Idleon Bubonic Conjuror Build Guide (AFK, Active & Lab)

Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

Optimise the Bubonic Conjuror with this build guide for active combat and World 4 laboratory progression. Building on the chemical and poison theme of the previous class players will find this elite class has unique area of effect and active talents that make it a popular character for your account. While the Bubonic Conjuror (or Bubo) is a specialist of the laboratory skill with talents to share experience gained with other characters they also provide a notable boost to the critical alchemy skill.

With these talent builds for combat (AFK and active) and skilling players will maximise the potential of this elite class based on my thousands of Idleon hours. It includes information on all the priority talents, detailed guidance on when to use them and my recommended attack bar for active combat. This guide should be combined with our Mage build, Shaman build and other Idleon builds page.

Table of Contents:
Bubonic Conjuror AFK/Active Build
Bubonic Conjuror Lab Build


Idleon Bubonic Conjuror Build – AFK/Active Build

While you will use the Bubo for AFK combat they are a specialist at active combat gameplay and were the first elite class in Idleon to feature a monster revive mechanic. Active combat gameplay requires players to have Idleon open and the auto attack function on which allows players to leverage the Bubo’s Raise Dead skill to kill monsters rapidly for crystal monsters, alchemy progression (using Shaman’s Cranium Cooking) and generally high loot or experience gains.

The core of the Bubo active build is:

  • Kill monsters as quickly as possible with your Shaman and Bubonic Conjuror area of effect skills.
  • Refresh the cooldown of your abilities with the Shaman talent Tenteyecle which has a chance to activate on monster kill.
  • Use Raise Dead to resurrect monsters.

Players should setup their active talent bar with only the following talents in the exact same order when using the Bubo initially. This ensures the game prioritises casting Raise Dead when available and limits slower active talents while ensuring sufficient damage. As you progress your damage and push max talent levels beyond 200 players can reduce these talents to only Raise Dead, Flatulent Spirit, Auspicious Aura and Cranium Cooking based on experimentation with their own account progress.


Talent points for the Bubonic Conjuror should be prioritised as follows:

Talent Effect Notes
Symbols_Of_Beyond_~pSymbols Of Beyond ~p + Level for all talents higher than level 1 (bonus increases every 20 levels) A unique talent that boosts the talent level of all other talents that have at least one talent point invested. Placing a single point here as soon as you advance to the Bubonic Conjuror is highly effective and further points can be added as you consider necessary factoring in the other priority talents below.
Raise_DeadRaise Dead Respawns all monsters with increased distance per level This talent is required to enable active Bubo gameplay and accordingly a priority. Each talent level increases the area around the character that monsters are revived so this doesn’t need to be maxed and can be levelled based on the specific map you plan to be active on. For some smaller maps this can be as low as 50 while other maps will require level 100 or beyond so needs to be tested by yourself.
Chemical_WarfareChemical Warfare Drop poison canisters around you that deal damage The primary attack of the active Bubo initially this spreads poison across an entire map and constantly ticks damage on enemy monsters. Maxing this talent is important as it increases the damage and duration.
Flatulent_SpiritFlatulent Spirit Summons a far cloud to deal damage A strong supportive attack talent and as your Bubo reaches high levels of damage can solely be relied upon.  Like Chemical Warfare additional talent points are important for damage and duration.
Utmost_IntellectUtmost Intellect +% WIS and + max talent level for Book of the Wise As our main damage stat this flat and percentage boost to wisdom is a notable damage boost after obtaining the core attack talents.
Wired_In_PowerWired In Power + Weapon power for every 10 lab levels With the Bubo able to acquire a lab levels faster than any other class this allows them to be converted into weapon power and grows in power alongside your laboratory progression
Memorial_SkullsMemorial Skulls +% Kill per kill per 1,000 WIS Turning all your wisdom acquired into extra kills this is a useful talent for pushing new maps as it reduces the number of kills required to progress. This kills are also useful in pushing the World 3 Deathnote tiers.
Skill_WizSkill Wiz WIS has a +% larger impact on Skill Efficiency. Also + WIS The final damage boosting talent available to the Bubo this small boost to wisdom is the smallest damage source available and thus the lowest priority of all talents.

Idleon Bubonic Conjuror Build – Lab Build

The Idleon laboratory is a World 4 mechanic that provides various unique and powerful bonuses for every character that is uploaded and connected to nodes or jewels. Levels in the lab skill are important for all characters in your account as it unlock slots for chips that give bonuses to characters outside of the lab while also increasing the length of their lab line width to create longer lab connections. While cycling characters through the lab is an option to get a base amount of lab levels on all characters the Bubonic Conjuror has a talent that can help improve lab levels for those outside the lab at a reduced experience rate.

idleon-bubonic-conjuror-lab-buildWhile your lab goals will vary over time the Bubonic Conjuror has all the necessary tools to maximise this skill with the following priority talents that should be placed on your chopping/alchemy preset:

Talent Effect Notes
Green_TubeGreen Tube Players to the left of you in lab get +% lab experience Lab levels are your priority for this World 4 skill as it boosts both lab line width and unlocks chip slots. By placing the Bubo to the far right of your lab you’ll be able to buff experience gained by all other lab characters to push levels.
Upload_SquaredUpload Squared +% Lab experience and efficiency for this character only With Green Tube above boosting the gains of multiple characters players should now invest into the Bubo’s experience gains with this talent. Lab efficiency also improves experience gain that allows the Bubo to acquire high level numbers.
Essence_TransferralEssence Transferral % Experience earned by this character is given to the lowest lab level character Following the foundation of Bubo efficiency and experience from Upload Squared players can now share these gains with their other characters. This skill always directs the experience towards the lowest lab level which allows you to level characters that have higher priorities than sitting in your World 4 town lab.
Symbols_Of_Beyond_~pSymbols Of Beyond ~p + Level for all talents higher than level 1 (bonus increases every 20 levels) Similar to the Bubo combat build this talent is useful for boosting every talent on your preset that makes it an important addition to your lab build to gain a little extra experience gain.
Skill_WizSkill Wiz WIS has a +% larger impact on Skill Efficiency. Also + WIS Wisdom has a moderate impact to your lab efficiency and can potentially push players into higher lab tiers on their Bubo for better lab experience gains to share with other characters.
Utmost_IntellectUtmost Intellect +% WIS and + max talent level for Book of the Wise The final potential boost to lab gains through the wisdom it provides.
Purple_TubePurple Tube Players to the right of you in lab get +% lab line width Lab line width is best increased through actual lab levels that makes this a lower priority although still provides some additional flexibility to how you setup your lab. If you feel line width is holding back your progression you can consider prioritising this earlier.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.

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