a life saver in the Into the Deep campaign.


Priority Lore Store Classes

In order to unlock classes the lore store needs some serious investment and accordingly careful spending on only the best For The King classes is the most efficient method.

  • Trapper: A versatile alternative awareness character to the Hunter the Trapper can be a good class unlock option. With high awareness, speed and a talent it makes them a quick fighter and capable of using any powerful talent items or move quickly on the seas.
  • Busker: Another viable character that has some flexibility in his kit with strength and talent being leading stats. The ability to also boost your gold with entertain or prevent deadly enemy attacks with distraction is also a bonus.
  • Herbalist: Many For The King players often wonder how to unlock Herbalist and you’ll find her in the lore store for 15 lore currency. She is a reliable ally that comes passively with party heal and the ability to gather herbs during your adventure that makes her a popular safe choice for the new player.


Priority Lore Store Items

Items are the most diverse of lore store unlocks and in turn the most difficult to determine what to unlock. While there are standout items within this section of the store the majority do not offer anything significant above the standard items you’ll find.

  • Swift Shoes: A cheap shoe that is a strong early game item thanks to the speed and support range boost.
  • Princess Hat: A great luck item that can be useful for luck events (such as dark carnivals) along with good multipliers makes this another useful addition to your item pool.
  • Boots of Might: With the 4 physical damage boost paired with 4 strength these are powerful enough to be used from early to late game on any strength physical attacker.
  • Aegis of Husher: With a boost to party armour and strength this artifact can serve you well despite the speed penalty.
  • Royal Crown: With the useful encourage buff along with a number of party boosts the crown is generally only found later in the campaign but remains a useful item to place on your damage absorber while benefiting your damage dealers.
  • Hildebrant’s Reserve: The fact that this item causes confusion often makes it overlooked but when combined with cannot be confused gear it’s a massive boost to your damage without side effect and relatively cheap on gold.
  • Inferno Gear: Each of the inferno gear items (graves, helm and armour) are useful on your characters and particularly so in the frost adventure campaign given the strong amount of health regeneration. Even outside of this though the availability of the items in a campaign, balanced defence and offensive stats make these a solid option.


Priority Lore Store Mini Encounters

of all the potential things to unlock in the lore store I consider encounters to be the lowest priority. While they do provide some nice small benefits to your adventure they are fairly uncommon to encounter and don’t offer anything that you can’t overcome with some careful planning. Note that a number of the mini encounters

  • Trainer: Offering one of the few ways to permanently improve a selected stat (in return for gold) finding a few trainings during your campaign is truly invaluable.
  • Pipe Smith: While pipes are available from any town the discounted herbs from the pipe smith make it a useful mini encounter to have.
  • Friendly Camper: One of the many healing orientated mini encounters to help you heal while away from a town the camper is a good choice given it is the cheapest available and appears on land tiles which are the most common in the majority of campaigns. If you are still struggling with health management for your team you can consider adding more healing encounters like the Gnome Shaman, Traveling Healer, Primordial Oak and Mermaids.
  • Lore Store Store: Helps to guarantee that you’ll have access to your lore store unlocks during a campaign this should be purchased once you have a solid number of lore store item unlocks.



Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam has played For The King for nearly 100 hours and completed all the campaigns on Master difficulty experimenting with a number of party compositions in the process. He enjoys the strategic challenge and brutal random difficulty that the game offers.


  1. I want to see the pics of a completely unlocked lore store I’m only missing a few things.

    • Hi Mandy

      Our screenshots on this page show most items prior to the expansion, this guide is intended to focus on the priority unlocks though. If you want to see everything you can obtain you can refer to the wiki page ( that has all the possible items and how to obtain them

      The Games Finder Team

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