Idleon Accuracy Guide – How To Increase & Requirements Explained

Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

This Idleon guide includes accuracy requirements for monsters and tips to increase accuracy to help you progress through the early game worlds. Accuracy is one of the common roadblocks that new players will need to overcome with this guide covering the basic information to stop struggling to hit monsters.

Including specific detail on how accuracy works, insights for how to increase accuracy, a list of accuracy cards and other critical accuracy boosts this guide helps players progress through the initial worlds and is based on my thousands of Idleon gameplay hours. Given accuracy is primarily an early game challenge from World 1 to World 3 this guide is only focused on these worlds and also ensures this guide is new player friendly.

Table of Contents:
Accuracy Basics
How To Increase Accuracy
Secondary Class Stat
Party Dungeons
Accuracy Cards
Accuracy Stamps
Monster Accuracy Requirements


Idleon Accuracy Basics

Accuracy is your chance to hit a monster and as a general rule players will maximise their gains by aiming for 100% accuracy for their current enemy objective. Your current accuracy is displayed within your character stat window and the away info screen. On my Shaman below I have an accuracy value of 626:

idleon-shaman-accuracyFor the Wood Mushrooms map this is a 76% hit chance in the away info screen. This screen also shows the minimum accuracy for this monster is 250 and in order to have 100% hit chance I need 750 accuracy on my. Note that the minimum level gives you a 5% chance to hit and anything below this will always be a 0% chance.


Idleon How To Increase Accuracy

There are many methods to increase accuracy in Idleon with the largest contributors being secondary class stat, cards, alchemy, stamps, statues and party dungeons which are the focus of this guide. As with other Idleon mechanics you don’t want to only focus on a single area from these options as a diversified approach provides greater benefit for your invested time and resources as you mix flat and percentage gains to accuracy. Each of these options is explored in detail below in approximate order of how much they contribution to your accuracy stat before World 3. After World 3 there are so many stacking bonuses to your account that focus in accuracy is simply not required so there is no need for mid or late game strategies to optimise accuracy.

Secondary Class Stat

The largest boost to accuracy in Idleon is your secondary class stat, each class (including their subclasses) has a stat that increases accuracy. This secondary stat primarily comes from investing in the stat talents of your first class tab and at the end of W1 I recommend players have between 30-40 points invested in the secondary stat of their class to fight the first boss with near 100% accuracy. Other important methods of acquiring secondary class stat include ensuring you have the best equipment available (and improved with upgrade stones). The class secondary stats for accuracy are below:



Alchemy is a powerhouse mechanic in Idleon for accuracy and other sources of game progression. If you are struggling with progress it is likely that alchemy offers a solution with bubbles having account bonuses by investing liquid and resources. In terms of alchemy accuracy boosts this will come from the flat stat bubbles that are the first bubble in each colour and a critical bubble called Shaquracy with similar impacts from vials.



Cauldron Name (Number) Effect Materials
Quicc idleon-alchemy-shaquracyShaquracy (7) Secondary stat gives +% more accuracy than normal Bloach & Water Droplets


Vial Material Benefit (per level) Notes
idleon-vial-flyFly +3 base accuracy The only vial that has a direct boost to accuracy and is fairly easy to farm on mass that makes reach cyan vial (level 5) relatively easy.
idleon-vial-bullfrog-hornBullfrog Horn Talent Points for Tab 1 Extra points in tab 1 can be invested in your accuracy stat (STR, AGI, WIS and LUK) although only a minor boost compared to the above vials.

Party Dungeons

Dungeons (or party dungeons) are first available in Idleon World 1 and are a fantastic source for a number of important account upgrades, keychains, equipment and star talents. This includes accuracy, AFK gains and weapon power that are bought in the Flurbo shop which is a pink currency you’ll earn within a dungeon and for completion of a dungeon run. To maximise your gains and minimise the time required players should keep an eye out for happy hour notifications on the left hand side of the game screen which will teleport you to the dungeon map and if players are in a party during this special hour you’ll be able to use a large number of your weekly dungeon passes at once for large rewards.


Accuracy Cards

A source of early accuracy is collecting the various monster and resource cards that can be equipped for an accuracy boost. Each card has a base value of benefit that it provides when first collected which is then upgraded to bronze, silver and gold for boosted effect as you reach particular card number milestones within your account. There is also platinum and ruby levels of these cards although they are significantly harder to achieve and not something a new player will reach. There are also several cards that give base stats in STR, AGI, WIS and LUK that can also be used if you have available card slots.


