Gaming Archive #4 – JumptoGamer: What Happened to the Popular Gaming Review Website?

Last Updated on December 10, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

JumptoGamer, a gaming review website that flourished from 2013 to 2017, was once a vibrant hub for gamers seeking insightful and engaging reviews of their favourite gaming titles. Unfortunately, due to likely financial difficulties and a decline in traffic, the site ultimately ceased operations in 2017 with the last post shared on 7 September 2017. Despite its closure in 2017, JumptoGamer’s legacy continues to resonate with many gamers who valued its unique perspectives and in-depth analysis. This page serves as a tribute to JumptoGamer, offering a glimpse into its history, impact, and the potential reasons behind its closure.

Marking number 4 in our archival series where we look into video games and websites that no longer exist the team opted to pick a less known website that some of us followed known as which appears to have slowly disappeared without a trace, a fate not unknown to a number of game review websites as they struggle to earn traffic and monetise themselves amongst larger established networks of websites. While it was likely unknown to many I always personally enjoyed the text and video coverage provided by the owner of given the similar sizes of our websites at the time.

We have also experienced this challenge with the growing prevalence of adblockers, which are particularly popular among the technology-focused gaming community. While we’ve managed to manoeuvre our way through these difficult times to ensure we are at least covering our costs in most months not all websites during the height of adblock growth in 2016 and 2017 and today we thought we would dedicate a page to at least one such website we are aware of, being


What Was JumpToGamer?

Casting the net of content wide JumpToGamer was a comprehensive website that tackled game reviews, featured articles, tips and hardware reviews when relevant. With the site being in its peak as Games Finder was also an upcoming website we enjoyed reading the writers perspective which we sometimes shared and sometimes differed from our own. We didn’t consider the website a direct competitor as we are focused on finding similar games rather than editorial pieces like JumpToGamer but did enjoy the comparison of what a similar related gaming website was delivering to their audience and we always regret not contacting the site directly for some sort of collaboration.

With a similar sized website to our own it was a great benchmark for ourselves on the type of content they were producing, the success and failures they were experiencing and the activity of their social following which is something that we’ve always struggled to grow outside a core audience that floats around 5,000 Facebook followers and 1,200 Twitter followers.

jumptogamer-websiteThe reason we loved the content that JumpToGamer was offering though was because of their vast indie spotlight which is also a passion shared amongst the Games Finder team of writers and myself in particular. While many of the games they provided early access coverage to did not eventuate we discovered a number of great upcoming titles that we might have missed otherwise such as 7 Days to Die in its Alpha stage.

Unfortunately, like the early access titles JumpToGamer loved to cover the website seemed to fizzle out eventually around late 2017 with the website going offline and even potentially victim to a website hack with strange advertising and style of content being displayed to visitors. According to data from Semrush, a popular website traffic monitor, JumptoGamer’s traffic peaked in December 2013 with around 10,000 users per month. This was followed by a gradual decline until 2015, with a small revival in 2017 before the website’s closure. The authors and content though appear to potentially live on through or potentially some sort of acquisition of based on the promotion between the sites social media channels around this time (please note this is an unconfirmed possible explanation based on the information that is publicly available).

Regardless of the eventual fate of the domain name it will live on here through GamesFinder’s gaming archive series alongside the wonderful work of the Internet Archive – Wayback Machine that has preserved the majority of original content and available for viewing. If you remember JumpToGamer or have a connection to the website please leave a comment below regarding the life and death of this video game review and indie spotlight focused website.


  1. Hi there! This was a fun look back on the website. I worked for JumpToGamer back when the website was live… I’m also the one who made many of the video reviews on JumpToGamer, including the Tabletop Simulator video in this article.

    Thanks for posting this and bringing back some memories. It’s fun to think back on it. I made a bunch of video reviews including Tabletop Simulator, Syndicate (PS3), Ratchet and Clank All 4 One, and many others. They’re still accessible on the JTG channel.

    • Hi Bob

      Glad you found our page! I really always enjoyed the coverage as noted in the article and it encouraged me to continue with my own project (this website). The Tabletop Simulator is also one of my favourite video coverages and why I included that one specifically!

      Games Finder Team

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