Idleon Beast Master Build Guide (Damage & Breeding)

Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Idleon Beast Master Build Guide (Damage & Breeding)

This Beast Master build guide gives you the information you need to design your own damage and breeding focused builds to maximise the potential of this archer elite class. As a master of everything related to beasts you’ll be able to advance to this class from the Hunter class when you reach the applicable map in World 4 (W4). Like the other elite classes with W4 skills they are a pivotal piece of progression to your overall Idleon account that requires a specialised skilling build alongside your standard fighting build to be used effectively.

While not a full Idleon breeding guide this page provides the necessary talent build to maximise breeding which is important given it is heavily time gated like many other Idleon skills and an effective build speeds up your progression dramatically. Note that given the close relationship between cooking and breeding in W4 of Legends of Idleon each requires careful optimisation to reach their combined potential. Beyond breeding the Beast Master is a master of summons that give them great area of effect power that make them deadly in active play (including Killroy’s Slaughterhouse, boss fights and the colosseum). This design when paired with the previous Hunter talents result in the Beast Master still being a popular active class although they have to compete against both the Bubonic Conjuror and Maestro for this active time.

In utilising the Beast Master build guide below you should also refer to our previous Hunter build guide. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page. Talents discussed here should be used as a reference only and can’t take into account your specific Idleon objectives and account upgrades, while these builds will be optimal for the majority of the player base some players may see better gains by making small modifications based on their account specifics.


Idleon Beast Master Damage Build

The Beast Master has a fantastic foundation as a damage dealer given the Hunter talent Looty Mc Shooty gives you a healthy amount of damage based on items discovered across your account. While the Beast Master won’t compete against the Bubonic Conjuror in terms of kills they are still viable to run active if you wish to run them given they acquire a number of active and multi-target attacks. These skills also make the Beast Master a strong candidate for active activities like boss farming, Killroy and colosseum.
idleon-beast-master-build-damageWhether you want to run active or AFK you’ll want to utilise the following talents for damage:

  • Ballista/Boar Rush/Whale Wallop/Nacho Party: If you are completing one of the active activities noted above or simply leaving the game open for your character to actively acquire experience these are the talents you’ll want to invest towards. For activities where you are actively controlling your character the Ballista in particular is a great choice with levels increasing both damage and mobs hit. If you are simply leaving your Idleon open but not actively selecting skills you’ll want to skip the Ballista though as similar to skills like Maestro’s Coin Toss or Shaman’s Crazy Concoctions it requires player interaction to use. If you’re creating an AFK build you can place a point in each but for most players they won’t add a material shift (if any) to AFK kills per hour from further investment. Players should consider testing on their account though to determine if further investment in these attack talents boosts your AFK kills on the AFK info screen.
  • Symbols Of Beyond ~g: Like the other classes of this elite tier in Idleon this is an incredible single point investment given it boosts every other skill on your character (provided you have a point invested into them). Consider placing points in the below noted skills before you invest more than a single point here though as you only get further benefit from every 20 points.
  • Adaptation Revelation: Main stat provides an additional contribution to your damage in the late game of Idleon. With the combination of flat gains (by investing talent points into the new max level of Quickness Boots in tab 1) and the percentage gain if you have a good agility base this may prove to be the largest damage boost for your Beast Master but you’ll need to consider your own account progression.
  • Animalistic Ferocity: Players can quickly reach a 1k pet level in the W4 breeding skill given this only takes around level 15 and that translates into double digit weapon power gains with this skill maxed. Depending on the weapon power currently on your account this might win out over Adaptation Revelation so you’ll need to experiment on your own account. As your breeding level grows and you achieve new high scores for pet power this also improves the weapon power provided by this talent.

Idleon Best Master Breeding Build

Breeding is your skilling speciality on the Beast Master and in practice you’ll want this build to be on one of your presets (the same one as your trapping preset) which you switch to whenever doing anything related to the breeding skill. With skills that provide huge gains over the long term and some utility you’ll be severely hurting your overall account progression if you don’t utilise a breeding build when appropriate.

idleon-beast-master-build-breedingThese important talents for the Beast Master to accelerate your breeding gains are:

  • Shining Beacon Of Egg: The most important talent in your breeding kit given it boosts experience gained when hatching your limited eggs. With your breeding level impacting your pet power and access to upgrades within the breeding system the sooner you can increase your breeding power the better for your overall account.
  • Curviture Of The Paw: With the large boost to pet power you’ll be well set to acquire higher power foragers for extra spice gains or potentially a strong pet to help you with the arena or territory battles that you face. This makes it an important skill to breeding progression after you are capitalising on experience gained with the above talent.
  • Arena Spirit: A single point here can be highly effective early on as it gives you 5 minutes for as many arena tries as you can fit into that time. Note that you need to activate this while your arena attempt is not on cooldown to get the benefit of this talent otherwise it does nothing. As you progress through breeding you’ll eventually want more points to extend that window of unlimited arena and also obtain the bonus pet damage that it passively provides.
  • Symbols Of Beyond ~g: Like your fighting build a single point here translates to multiple points across your other talents and as a result that single point is highly effective. In time when you have leftover talent points after maxing the above talents you can push this beyond the 1 point.
  • I Dream Of Peace And Egg: If you have leftover points you can invest points here and use this preset while your Beast Master is in the lab to acquire some extra eggs over time. Note that since this preset is probably also your trapping preset that Skill Ambidexterity is also a viable option for leftover points. From my experience this talent still works when your incubator is full provided you have the Rarity of the Egg upgrade unlocked.

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