Gaming Archive #3 – Gamer Fit Nation

Last Updated on October 10, 2020 by Samuel Franklin

Gaming Archive #3 – Gamer Fit Nation

For the third instalment in Games Finder’s gaming archive series of posts we’ve opted to tackle the unique online magazine of Gamer Fit Nation ( which opted to blend gaming and fitness into a single domain. Launching in early 2010 unfortunately Gamer Fit Nation has since shut down and is no longer online with the last article published around late 2016.

Like many gamers fitness and video gaming has always been a difficult balance to achieve and I always found the Gamer Fit Nation website to be useful in offering unbiased, accurate and varied published content. More importantly in the case of Gamer Fit Nation there was a number of significant events that left an impact on the gaming industry as a whole that are worth noting for the archive.

gamerfitnation-logoThe History of Gamer Fit Nation

Launching several years before the existence of GamesLikeFinder the website started as a forum in the early days where gamers were brought together to discuss their own challenges and successes with maintaining a good lifestyle amongst video gaming. Like many websites in the gaming industry (Games Finder included) evolution over time is key to long term survival which eventually pushed more towards a blog and news website, an example of which is shown below courtesy of the WayBackMachine Internet Archive.


In its final form Gamer Fit Nation tackled gaming fitness with easy meals (some of which were related to video games and needed an acquired taste), workout routines, fitness technology and general workouts. This paired with more traditional gaming editorial content, Esports, interviews, game reviews and first impression articles. Finally, the lifestyle section included celebrity, cinema and gadgets.

Written content on was also often paired with video content of interviews, fitness challenges and fitness demonstrations.

Notable Gamer Fit Nation Events

Not content with being just another video game review website the team behind Gamer Fit Nation was responsible for a number of key events and information reveals.

Of these though the most notable was the calling of a video game cease fire to honour and respect the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. After the event Antwand Pearman (CEO at the time) appealed to gamers of the world to cease playing all online shooting games. The event itself was reasonably successful with tens of thousands of participants and ultimately was used to counter the harsh criticism directed towards violent video games which tends to spike after such real world events.

Additionally in 2012 Gamer Fit Nation was behind the Dancetopia 2012 event in New York which aimed to promote health and video games with an event open to everybody that featured dance games of the era such as Dance Central, Zumba and Just Dance with giveaway prizes.

Lastly, on the exclusive content front the website was responsible for revealing that a sequel to Shaq Fu was in the works in 2014. The final game was eventually released in 2018 after an Indiegogo campaign and was titled Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn. The final game which resembled a 2D side scrolling beat em up with elements of traditional fighting games was however met with significant negative reviews.


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