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Create a swift ranged character with this Idleon Archer build guide that details all the critical talents. As a master of the bow and smithing the Archer is an important contributor to your Idleon account who with the right talent build can also boost your ore smelting.

This Archer guide provides the template for your combat build with screenshots and explanations for every talent to help new players with this first class promotion. For Archer skilling guidance refer to our in depth smithing build. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.

Table of Contents:
Archer Build Overview
Archer Tab 1 Talents Build
Archer Tab 2 Talents Build


Archer Build Overview

This Archer build is intended as a combat talent point allocation guide to maximise damage, utility and fighting gains. It is presented in priority talent order to guide players towards an optimal Archer talent build that can be tweaked for your particular account or objective as you gain more Idleon experience. As with other classes your first priority is obtaining sufficient accuracy to fight monsters which for the Archer means investing skill points into STR (strength).


Archer Tab 1 Talents Build

Tab 1 skills for your Archer build should be prioritised as follows:

Talent Effect Notes
Fist_of_RageFist of Rage + Base STR (Strength) Your main source of strength and in turn accuracy as an Archer you will want a steady talent point investment here. I recommend players place one talent point per character level initially which will be effective to around level 35 when you defeat the World 1 boss.

Beyond this point players can add points as necessary as other accuracy sources become available rapidly that reduces the need to add high amounts of strength.

Sharpened_AxeSharpened Axe + Base weapon power Investing into raw weapon power provides a notable damage increase and provides a foundation for our percentage based talents to improve further. Maxing this is particularly powerful early game where weapon power sources are scarce.
Gilded_SwordGilded Sword +% Damage dealt With a percentage boost to damage players will want the foundation of Sharpened Axe before investing talent points here for additional damage gains.
Idle_ShootingIdle Shooting +% AFK Gains rate for fighting After obtaining the primary damage talents above players can increase their AFK fighting gains by investing in the Idle Shooting talent.
Quickness_BootsQuickness Boots + Base AGI (Agility) While agility is the main stat of the Archer class the effect of agility on damage is actually quite minimal until much later in Idleon progression as you gain agility bonuses and agility damage multipliers. For this reason it comes after the talents noted above that provide greater damage value.
FeatherweightFeatherweight +% Movement speed Movement speed offers both a quality of life benefit when moving around the world of Idleon and a small impact on overall AFK fighting gains. When players advance their archer to a bowman they gain access to a talent that translates movement speed into additional damage.
I_See_YouI See You + Critical Hit Chance Critical chance provides a small boost to AFK gains and is useful in active Idleon activities. Towards the later stages of game progression it is a major factor in active damage output for the likes of bosses that make it a useful talent to acquire eventually.


Archer Tab 2 Talents Build

Tab 2 skills for your Archer build should be prioritised as follows:

Talent Effect Notes
High_Polymer_LimbsHigh Polymer Limbs +% Weapon power effect on damage Your main method of boosting your damage in your Archer talents that makes it a priority from your options to max.

Prioritise investing one talent point in Piercing Arrow, Kung Fu Kick, Strafe, and Have Another before maxing this talent as they are highly effective talents.

Piercing_ArrowPiercing Arrow Shoots an arrow that pierces through monsters A piercing arrow attack that is effective in active gameplay as it can kill multiple monsters in front of players. As these active talents also boost AFK gains if placed on your attack bar this is a good second priority. As this boost to AFK gains has diminishing returns I recommend only 50 talent points before moving on for this and the other active talents the Archer has available.
Kung_Fu_KickKung Fu Kick Pushes back nearby monsters Apply the same guidance as Piercing Arrow (invest 50 talent points). This talent can be useful during the tower defence mini game unlocked in World 3 to push monsters back and gain a little extra time as well.
Have_Another!Have Another! +% chance for basic attacks to hit twice Apply the same guidance as Piercing Arrow (invest 50 talent points).
StrafeStrafe +% Movement speed temporarily Like Featherweight above this extra movement speed is a quality of life benefit and damage boost and while temporary it has a long duration and short cooldown that makes it essentially permanent. Given all of the potential speed and damage gains here players can max this talent.
Veins_Of_The_InfernalVeins of the Infernal +% Damage dealt every 10 smithing levels With the Archer being a smithing specialist this percentage boost gets stronger every 10 smithing levels.
Sanic_SpeedSanic Speed + Base AGI (Agility)  

Agility is a small boost to damage during the early to mid game but eventually is a damage powerhouse that makes it worth obtaining after the core damage talents noted above.

RobbinghoodRobbinghood +% drop rate Improving your drop rate is a notable Archer utility to hunt rare items for your various account needs. This is a flexible talent that players can obtain earlier or later in priority order depending on your specific account objectives.

Be careful investing in this too early though as a damage focus and thus a higher number of kills is likely a better return than drop rate initially.

Smeltin'_ErrydaySmeltin’ Erryday Every kill has a chance to give instant forge progress Another unique utility talent of the Archer that allows you to improve ore smelting gains while active or AFK. While extra ore smelting might not seem critical initially in the end game of Idleon this talent is critical to acquiring sufficient ore bars for equipment and other uses.

If you find yourself short on smelting bars then you can invest in this talent earlier than listed here as this point will be account specific.

Garb_Of_Un'Agi'Ng_QualityGarb of the Un’Agi’Ing Quality +% AGI from equipment A low priority talent as equipment does not have significant stats on it that results in only small damage gains.
Hema_OverdriveHema Overdrive +% Max HP & MP With Max HP and Max MP offering boosts to base damage through the World 2 Alchemy this is another albeit small source of damage the Archer can utilise as a final damage talent.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.


  1. I just want to thank you for this tutorial, greetings !

    • I made a new archer and I wanted it to be as perfect as possible my first archer I just did whatever I wanted but that stopped it from progressing to world 2 it just couldn’t make it and it took me 2 weeks to get through the first world on my first archer but on my second archer I’m already on Forest villas and I created it 3 hours ago

  2. ive been resetting all my skillpoints thanks to your guides, ive also been working on unlocking my secret proffecion.
    i knew it was smart to keep 1 player without proffecion as i had already noticed there were still weapons for those players at level 30+
    thanks to your guides ive been progressing so much faster.

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