Idleon Bubonic Conjuror Build Guide (AFK, Active & Lab)

Last Updated on August 16, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Idleon Bubonic Conjuror Build Guide (AFK, Active & Lab)

In this Bubonic Conjuror build guide we discuss the powerful active build and how to utilise this elite class to power up your character level and laboratory progression. Building on the chemical and poison fantasy of the class before it the Bubonic Conjuror brings a range of area of effect talents that make them deadly in combat but also an effective lab character. Combined with Raise Dead and some other talents you have a deadly active character that can clear an entire map before raising all the monsters from the dead to repeat the process again.

In terms of skills the Bubonic Conjuror is a specialist of the W4 lab mechanic and like other Idleon skills they have a range of talents that aim to increase their own effectiveness. Uniquely these talents also help your other characters with their lab progression which makes a high level Bubonic Conjuror a must to boost your overall account progression. In this guide to the poison themed elite class we will explore AFK, active and lab based talent build guides which should be combined with our mage and shaman builds. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.

By the time players are able to reach the Bubonic Conjuror advancement you’ll likely have a significantly different Idleon account to another player based on your decisions and upgrades made through the previous worlds. For this reason this Idleon build guide to the Bubonic Conjuror serves as guiding principles to design your build and it cannot account for your specific Idleon account circumstances.


Idleon Bubonic Conjuror Build – AFK/Active Build

While you can play the Bubonic Conjuror as an AFK character this is far from the most powerful build option when you unlock this class. An AFK build should be used when you are unable to play active (keeping the game open and Auto on) and are seeking to gain some class levels for more talent points to empower your active or lab based build further. Given the significant overlap in talent point focus areas between AFK and active builds I will be detailing the best active build below which can also serve as your AFK build and then leaves the remaining talent preset for your Bubonic Conjuror lab build.

The core of the active build is as follows:

  • Kill monsters as quickly and efficiently as possible with your area of effect skills.
  • Refresh the cooldown of your abilities (including Raise Dead) utilising the Shaman talent Tenteyecle which has a chance to activate on monster kill.
  • Use Raise Dead to resurrect monsters.
  • Repeat the above steps for large amounts of experience and loot.
  • Players can also invest spare talent points in the Shaman’s Cranium Cooking skill (and equip the associated large alchemy bubble) to gain alchemy progress while playing actively. At higher levels you may need to even activate the Viaduct of the Gods in the laboratory to not waste any accumulated alchemy liquid depending on how long you plan to play actively without checking on your progress.

Because of this loop players should ensure they have Tenteyecle (Shaman talent) at the highest level possible by using the talent book library in World 3. You will also want to setup your active talent bar as follows, this is important as it ensures the game prioritises casting Raise Dead when available and limits use of slower active talents from your past mage classes. Note that Sizzling Skull and Auspicious Aura are optional and should be included when you need the extra damage (particularly for crystal monsters that spawn while playing active).

idleon-active-bubonic-conjuror-hotbarWith that in mind your priorities for the Bubonic Conjuror build are to maximise your damage output. This makes for a relatively simple talent build focus as follows:

  • Raise Dead: Serving as the key element of this build you’ll want to max this as soon as possible with each level increasing the pixel range of the map that is impacted.
  • Chemical Warfare/Flatulent Spirit: Your primary attack talents in the Bubonic Conjuror talent window you’ll want to invest heavily in these to ensure quick kills on monsters to trigger your cooldown refreshes when playing actively. When first starting out as a Bubonic Conjuror you likely won’t have enough points to max both skills so split your points between them. Note that Chemical Warfare has slow damage and duration scaling compared to Flatulent Spirit although Chemical Warfare is vital to covering the map with poison clouds and the basis of your damage while Spirit is more useful for killing crystal monsters quickly. This is a situation where you need to consider your current map and damage when assigning points between these talents, for example if you can kill enemies on a particular map with two ticks of poison from Chemical Warfare you may find further talent points are not sufficient to reduce this to 1 tick of damage but additional points in Flatulent Spirit could help you if crystal monsters are proving difficult.
  • Symbols Of Beyond ~p: Provides a huge return on investment with a single point giving you an extra point to every other skill that you have invested at least one talent point into (including past classes). For this reason a single point is hard to pass up in your talent build and can even be the very first point you spend following your Bubonic Conjuror elite class promotion. Beyond this you’ll benefit every 20 levels so is only useful if you have enough talent points to reach the next tier.
  • Utmost Intellect/Wired In Power: For remaining points you’ll want to look towards Utmost Intellect or Wired In Power for more damage with the most effective for your account depending on a range of factors such as your total wisdom, weapon power and lab level. For this reason you should test with your own character when you reach this point.
  • Memorial Skulls: If pushing to new maps is part of your goal this can help you overcome some of the large monster numbers required in the end game maps of Idleon although only something to consider above the above skills.

Idleon Bubonic Conjuror Build – Lab Build

The Idleon laboratory is a W4 mechanic that provides various unique powerful bonuses for every character that is uploaded to it and connected to nodes or jewels. Levels in the lab also unlock slots for chips that give bonuses to characters outside of the lab and are similarly unique and powerful additions to your characters. While cycling characters through the lab is an option to get a base amount of lab levels on all characters the Bubonic Conjuror has a talent that can help improve lab levels for those outside the lab at a reduced rate.

idleon-bubonic-conjuror-lab-buildWhile your lab goals will vary over time the Bubonic Conjuror has all the necessary tools to maximise this W4 skill with the following talents:

  • Purple Tube/Green Tube: If your current lab objective is to boost lab levels for other characters you’ll want to utilise Green Tube and ensure your Bubonic Conjuror is positioned as the right most character in the lab mainframe board. This is likely the colour tube you’ll use the vast majority of the time as boosting lab experience on all your characters to unlock new chip slots and their lab range is definitely a priority. I don’t recommend using Purple Tube regularly as while its useful to reach areas in the lab you may not be able to reach otherwise you will be missing out on Green Tube which with a little bit of patience will allow your lab characters to level up faster to reach the lab pixel width you needed the Purple Tube for. Even your lab end game should not use this talent as you can rely on high level characters instead to reach your intended lab nodes and jewels.
  • Essence Transferral: A fantastic lab talent that allows you to gift any of your characters some of your lab experience. This applies to your lowest lab level of all characters regardless of whether they themselves are uploaded in the lab or not. This makes it a great method to give your primary fighting characters some lab levels without having to place them in the lab and give up those fighting AFK hours.
  • Upload Squared: Powering up your Bubonic Conjuror means more experience for the power of Essence Transferral and is your primary experience and efficiency boost for your character that makes it an obvious talent to acquire in a lab based build.
  • Symbols Of Beyond ~p: As noted above in the active/AFK build 1 point here is highly effective and this is where you’ll want to spend any remaining points to power up your selected lab talents.

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