Legends of Idleon Archer Build Guide

Last Updated on February 4, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Legends of Idleon Archer Build Guide

Dominate Idleon with your bow and this Archer build guide to building your own deadly swift character. While the smithing speciality of the Archer class in Legends of Idleon is far from the most useful game specialisations the Archer makes up for this with their deadly damage and killing speed that makes them a popular active character in the community which is only enhanced with further job advancement.

With this Archer build guide you’ll be equipped to get through the first world (W1), earn your first boss kills and take you to selecting your Archer specialisation subclass. Beyond this point you’ll need a Hunter or Bowman specific build as both of these open up various build pathways to spend your talent points that require their own in depth Idleon build guide. For builds related to the other early game classes refer to our Journeyman, Mage or Warrior build guides. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.

Idleon Archer Build

This Archer build is intended as your primary levelling build allowing you to take your level 1 Beginner character through the early game that consists of W1 and early W2 content. Keep in mind that the diverse account wide upgrade options in Idleon means that sometimes certain skills may offer slightly more value to your Archer compared to other players. Accordingly the build below is designed to be efficient for the majority of the player base and dedicated min-max players that want every little additional small percentage of gains may want to crunch the numbers on each skill point spent. This becomes increasingly a factor as you acquire additional characters and start to engage in W2 mechanics (and beyond) that impact your entire account.

Archers are similar to the other classes of Idleon with accuracy being fundamental to your progression goals from the first maps all the way to your boss encounters. If you can’t hit any mobs then you cannot hope to kill them for experience, money, loot, opening portals and quest progression. For Archers this means investing some of your skill points into the Strength (STR) boosting talent to ensure you can consistently hit enemies at 100% and then following this up with the necessary damage which comes from weapon power. This order of priority is reflected in the detailed Archer build guide below and provides a solid foundation for future job advancement builds and focuses around your core skill talent build.


Tab 1 skills for your Archer build should be considered as follows:

  • Fist of Rage: Your main source of Strength and in turn accuracy on your Archer you’ll need to steadily invest in this talent as necessary to face your next foe. You can expect to need around 35 to 45 points to reach your next Archer job advancement and defeat the first boss which most people will complete around level 35. Placing points slowly here as you progress when the extra accuracy is needed is the optimal pathway here so you don’t overcommit at the cost of damage.
  • Sharpened Axe: Investing into raw weapon power with this skill will give you the largest gains initially although shifts to Gilded Sword once you have a notable base of weapon power. While this point varies depending on your other account progress stopping after your initial 25 or 30 points is generally going to be the point that Gilded Sword takes over in effectiveness. Checking this for yourself can be done through the player stat window by watching the impact on your damage range after a spending a point in each talent. When in doubt simply level them up alongside each other as a low effort solution that results in only a minor maximum damage loss.
  • Gilded Sword: Once you reach the 25-30 point investment in Sharpened Axe as noted above it’s time to switch to this talent until they are at least the same level. From this point onwards as noted above I recommend alternating points between the two talents from here onwards up until each is at level 50 along with placing points into Fists of Rage.
  • Idle Shooting: Once you have a comfortable amount of skill points invested into your damage Idle Shooting is an effective method to enhance your AFK gains further for when you aren’t playing actively. Similar to the above Archer talents level 50 here is a good progression point for a 10% boost (while level 100 offers 13.33%). After 50 points I recommend you shift your focus back towards Sharpened Axe and Gilded Sword above until max and then acquire the talents noted below.
  • Quickness Boots: Boosting your agility with this talent serves as a solid secondary damage source early on to weapon power with agility being a powerful prized stat as you move into mid to late Idleon progress.

Tab 2 skills for your Archer build should be considered as follows:

  • Piercing Arrow: The first active attack on this tab you’ll want a single point here to boost your damage output by placing this on your attack bar although no further point investment is required initially.
  • Kung Fu Kick: Similar to the above active skill you’ll want to invest a single point here to boost the gains during active and AFK gameplay and leave it at level 1 for the time being.
  • Strafe: Another one of your active skills that earns a single point investment and gives a nice movement speed boost for map movement and mob killing. This skill will be staying at level 1 for the foreseeable future unless you are building a speed based bowman build later in your account progression which sky rockets how powerful it is.
  • High Polymer Limbs: Your main method of boosting your damage in this skill tree for your Archer and thus you’ll want to max this after placing a single point in each of your active skills noted above. Alternatively for min-max focused players you can start putting some points into Have Another on the path to maxing this and determine which is giving you better AFK gains with the Away info window as High Polymer Limbs does have diminishing returns per point spent (same as Have Another).
  • Have Another: Any additional points after maxing High Polymer Limbs can be invested here with the chance to double attack being deadly in both AFK and active play. An easy to follow rule is to increase the rank of Piercing Arrow, Kung Fu Kick and Have Another equally from this point onwards until each is level 50 before moving to the talents below.
  • Veins of the Infernal: With a potent damage boost percentage that is activated based on every 10 smithing levels this is a talent that is strong early on and only continues to grow in power as you push your smithing levels to 60, 70 and beyond. Given this talent you’ll want to carefully optimise your Archer smithing by purchasing points with money and monster drops to give you extra points for experience, speed and capacity and primarily make thread as this delivers the best smithing experience.
  • Sanic Speed: Offering players more agility for their Archer this will push your damage and secondary statistics boosted by agility further which later on in your progress only grows in value as players obtain stat multiplications from various sources.
  • Robbinghood: An easy to acquire drop rate boost this can make acquiring rare drops or even regular monster drops slightly easier. During early Idleon progression though you’ll get better return from higher damage first with this providing an option for later game players to optimise drop percentage.
  • Smeltin’ Erryday: Once players acquire some key Idleon mechanics in W3 (no spoilers here) you’ll have plenty of ores along with a need to smelt them quickly for gear. Once you’ve reached this point this talent gives Archers fantastic value in pushing your smelter to speeds you simply can’t achieve otherwise.
  • Garb of the Un’agi’ing Quality: A talent that does not provide significant benefit for some time as it relies on you having good equipment that is upgraded to have a noticeable effect that makes it one of the lowest priorities and best used only when you have already maxed everything else.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon quickly became one of Sam’s favourite games for its MapleStory vibes and ability to idle play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the balancing and optimising of the various game mechanics across the available game worlds as he continues to push his damage and printer output to new heights.


  1. I just want to thank you for this tutorial, greetings !

    • I made a new archer and I wanted it to be as perfect as possible my first archer I just did whatever I wanted but that stopped it from progressing to world 2 it just couldn’t make it and it took me 2 weeks to get through the first world on my first archer but on my second archer I’m already on Forest villas and I created it 3 hours ago

  2. ive been resetting all my skillpoints thanks to your guides, ive also been working on unlocking my secret proffecion.
    i knew it was smart to keep 1 player without proffecion as i had already noticed there were still weapons for those players at level 30+
    thanks to your guides ive been progressing so much faster.

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