Idleon Accuracy Guide – How To Increase & Requirements

Last Updated on September 12, 2021 by Samuel Franklin

Idleon Accuracy Guide – How To Increase & Requirements

This Legends of Idleon accuracy guide includes all the accuracy requirements for monsters and every possible method for those wondering how to increase accuracy. With this statistic driven your chance to hit enemies it is key to your progression through the Idleon game worlds and needs to be finely balance alongside your damage. While you might like to simply overinvest in this areas this will leave you significantly weaker in the process and the best approach is to keep accuracy only as high as you need it for your current map (or a few ahead when progressing quickly).

This accuracy guide to Idleon covers everything from the basic details to the advanced mechanics to ensure all players have the information they need. I’ll start the accuracy basics, followed by all the options for players looking how to increase accuracy and close with all accuracy requirements for monsters so you can plan your progression of this key stat carefully.


Idleon Accuracy Basics

As a general rule you should always aim for 100% accuracy for the map you are farming although it is possible to get away with 90%+ temporarily for short term quest needs or fighting bosses if you’d rather not wait and don’t mind some reduced efficiency or an extra boss challenge. Accuracy is one of the many stats in Idleon that you can see within your character stat window and the away info screen which provide all the necessary information you need to determine if you can fight a monster effectively or not. On my Shaman below you can see I have an accuracy value of 626 currently:

idleon-shaman-accuracyOn the Wood Mushrooms map this translates to a 76% hit chance which is still a fair bit shy of the 100% target. Looking at the accuracy req (requirement) at the bottom of the away info you can see the minimum accuracy for this monster is 250 and in order to have 100% hit chance I need to get to 750 accuracy on my Shaman character. Note that the minimum level gives you a 5% chance to hit and anything below this will be a 0% chance.

idleon-away-info-screenIf these accuracy requirements seem high don’t worry there are plenty of ways to increase accuracy in Idleon and these numbers pictured here on one of my characters isn’t needed until the later stages of W2.

Idleon How To Increase Accuracy

There are a wealth of methods to increase your accuracy in Idleon and all of them play a key role in reaching the high accuracy requirements of the later game content. As with all Idleon mechanics don’t over invest into a single area from these options below with a diversified approach giving you a greater benefit for your resources (time and items) in most cases. These options to improve your accuracy are listed approximately in the order that these game mechanics become available.

Secondary Class Stat

Your first introduction to accuracy boosting methods in Idleon is your secondary class stat. Each class (including their subclasses) has a stat that increase their accuracy as follows:

idleon-stat-info-str-agi-wisInvesting in the respective talents that give these stats in your first class talent tab is an easy method to obtain the necessary early accuracy. For the end of W1 you should expect to reach anywhere between level 30-40 points invested in these talents as a rough guideline due to the lack of other accuracy sources early in your progression which will be sufficient to attack the first boss with close to 100% accuracy.

In addition to acquiring these stats through your first talents you can also obtain them from later talent tabs, equipment, upgrade stones, obols, guild bonuses, family bonuses and many of the other sources noted below. While they don’t provide the accuracy stat itself these are still an important consideration in reaching the highest accuracy levels and combined with an alchemy modifier known as Shaquracy (detailed further below) are actually quite powerful alongside specific accuracy boosting options so should not be ignored. This is particularly the case given that most accuracy boosts are percentage based so if you don’t have sufficient base accuracy (which primarily comes through these secondary stats) the gains from the accuracy percentage boosts will be severely diminished. As with all things in Idleon a balanced approach generally results in the best cost efficiency and you should always monitor your own player stat window to see what is giving you the best accuracy result.


Another early potential source of increasing your accuracy in Idleon is the various cards obtained from monsters and resources. Each card has a base value of benefit that it provides when first collected which is then upgraded to bronze, silver and gold for boosted effect as you reach particular card number milestones within your account.


