Idleon Blood Berserker Build Guide (Damage & Cooking)

Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

This Blood Berserker build guide will give you the recipe for success when using this explosive melee fighter and cooking expert to progress your Idleon account. As a specialist in the World 4 cooking skill the Blood Berserker spends time in the town kitchen to add hundreds of hours of cooking progress with the right talents while killing millions of monsters with their high damage potential.

In this guide I provide comprehensive information about all of the Blood Berserker talents with a damage and cooking talent preset priority list for players to follow which can be adjusted based on your own specific account progression or goals. This Blood Berserker guide should be read in conjunction with our Barbarian build guide and other Idleon builds page.

Table of Contents:
Blood Berserker Damage Build
Blood Berserker Cooking Build


Idleon Blood Berserker Damage Build

While fighting won’t be the primary account contribution of the Blood Berserker they are a capable fighter for bosses and AFK with some powerful new attack talents. A combat build is also important for players as there is a cooking talent called Apocalypse Chow that builds on the Barbarian’s Apocalypse Zow to once again send players to cause devastation on all Idleon monsters with a million kills on each rewarding cooking skill efficiency.

idleon-blood-berserker-active-buildThis talent damage build below is focused on maximising your AFK gains to speed up your Apocalypse Chow completion with the following priority order:

Talent Effect Notes
Charred_SkullsCharred Skulls +% Kill per kill per 1,000 STR The main investment for the Blood Berserker fighting build as this adds extra kills to help you reach the million monster kills for Apocalypse Chow.

If your Blood Berserker has less than 1,000 strength when advancing to this elite class you may want to skip this now as the gains will be minimal.

Fired_UpFired Up Inflame yourself boosting attack speed. Basic attacks refresh inflamed time One of the Blood Berseker active talents that should be placed on your attack bar. At the elite class stage of Idleon progression attack talents have only a small impact on overall gains so I recommend only a single talent point here to unlock the use of this talent. and returning to this talent after you have maxed everything else listed below.
CombustionCombustion If Inflamed releases you fire and deals damage to monsters near you Same as above place one point here. This talent is useful for area of effect damage for active activities like bossing.
Serrated_SwipeSerrated Swipe Slash repeatedly if inflamed dealing damage to monsters Same as above place one point here.
Symbols_Of_Beyond_~rSymbols Of Beyond ~R + Level for all talents higher than level 1 (bonus increases every 20 levels) Increasing all other talents (including Warrior and Barbarian) that you have at least one talent point in this provides an all around boost to your damage and AFK gains. For every 20 talent levels invested here the level of other talents will increase by 1 automatically.
Overblown_TestosteroneOverblown Testosterone +% STR and + max talent level for Fist of Rage Providing a percentage STR gain and the potential to gain flat strength from your Warrior talent tab with spare talent points this is a notable damage and skill boost. It also feeds into Charred Skulls to help acquire large monster kill counts.
Tough_SteaksTough Steaks + Weapon power for every 10 cooking levels While weapon power is powerful early game by the time you unlock elite classes it has reduced effectiveness amongst all your other accumulated sources. Given this also scales with cooking levels which are difficult to acquire this is a low priority damage talent.
Ferocity_StrikeFerocity Strike +% chance for basic attacks to hit twice Improving your chance to hit enemies twice this is the last useful attack talent as Ember Bear is a weak upgrade and not important to invest in.

Idleon Blood Berserker Cooking Build

The Blood Berserker is a cooking specialist and with optimising your talents can provide higher cooking ladles per day, extra progress for each ladle used and the ability to instantly finish recipes. To maximise your gains players will also need to invest in post office, cards, prayers and other sources of account skill efficiency.

idleon-blood-berserker-cooking-buildFor a cooking talent build players should add the following priority order talents to their Warrior mining talent preset:

Talent Effect Notes
Overflowing_LadleOverflowing Ladle Cooking ladles used by this character give +% extra AFK time The strongest boost to your cooking output comes from boosting the time benefit that cooking ladles provide provided you use them on your Blood Berserker.

The best source of cooking ladles initially is from the World 4 colosseum which can be boosted by this talent. Other sources include quests and the mushroom mini boss on the first World 4 map.

Waiting_To_CoolWaiting To Cool +% Cooking AFK gains Boosting your AFK cooking gains will have a notable boost to your overall ladle gain.
Apocalypse_ChowApocalypse Chow +% Cooking EXP and Efficiency for every monster you kill over 1 million times. Higher levels increase the number of monster types counted As players build up their Chow stacks this will provide increasing benefits to experience and importantly efficiency for more ladles.
Symbols_Of_Beyond_~rSymbols Of Beyond ~R + Level for all talents higher than level 1 (bonus increases every 20 levels) Like with the Blood Berserker combat build this allows you to gain a few extra talent levels on all of your invested in skills to boost your gains.
Skill_StrengthenSkill Strengthen STR has a +% larger impact on Skill Efficiency. Also + STR STR scales slowly with cooking efficiency that makes this a lower priority talent although it does also boost mining and fishing gains that make it worth inclusion in your skilling preset.
Overblown_TestosteroneOverblown Testosterone +% STR and + max talent level for Fist of Rage Similar to above provides some extra STR for all of your skilling needs.
Taste_TestTaste Test Finishes all recipes but keeps % of the recipe fire When activated any new recipe attempts across your kitchens will be completed (only if they have enough fire level already) and if it fails you’ll retain a percentage of the fire they had built up.

This is the lowest priority talent of all cooking talents as it has limited effective use cases. In theory this sounds good but in practice your limited talent points and the massive cooldown on this talent means it provides little progression benefit.

Retaining a percentage of your fire progress (50% at level 100) is actually quite weak given that your recipe attempts are most efficient after only a small amount of time has passed. For example reaching a single recipe fire level can often only be a matter of minutes and might give you a 50% new recipe success chance while a second fire level may take hours and only boost your chance of success to 55%. As a result when attempting to unlock new recipes short attempts are more efficient and can be rapidly performed by saving up ladles to use in between attempts. If your Idleon cooking recipe attempts are more than a few hours to reach a single fire level or have a low chance of success it’s generally a good sign you should be investing in new recipe chance improvements instead before attempting new recipes rather than relying on this long cooldown talent.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.

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