Idleon Bowman Build Guide (Damage & Catching)

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Idleon Bowman Build Guide (Damage & Catching)

Create the strongest bowman possible with this Bowman build guide to the advanced archer class that specialises in catching bugs. While not possessing the potent raw damage output of their hunter counterpart the bowman is still an important contributor to your Legends of Idleon account and can still acquire gains and damage by investing in speed talents.

Given their specialisation in the W2 catching skill they’ll also likely be your first advancement from the archer class for your account where you’ll use them to catch the various unique bugs that Legends of Idleon has to offer and are an important ingredient for many crafts and alchemy upgrades. This also ties into the bowman being the only class that can obtain bonuses from the ‘Ol Reliable’ statues that boost catching should you invest in the associated talent.

In this build guide to the bowman class we’ll cover the common build path based on speed to maximise your afk gains with a foundation designed to be applicable to the majority of the player base given everyone Idleon player account and upgrades are different.


Idleon Bowman Build – Damage Build Guide

All builds in Idleon have some slight variation based on your account wide bonuses and the bowman is no exception to this rule. In fact this is even more pronounced on the bowman given their primary build for both active and afk play relies on hitting key movement speed milestones for the SpeedNA talent build. Reaching this and exploiting the strength of this talent often requires focused investment in statue farming with players without those bonuses having to invest stronger through talent points instead.

When in doubt experimenting with different bowman build options within your own account is the best option given the ease of gaining talent reset potions. What this guide does offer though is a starting point for the majority of players and details of why certain skills are effect to utilise in creating your own build.

idleon-bowman-buildIn choosing where to spend your talent points for a bowman build you’ll be basing it around the following skills:

  • Homing Arrows and Magic Shortbow: Unlocking two new attack skills for your ranged fighter these will see the majority of your investment early after your bowman job advancement for the boost they provide. Levelling these up evenly is the way forward with level 30 a good initial objective before moving onto SpeedNA and returning to these attack talents when you see diminishing returns in the SpeedNA talent investment on your player stat screen.
  • Extendo Rangeo: Worthy of a single point investment as a way to acquire a little extra accuracy that means you can save some points invested into STR in your first archer talent tab.
  • SpeedNA: The core of your bowman damage and build with this skill boosting your damage based on your movement speed. For every 15% movement speed gained you’ll have your damage boosted based on the number of points invested although there are diminishing returns at play with this skill. At level 100 you’ll earn yourself a ~34% boost with only 50 skill points giving you the bulk of the benefit with a ~27% boost as an example. Early on you should make 115% your goal, then as you acquire more talent points aim for 130% and finally 145% with the assistance of account sources of movement speed (such as statues) where possible.Otherwise reaching these milestones is centred around Featherweight (tab 1 talent) and Strafe (tab 2 talent). The most efficient method to acquire your first 15% is 18 Featherweight points and 8 Strafe points. From that point onwards simply place points into Strafe as it is more efficient per point and does not have diminishing returns like Featherweight does. If you reach max (100) Strafe and have not reached 45% movement speed boost then you can place more points into Featherweight. Note that 27 points total in Featherweight is required to reach this point assuming no other bonuses to movement speed.
  • Previous Points: Utilising this skill as required to reach thresholds of movement speed for SpeedNA can be worth some talent points as it allows you to move your tab 3 talent points into tab 2 Strafe instead. This can be useful if you have at least 50 points in your other skills above but still lack the movement speed required.

Idleon Bowman Build – Catching Build Guide

As a second preset build option to damage the Bowman can run a catching build to help you catch everything from fly in W2 to flycicle in W3. While not a full Idleon catching guide the below setup will be sufficient to give you the necessary foundation to farm the bugs you need for gear progression and quests. Mechanically bug catching has similarities to the basic skilling talents of W1 like mining and woodcutting with your goal to maximise your efficiency to reach higher tier bugs. Of note though is that there is the ability to earn a bug catching bonus by damaging the particular bug nest before starting.

While the Bowman only has tab 3 skills that directly impact catching your tab 1 and tab 2 skills are still important and provide some boost. These beginner and archer tabs should be invested in as follows on your catching build preset to maximise your catching efficiency.

Tab 1 build talents: Elusive Efficiency > Quickness Boots > Broken Time > Lucky Clover

Tab 2 build talents: Sanic Speed > Garb Of Un’AGI’ing Quality > Focused Soul

With the above in place it’s time to build the core of the catching build using your bowman talents as follows:


  • Sunset On The Hives: Boosting your AFK catching gains this is an obvious first choice to help you acquire your first few bugs easily to reinvest into a better catching net and larger bug capacity bag. Like similar skills on other classes beyond level 50 you’ll see a serious drop off in benefit so I recommend starting with 50 and then going to 100 after you’ve maxed Briar Patch Runner following the order below.
  • Teleki’net’ic Logs: Boosted by oak logs which are the easiest chopping resource to acquire this is likely to offer you a bigger gain that Briar Patch Runner and should be maxed next. Getting your mage to farm oak logs up to 10k or even 100k can be a worthwhile investment when you max this skill for a large boost to catching.
  • Briar Patch Runner: With all the agility you’ll likely have at this point of your progression through talents and other means like alchemy it’s time to turn that into catching benefits by maxing this skill which has no diminishing returns per point spent.
  • Bug Enthusiast: if you need experience in catching to push higher equipment or to earn more talent points you can look to invest in bug enthusiast at this point. If experience isn’t valuable to your Bowman right now though then consider skipping this entirely.
  • Previous Points / Shwifty Statues / AGI Again: Whichever of these is going to give you the best agility gain any remaining points for your catching build can be invested here.

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