Legends of Idleon Best Star Sign (Starting and Progression)

Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Legends of Idleon Best Star Sign (Starting and Progression)

In this Legends of Idleon guide players will learn what is the best starting star sign for a new account or character and the best options as you progress based on the specific activity your characters are currently focused on. Like other Idleon mechanics optimisation of star signs is a small but important piece of the puzzle to your overall account progression and is also one of the easier mechanics that the game has to offer given it is based around World 1 although players will need to progress further into the game worlds to unlock and access the most powerful stars sign options which can be changed freely.

In this guide I will cover the basics of the star sign system, the best starting star sign and the best star sign combinations based on activity which as a result means there are minor game spoilers. If you find this page useful and want Idleon assistance in other game mechanics I have curated a page for all my Idleon guides.

Table of Contents:
Star Sign Overview
Best Starting Star Sign
Best Star Sign Overall

Idleon Star Sign Basics

The star sign system in Idleon is one of many game mechanics that players can optimise to progress faster with their account and has the following features:

  • Players set an initial star sign when creating a character which can be changed later.
  • In order to change star signs or unlock new ones players must reach the telescope located at the top of the big tree in W1 (Where the Branch Ends) where they can interact with the telescope to view the constellations with your selections unique to each character. Once unlocked star signs can be changed through the quick reference menu so players do not need to constantly revisit this location.
  • Unlocking new star sign options requires players to complete specific challenges across Idleon that are found on specific game maps across the Idleon world. A full list of these challenges is available on the Idleon wiki.
  • Initially players can select only a single star sign at a time although eventually can equip up to 2 and in time a total of 3.
  • Some star signs have positive and negative effects that provide a trade off for the player when activated.
  • In World 4 players can obtain chips for the laboratory that allows you to double all of your currently equipped star signs.
  • During World 4 players players can unlock the ability to activate infinite star signs within the Rift which provides the potential for all star signs to be active at a time provided players have bred the related shiny pets in the breeding system. This also removes the negative elements of certain star signs and players can still double the activated star signs using the laboratory mechanic noted above.


Idleon Best Starting Star Sign

When players first start their Idleon account or a new character they will have the choice of 4 different star signs that each provide a boost to one of the character stats (WIS, STR, LUK and AGI) along with some small character utility. These star signs are The Book Worm (1% Class EXP Gain +3 WIS), The Buff Guy (+1% Total Damage +3 STR), The Fuzzy Dice (+3 Talent Points +3 LUK) and Flexo Bendo (+2% Movement Speed +3 AGI).

The Legends of Idleon best starting star sign is The Fuzzy Dice as this option provides 3 additional talent points that provide approximately one character level of power while the LUK also has a small boost to damage and accuracy as a beginner class before players take their first class upgrade.

Given star signs can be changed relatively early on in your Idleon account progression if you have already selected any of the other star sign options it is not a big deal with a barely noticeable impact to your account.


Idleon Best Star Sign Overall

The below Idleon best star sign recommendations are based on my experience in Legends of Idleon and are split based on the different game activities. They are listed in priority order so that players can start from the top of the list and work downwards based on the star signs you have available and how many you can equip. Given every Idleon account is different there may be slight differences in the best star sign for you based on your particular progression but these best star signs below will serve as a general guide. There are also some niche uses of particular star signs although these are more obvious and don’t have competing choices such as Trapezoidburg which is a specific boost to trapping.

As noted above in the star sign overview even after unlocking all infinite star signs your active star signs will be doubled with the appropriate laboratory chip so selecting them is still important in order to min-max your character.

AFK Skilling

When AFK Skilling players will want to acquire efficiency and skill AFK gain from star signs where applicable:

  • Dwarfo Beardus (+5% Mining Efficiency +20% Multi-Ore Chance) / Hipster Logger (+5% Chop Efficiency +20% Multi-Log Chance) / Pie Seas (5% Fishin Efficiency +20% Multi-Fish Odds) / Shoe Fly (+5% Catch Efficiency +20% Multi-Bug Chance) [Use only the star sign that relates to the resource you are skilling on if applicable]
  • Comatose Major (+4% Skill AFK Gain)
  • The OG Skiller (+5% Carry Cap +1% Skill AFK gain +2% All Skill Prowess) [Skip if capped on skill prowess which is 2.0 or higher from alchemy and meals]
  • The Big Comatose (+2% Skill AFK Gain)

AFK Fighting

For AFK fighting a focus on fight AFK gain and mob respawn will provide the best benefits although the best options are highly dependent on your account:

  • The Forsaken (-80% Total HP -50% Defence +6% Fight AFK Gain) [Only when the negative HP/defence doesn’t impact your ability to AFK at the target enemy]
  • S. Snoozer Major (+4% Fight AFK Gain)
  • Silly Snoozer (+2% Fight AFK Gain)
  • Grim Reaper Major (+4% Mob Respawn rate)
  • Grim Reaper (+2% Mob Respawn rate)

Active Fighting

In comparison to AFK fighting players will likely want to go for damage to improve your killing speed and mob respawn to respawn enemies faster although respawn does not matter if you are using a class with an active respawn ability:

  • The Bulwark (+20% Total Damage , -12% Movement Speed) [Counter the negative movement speed with green potions]
  • The Overachiever (+15% Total Damage, -7% Fight AFK Gain)
  • The Fiesty (+6% Total Damage)
  • Grim Reaper Major (+4% Mob Respawn rate)
  • Grim Reaper (+2% Mob Respawn rate)

Written by
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Idleon quickly became one of Sam’s favourite games for its MapleStory vibes and ability to idle play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the balancing and optimising of the various game mechanics across the available game worlds as he continues to push his damage and printer output to new heights.


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