The cards that currently increase accuracy in Idleon are as follows:

Source Effect Base Bronze idleon-cards-silverSilver idleon-cards-goldGold
idleon-card-copper-oreCopper Ore + Base Accuracy 4 8 12 16
idleon-card-wood-mushroomWood Mushroom + % Total Accuracy 5 10 15 20
idleon-card-sand-castleSand Castle + % Total Accuracy 4 8 12 16
idleon-card-veiny-logsVeiny Logs + % Total Accuracy 3 6 9 12
Neyeptune + % Total Accuracy 5 10 15 20
idleon-card-set-frostbite-tundraFrostbite Tundra (set) + % Defense and Accuracy 5 10 15 20

Note that there are also several cards that give you base stats in STR, AGI, WIS and LUK that can also be used if you do not have the above options and still have available card slots.

Star Signs

Players start with a single star sign when creating their Idleon character and eventually can change this to a different one or have two active at a time. While your starting star sign and others can give you some STR, AGI, WIS and LUK you can also unlock the Robinhood sign for a boost to your accuracy. The Robinhood star sign provides the following:

  • +4% Accuracy
  • +2% Movement Speed
  • +1 Can’t Trade GME (a meme reference to Gamestop stock and has no effect)



There are only two stamps that directly impact accuracy in Idleon and both change your base accuracy value. The Target Stamp is available very early in your adventure and upgraded with thread that will abundant to players so don’t hesitate to invest heavily here and as often as possible. In comparison the Bullseye Stamp comes much later in your progression and the material to upgrade it can be difficult to obtain until you have sufficient catching efficiency on a bowman.


Stamp Name Effect (Per Leve) Source Material
idleon-stamp-targetTarget Stamp + 1 Base Accuracy Blunder Hills (W1) vendor Thread
idleon-stamp-bullseyeBullseye Stamp + 2 Base Accuracy Complete the full Mutton quest line (pig character in Freefall Caverns where you mine Iron and Gold) Sentient Cereal

There are also stamps for STR, AGI, WIS and LUK available for some additional accuracy gains though and worth investing in for their passive boost to your primary stat on other characters anyway.


Statues are fairly limited in accuracy gains with only the Bullseye Statue available which gives you a % accuracy boost. Acquiring the first few levels here is a fairly easy task and likely to occur passively as you explore the game world and complete quests. Like other statues you can purchase an upgrade through the golden statue upgrade that allows this stat to be shared across your account regardless of who handed in the statues.

idleon-statues-bullseyeThe Bullseye Statue can also be farmed with relative ease though as it’s dropped by Walking Sticks, Nuttos and Wood Mushrooms which have useful drops, money and experience in their own right.

The Hunter class has a skill available that increases the effectiveness of these statues although is not something you’ll be investing talent points into in practice.


Alchemy is one of the powerhouse mechanics in Idleon for accuracy and other account gains giving you access to all sorts of impressive boosts. Consistent investment here across vials and cauldrons will be well rewarded and accuracy is no different with the following giving you some opportunity for accuracy gains.

idleon-alchemy-brewingNote that most of the gains from this source actually come from indirect sources such as stat boosting and one key cauldron bubble called Shaquracy.


Vial Material Benefit (per level) Notes
idleon-vial-flyFly +3 base accuracy The only vial that has a direct boost to accuracy and is fairly easy to farm on mass that makes reach cyan vial (level 5) relatively easy.
idleon-vial-hermit-canHermit Can +2 post office boxes While not a direct accuracy boost additional post office boxes can easily be invested in accuracy.
idleon-vial-bullfrog-hornBullfrog Horn Talent Points for Tab 1 Extra points in tab 1 can be invested in your accuracy stat (STR, AGI, WIS and LUK) although only a minor boost compared to the above vials.


Cauldron Name (Number) Effect Materials
Quicc idleon-alchemy-shaquracyShaquracy (7) Secondary stat gives +% more accuracy than normal Bloach, Tropilogs, Water Droplets & Liquid Nitrogen

Shaquracy is the holy grail of how to increase your accuracy in Idleon and means you’ll extract significantly more value from all those small investments in your STR, AGI, WIS or LUK stat.