The cards up to World 3 that currently increase accuracy in Idleon are as follows:

Source Effect Base Bronze idleon-cards-silverSilver idleon-cards-goldGold
idleon-card-copper-oreCopper Ore + Base Accuracy 4 8 12 16
idleon-card-wood-mushroomWood Mushroom + % Total Accuracy 5 10 15 20
idleon-card-sand-castleSand Castle + % Total Accuracy 4 8 12 16
idleon-card-veiny-logsVeiny Logs + % Total Accuracy 3 6 9 12
Neyeptune + % Total Accuracy 5 10 15 20
idleon-card-set-frostbite-tundraFrostbite Tundra (set) + % Defense and Accuracy 5 10 15 20

Accuracy Stamps

There are two stamps up to World 3 that provide base accuracy and should be levelled as you have the necessary resources and money. The Target Stamp is available early in your adventure and upgraded with thread that will abundant while the Bullseye Stamp comes later in your progression (World 2) and the material to upgrade it can be difficult to obtain until you have sufficient catching efficiency. There are also flat stat stamps (STR, AGI, WIS and LUK) that can also provide benefits to accuracy and character damage that should not be ignored.


Stamp Name Effect (Per Leve) Source Material
idleon-stamp-targetTarget Stamp + 1 Base Accuracy Blunder Hills (W1) vendor Thread
idleon-stamp-bullseyeBullseye Stamp + 2 Base Accuracy W2 Enemies (Tyson, Moonmoon, Sand Giant, Snelbie, Efaunt, Chaotic Efuant) Sentient Cereal


Statues are fairly limited in accuracy gains but do provide a percentage increase to boost your other accuracy sources and when you purchase the gold upgrade apply to all of your characters. Acquiring the first few levels of these statues is a fairly easy task as they are dropped by Walking Sticks, Nuttos and Wood Mushrooms in W1.


Idleon Accuracy Requirements

Below we detail all the accuracy requirements for Idleon enemies split by area and bosses up to World 3 (W3). Your goal should always be to meet the recommended accuracy requirement before investing significant time into farming the monster or killing a boss and can let you plan ahead for accuracy investment. These are presented in progression order (lowest accuracy to highest) with each accuracy requirement rounded to the nearest whole number for easy stat window comparison.

Note this accuracy chart does not include crystal monsters as the accuracy for these varies depending on the map they spawn on and will always be 2.5 the accuracy needed of the monster on that map.

Blunder Hills (W1):

Enemy Minimum Accuracy (5%) Recommended Accuracy (100%)
Green Mushroom 1 2
Frog 1 2
Bored Bean 1 3
Slime 2 6
Baby Boa 4 12
Red Mushroom 13 38
Carrotman 5 15
Glublin 8 23
Wode Board 13 38
Poop 50 150
Gigafrog 30 90
Boop 60 180
Walking Stick 75 225
Rat 90 270
Nutto 100 300
Wood Mushroom 250 750

Yum Yum Desert (W2):

Enemy Minimum Accuracy (5%) Recommended Accuracy (100%)
Sandy Pot 30 90
Mimic 40 120
Crabcake 60 180
Mafioso 73 218
Sand Castle 85 255
Dig Doug 114 342
Pincermin 113 338
Mashed Potato 130 390
Tyson 150 450
Moonmoon 165 495
Sand Giant 183 548
Snelbie 200 600

Frostbite Tundra (W3):

Enemy Minimum Accuracy (5%) Recommended Accuracy (100%)
Xylobone 50 150
Bloodbone 50 150
Sheepie 275 825
Frost Flake 325 975
Sir Stache 388 1,163
Bloque 450 1,350
Mamooth 700 2,100
Dedotated Ram 525 1,575
Snowman 600 1,800
Penguin 675 2,025
Thermister 750 2,250
Quenchie 850 2,550
Cryosnake 950 2,850
Bop Box 1,075 3,225
Neyeptune 1,200 3,600


Enemy Minimum Accuracy (5%) Recommended Accuracy (100%)
Baba Yaga 150 450
Dr Defecaus 300 900
Biggie Hours 300 900
King Doot 500 1,500
Dilapidated Slush 1,000 3,000
Amarok 53 (Normal)
875 (Chaos)
4,000 (Radiant)
158 (Normal)
2,625 (Chaos)
12,000 (Radiant)
Efaunt 275 (Normal)
2,000 (Chaos)
7,500 (Gilded)
825 (Normal)
6,000 (Chaos)
22,500 (Gilded)
Chizoar 1,125 (Normal)
3,750 (Chaos)
12,500 (Blighted)
3,375 (Normal)
11,300 (Chaos)
37,500 (Blighted)

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.

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