Idleon Blood Berserker Build Guide (Damage & Cooking)

Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Idleon Blood Berserker Build Guide (Damage & Cooking)

Use our Blood Berserker build guide to create a deadly melee fighter and cooking expert to help progress your Idleon account. In this article we cover the basics of building the Barbarian elite class in terms of priority talents to help you achieve your Idleon goals. Spending lots of time in the kitchen the Blood Berserker can literally add hundreds of hours of cooking progress to your account in return for AFK hours spent in the World 4 (W4) town of Idleon.

Specialising in the W4 skill of cooking this advancement from the Barbarian has the talents necessary to both help you unlock new recipes and speed up your cooking gains by acquiring ladles at a rapid pace. Building further on the theme of the Barbarian Apocalypse Zow while empowering attacks with flame themed abilities this elite class is also designed with single target boss killing in mind. This Blood Berserker guide should be read in conjunction with our Barbarian build guide. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.

Like our other elite Idleon guides there are many factors to consider at this deep point of your account progression that make each account different. Accordingly this article guide should be considered as guiding principles which you need to apply your own account status and current Idleon goals.


Idleon Blood Berserker Damage Build

While damage is unlikely to be the primary use of your Blood Berserker given their kitchen prowess they are well equipped for damage in the right active circumstances (boss battles) or while AFK. This is important as like the Barbarian’s Apocalypse Zow mechanic you’ll once again need to cause devastation on all Idleon monsters with a million kills on each in order to empower your cooking skill with Apocalypse Chow. When attempting to acquire these kills as a Blood Berserker don’t forget to max Monster Decimator in the Barbarian talent tab as well.

idleon-blood-berserker-active-buildThis talent build below is focused on maximising your AFK gains to speed up your Apocalypse Chow completion:

  • Charred Skulls: The main investment for the Blood Berserker fighting build as you’ll often want these extra kills to reach towards your goal of a million kills across all monsters. If you’re using your Blood Berserker for fighting for other reasons (such as gaining class levels or obtaining rare resources) you could skip this investment though.
  • Overblown Testosterone: Working in conjunction with the above talent you’ll be able to boost your damage range and the impact of Charred Skulls with this investment while also adding somewhere for you to spend the likely abundance of tab 1 talent points you have on Fist of Rage.
  • Symbols Of Beyond ~R: Offers a fantastic return for just a single point given it boosts so many of your core talents from your current and past job advancements. This should be the first place you put a point after your elite advancement and then returning to max this after the above two are maxed.
  • Tough Steaks: Boosting weapon power this talent does offer a damage boost at the higher levels of cooking although is fairly weak to begin with and depending on your account you might even get more benefit from The Family Guy talent instead. If you have more points to spend though there are limited other options for damage boosting.
  • Fired Up/Combustion/Serrated Swipe: While these can be effective for active focused Idleon activities (such as boss fighting) Combustion and Serrated Swipe only work when Fired Up is active so these are primarily active only talents with player interaction although won’t hurt your AFK gains if assigned to your attack bar (Note that Fired Up on original elite class release was best avoided as it slowed your movement speed and thus negatively impacted your AFK gains but that has since been removed and it is now safe to have on your attack bar).

Idleon Blood Berserker Cooking Build

Like other Idleon characters the Blood Berserker is at home when contributing to your account through their specialised skill (cooking). A cooking focused build for this character is going to look to optimise efficiency which translates into higher ladles per day that can be spent to fast forward cooking time. Much of your cooking gains will actually come from cooking equipment, post office, cards and prayers though so don’t expect talents alone to deliver the gains you may have seen on past world skills.

idleon-blood-berserker-cooking-buildThe Blood Berserker also has some unique talents to give ladles additional efficiency and finish recipes which are discussed below:

  • Waiting To Cool: With a direct boost to your cooking AFK gains rate this is likely to give you the best return for talent point investment prior to completing a material portion of Apocalypse Chow so should be maxed first.
  • Overflowing Ladle: With various methods to grab a small amount of ladles such as quests and bosses being able to feed them all to your Blood Berserker for greater gains is a fantastic boost. For this reason you’ll generally want to invest points in here as a second focus to translate ladles you acquire into better cooking gains.
  • Apocalypse Chow: Once you start accumulating chow kills through AFK fighting this will start to become a potent multiplier to your cooking experience and efficiency. Being percentage based you’ll want to ensure you create a base of efficiency primarily through equipment and stamps to capitalise on the boost though.
  • Symbols Of Beyond ~R: As noted above in the damage build this talent is highly point efficient at one point which should be obtained at a minimum. Additional point investment can be considered after the above three cooking focused skills are maxed.
  • Taste Test: I’ve included this talent here to tell players to avoid investing talent points into it as the uses for this talent are limited. When activated any current new recipes across your kitchens will be completed (if they have enough fire level) and if it fails you’ll retain a percentage of the fire they had built up. In theory this sounds good but in practice your limited talent points and the massive cooldown on this talent means it provides little progression benefit. Retaining a percentage of your fire progress (50% at level 100) is actually quite weak given that your recipe attempts are most efficient after only a small amount of time has passed. For example reaching a single fire level can often only be a matter of minutes and might give you a 50% new recipe success chance while a second fire level may take hours and only boost your chance of success to 55%. As a result when attempting to unlock new recipes short attempts are more efficient and can be rapidly performed by saving up ladles to use in between attempts. If your Idleon cooking recipe attempts are more than a few hours to reach a single fire level or have a low chance of success it’s generally a good sign you should be investing in improvements instead before attempting new recipes.

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