Idleon Barbarian Build Guide (Damage/Zow & Fishing)

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

Maximise your Barbarian damage potential and fishing prowess with these builds that optimise your fighting and skilling gains. Following on from the Warrior the Barbarian gains new attacks, fishing talents and the unique apocalypse zow that grows in power based on the number of enemies you have defeated.

With this guide and talent templates players can develop a powerful Barbarian that can help you overcome the common World 2 roadblock of having enough fish resources. This guide includes screenshots, talent summaries and detailed information on why and when to use each talent for new and intermediate Idleon players. This page should be combined with our Warrior build and other Idleon class and skill builds.

Table of Contents:
Barbarian Damage (Zow Farming) Build
Barbarian Fishing Build


Idleon Barbarian Build – Zow Damage Build

The below talent templates are designed to be an effective build for the majority of Idleon accounts although cannot consider your specific account progress that may slightly change where your talent points are best spent. For players that want to optimise every single talent point the best method is to place a small number of talent points at a time and see the impact this has on your damage, skill efficiency or AFK gains.

The Zow farming build is focused on players acquiring Apocalypse Zow stacks which requires 100,000 monster kills for a percentage damage boost. I recommend players only start focusing on Zow stacks once they hit World 3 as you unlock deathnote multikill although prior to this you can still use this as your primary damage build and slowly acquire some Zow progress. In order to check your Barbarian specific progress you can click on each monster card such as the below that shows I have 108k Mimic kills:


The talents for your Barbarian damage and Zow farming build should be prioritised as follows:


Talent Effect Notes
Bear_SwipeBear Swipe Swipe a bear claw in front of you dealing damage Given this boosts your active and AFK gains when assigned to your attack bar you’ll want to make this and Axe Hurl below a priority for any initial points. I recommend 50 initially in both talents as beyond this point you will find diminishing returns.
Axe Hurl Throws an axe dealing damage to multiple enemies As noted above place 50 talent points here before moving onto the other talents below.
Monster_DecimatorMonster Decimator % chance for a monster kill to be counted as double A key talent to reducing the time required for Zow farming this should be maxed. It also has the benefit of increasing portal kills and death note that can make the Barbarian a strong early map pusher for your account.
Apocalypse_ZowApocalypse Zow +% Damage for every monster you kill over 100,000 times. Higher levels increase the number of monster types counted The iconic Barbarian talent that turns your monster apocalypses into damage and something future class advancements will build on. The damage gain from this skill increases every 33 levels (e.g. level 33 = 3% while level 66 = 4%) so players will want to stop at level 99 for now until they can get level 132 talent levels and beyond later in Idleon progression.
No_Pain_No_GainNo Pain No Gain Reduces max HP by % and increases your damage by % while also doubling the damage you take A large potential damage boost at the cost of your maximum health and taking double damage this talent needs to be considered carefully as it may impact on your survivability (check this % in the AFK info screen). If you can survive when using this talent it is your next best source of damage as a Barbarian.
STR_SummoreSTR Summore + Max talent level for Fist of Rage Benefiting from this talent requires that players have spare talent points in the Warrior tab so this needs to be considered before investing talent points here.

If you have the points available though this is a source of STR to boost your Barbarian damage output. Players can also level this alongside Back to Basics below to obtain the talent points necessary.

Back_To_BasicsBack To Basics + Talent points for the Warrior talent tab With many useful Warrior talents and STR Summore above requiring Warrior talent points this can be a good way to acquire them.
Strongest_StatuesStrongest Statues Power, Mining and Oceanman statues give +% larger bonus With a boost to Power statues that offer base damage this is another talent that provides a small boost to damage output.
Fistful_Of_ObolFistful of Obols Obols give +% more STR Obols have low base strength values but once you’ve maxed all other talents this can be a small source of strength gain and thus damage.
Beefy_BottlesBeefy Bottles Each level of Warriors Rule bubble raises max level of CritiKill A minor damage talent that provides extra critical damage from your Warrior talents although this needs some alchemy progression (Warriors Rule bubble) beforehand.

Idleon Barbarian Build – Fishing Build

The skilling build of the Barbarian is critical to progression as fish are used for an abundance of anvil crafting recipes, alchemy, stamps. A fishing build should be on the same preset as your Warrior mining build as there are some talents that also benefit fishing like Brute Efficiency and Idle Skilling. I recommend you prioritise Barbarian talents in the following priority order for fishing:


Talent Effect Notes
Bobbin'_BobbersBobbin’ Bobbers + Minigame reward and +1 Fishing Power per point of your highscore (highscore cap increases with level) Provides a massive boost to fishing gains with only 9 talent points invested here equal in fishing power to your first Copper Rod.

Players should only level this based on their current fishing mini game highscore. For example talent level 100 provides 38 fishing power provided your highscore is at least 38. The strength of this talent also means that practicing the mini game can be a worthwhile boost to fishing.

Catching_Some_Zzz'SCatching Some ZZZ’s +% Away Gains for fishing With a simple but effect boost to away gains in fishing this is your next priority talent to maximise the return from your Barbarian fisherman’s time after building your foundation of fishing power.
Worming_UndercoverWorming Undercover +% Chance to catch fish instantly Similar to the Warrior Big Pick skill this must be placed on your attack bar and will boost your overall fishing gains.
Strongest_StatuesStrongest Statues Power, Mining and Oceanman statues give +% larger bonus Boosts your Oceanman statues that provide fishing power and obtained from the World 2 bug nests.
All_Fish_DietAll Fish Diet +% Fishing EXP Higher fishing experience means stronger fishing rods that makes this an important talent albeit the lowest priority compared to the above. If you still have spare talent points beyond this you can focus on extra strength talents (STR Summore and Fistful of Obols) or Back to Basics as noted in the damage build.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.

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