Note that in addition to the above every cauldron type has the following for potential accuracy gains:

  • A level 1 bubble that increases STR, AGI, WIS and LUK respectively.
  • A level 2 bubble that increases the bonus of other bubbles in that cauldron for a particular class (excluding the yellow Kazam cauldron).
  • A level 11 bubble that increases talent points in each tab for that a particular class (excluding the yellow Kazam cauldron).

Post Office

The post office in Idleon offers a steady ramp up of power like other mechanics with diligent daily completion of the assigned tasks. As you complete the post offer orders you’ll earn boxes that can be invested into one of 12 possible shipments.

One of these post office shipments (Box of Unwanted Stats) offers base accuracy along with defence and monster experience that make it a staple shipment investment for your account and a potent source of accuracy gains.



Equipment in Idleon can provide some boosts to accuracy through the secondary stats they provide that can be improved further with upgrade stones. Nearly every single item in Idleon provides some level of stats but there is only a single rare item that provides accuracy directly.

This item is the Frisbee Ring that offers 20 accuracy and is rewarded from the Frisbee Fanatic quest from Sprout in the Base of the Bark map. The quests leading up to this are fairly straight forward but finding his lost frisbee from Wood Mushrooms can be quite a journey given its 1 in 100k drop chance.

Class Talents

There are currently two class talents in Idleon that offer you the potential to boost your accuracy (other than the various talents that offer secondary stat). You simply won’t be investing into these talents though to acquire accuracy as your points are better invested elsewhere in these talent tabs so they are included here solely as a reference.


Idleon Accuracy Requirements (All Enemies)

Below we detail all the accuracy requirements for Idleon enemies split by area and bosses. Your goal should always be to meet the recommended accuracy requirement before investing significant time into farming the monster or killing a boss and can let you plan ahead for accuracy investment. These are presented in progression order (lowest accuracy to highest) with each accuracy requirement rounded to the nearest whole number for easy stat window comparison.

Note this accuracy chart does not include crystal monsters as the accuracy for these varies depending on the map they spawn on and will always be 2.5 the accuracy needed of the monster on that map.

Blunder Hills (W1):

Enemy Minimum Accuracy (5%) Recommended Accuracy (100%)
Green Mushroom 1 2
Frog 1 3
Bored Bean 2 6
Slime 5 14
Baby Boa 9 27
Red Mushroom 13 38
Carrotman 15 45
Glublin 26 78
Wode Board 35 105
Poop 50 150
Gigafrog 55 165
Boop 60 180
Walking Stick 75 225
Rat 90 270
Nutto 100 300
Wood Mushroom 250 750

Yum Yum Desert (W2):

Enemy Minimum Accuracy (5%) Recommended Accuracy (100%)
Sandy Pot 63 188
Mimic 66 198
Crabcake 75 225
Mafioso 90 270
Sand Castle 103 308
Dig Doug 114 342
Pincermin 120 360
Mashed Potato 130 390
Tyson 150 450
Moonmoon 165 495
Sand Giant 183 548
Snelbie 200 600

Frostbite Tundra (W3):

Enemy Minimum Accuracy (5%) Recommended Accuracy (100%)
Xylobone 50 150
Bloodbone 50 150
Sheepie 275 825
Frost Flake 350 1050
Sir Stache 450 1350
Bloque 575 1725
Mamooth 700 2100
Dedotated Ram 750 2250
Snowman 850 2550
Penguin 1000 3000
Thermister 1125 3375
Quenchie 1300 3900
Cryosnake 1450 4350
Bop Box 1600 4800
Neyeptune 1700 5100


Enemy Minimum Accuracy (5%) Recommended Accuracy (100%)
Baba Yaga 150 450
Dr Defecaus 300 900
Biggie Hours 300 900
King Doot 500 1500
Efaunt 275 (Normal)
2000 (Chaos)
825 (Normal)
6000 (Chaos)
Amarok 53 (Normal)
875 (Chaos)
158 (Normal)
2625 (Chaos)

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