Idleon Barbarian Build Guide (Zow & Fishing)

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Idleon Barbarian Build Guide (Zow & Fishing)

Build your Barbarian for maximum damage potential or fishing with our Barbarian and fishing build guide for your newly unlocked talents. Advancing from the Warrior players can choose this class in W2 which combined with their fishing speciality makes them a staple of any Legends of Idleon account. Continuing with a specialisation in physical damage and spear like weapons the Barbarian expands your arsenal with new deadly active attacks, healing options, fishing skills and the popular meta apocalypse zow.

This guide to skilling your Barbarian is split between a starter build for those who have just unlocked the class or have not started zow farming yet and a zow build once you begin to make this a focus as it will eventually be the stronger option. This zow based build also makes the Barbarian a significantly more powerful fighter than the Squire counterpart who has a defensive focus to their talent build.

This Barbarian build guide is focused solely on the Barbarian talent tree, if you need help building your other talents refer to our warrior build or mining build articles. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.


Idleon Barbarian Build – Starter Build

Creating the best Barbarian build for your account can vary depending on your overall account progression which is why I always encourage you to place points 1 by 1 to determine what is giving you the best gains. Mechanics like the post office, alchemy, obols, family benefits and other background boosts are just some of the things that will impact on the min-max best option at any point in time. That being said the below is a good default starting position for a Barbarian to utilise and will be optimal in the majority of accounts.

idleon-barbarian-starter-buildThe skill talent for your Barbarian build should be as follows:

  • Bear Swipe: The first skill from your Barbarian talents that is an active swipe forward at enemies. Given this boosts your active and AFK gains you’ll want to make this and Axe Hurl below a priority for any points. Note that while there are no diminishing returns on points invested in Bear Swipe or Axe Hurl your Back To Basics talent may outperform in terms of AFK gains depending on your other progression. If you want a simple rule to follow I would place 1 point in both of these active skills and then experiment with the boosts to your AFK gains from a Back To Basics point and investing in the Warrior tab. Then revisit this test every 25 levels of both active skills or Back To Basics (e.g. 25, 50 and 75)
  • Axe Hurl: Your second active skill unlocked when playing as the Barbarian and you should follow the concept noted above and level it alongside Bear Swipe when these active skills are giving you the most gains (and don’t forget to equip them both on your attacks bar).
  • Back To Basics: Giving you additional points for your Warrior tab is actually surprisingly strong depending on your progression (mixture of class levels and skill levels). This is generally the case based on your strength and overall HP with investment in Strength in Numbers after the basic Warrior skills are maxed.
  • Monster Decimator: Included only for the fact that when you want to farm towards the zow build below this is a must max priority. This is because this Idleon skill boosts every monster kill for the purposes of opening portals and also effects your progress towards zow.

Idleon Barbarian Build – Zow Build

A separate build entirely for the Barbarian given it requires some initial setup to be viable for damage compared to the starter build above. If you are wondering what the key ingredient is to an Idleon zow build you just need to look at the skill description for Apocalypse Zow. This skill effectively gives you a percentage damage boost based on all the monsters you have killed 100,000 times (each commonly referred to as a zow stack in the community).

Given this high bar many players wait until they unlock W3 to start farming these zow stacks as there are mechanics that give you multi-kill and make this significantly easier and are combined with Monster Decimator noted above. Zow farming is also significantly easier when playing active compared to AFK although unless you can sit with your device means you’ll miss the money and drops from doing so. Moving into a zow build is generally a good option once you reach W3 and have farmed most of the W1 monsters up to 100k kills.

Checking how many monsters you have killed of each type is available by clicking on the monster card in your account. For example the below shows that I have 108k kills of mimics, giving me one zow stack for my trouble.

idleon-zow-farmingPlayers can earn just over two dozen stacks from W1 and W2 mobs for reference and each level of Apocalypse Now increases the maximum number of zow stacks you can utilise. Note you will still want to max this skill as the percentage damage gain increases every 33 levels (e.g. level 33 = 3% while level 66 = 4%).

There are no real secrets to farming zow stacks as a Barbarian beyond waiting for W3 as noted above. For some minor optimisation you can hunt monsters with useful cards or resource drops first as they will give you progression in other areas alongside the zow farming. If you plan to do this while AFKing then taking as much AFK gains as possible is also vital.

idleon-barbarian-zow-buildThe skill talents for your Barbarian zow build should be as follows:

  • Bear Swipe & Axe Hurl: 1 point each given these active skills boost your damage both active or AFK. You return to these later if you still have more points.
  • Apocalypse Zow: Focus on levelling this in 33 intervals so that will be 33, 66, 99 and 132 if you have the library available to increase the max level of talents.
  • Monster Decimator: If you are still farming for more 100k monster kills on certain enemies then you’ll want to keep investing points here as you push for as many zow stacks as possible. If you have all the zow stacks you can reasonably obtain then consider resetting your talents out of this skill.
  • Back To Basics: By this point of your account and Barbarian progression back to basics is likely to give you the most gains for individual talent point so max this and then look at maxing your active skills.

Idleon Barbarian Build – Fishing Build

The final build that a Barbarian is capable of is the important fishing build which is key to your broader Legends of Idleon progression given their usage in various mid game progression crafts. With this fishing guide to your build you’ll be able to reserve one of your talent presets for catching as many fish as possible. In brief fishing is similar to other skills with the Barbarian having talents that allow you to catch more fish and improve fishing experience gained in the process. Fishing can only be accessed at one of the various fishing holes to the left of the W2 town Yum-Yum Desert and each of these locations has a unique mixture of fishes across the four tiers. Using fishing accessories (line and weight) you can further modify your fishing prowess.

A Barbarian fishing build is primarily focused around your tab 3 talents but also require appropriate tab 1 and 2 talents as follows (maxed in order shown unless noted):

Tab 1: Brute Efficiency > Fist of Rage > Idle Skilling > Lucky Clover

Tab 2: Firmly Grasp It (1 point) > Absolute Unit > Firmly Grasp It (max) > Tempestuous Emotions > ‘Str’ess Tested Garb

With the above setup you’re ready to create your Barbarian fishing build with the following tab 3 talents:


  • Catching Some ZZZ’s: Boosting your away gains for fishing is a good initial priority to maximise your boost the number of fish you earn for your time away from your fisherman. Level 50 is a good initial investment as beyond that you’ll see sharp diminishing returns. Eventually though you’ll be coming back to max this talent.
  • Worming Undercover: An active skill that requires that it be on your attack bar to have effect on your fishing gains. I recommend maxing after you’ve invested the 50 points noted above as there are not significant diminishing results from this investment.
  • Bobbin’ Bobbers: As your minigame high score in fishing grows so does the power of this talent, at max level you need a game score of 38 for maximum benefit which should be relatively straight forward with practice. If your score is lower than this then limit your point investment to max your high score. For example if your high score is 21 then level 48 is the first level of this skill that has a cap of 21. After you have this maxed or points equivalent to your minigame score finishing maxing Catching Some ZZZ’s
  • All Fish Diet: Experience gained on fishing means additional talent builds for one of the other Barbarian builds shown here and also helps you progress to the higher tier of fishing rods so a worthwhile investment, albeit last of the core fishing build.
  • STR Summore / Strongest Statues: For leftover points you can invest them in strength or fishing power improving talents although the impact of these is marginal so leave these until last.

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