Idleon Builds Guide – Classes & Skills – Idleon Companion Alternative

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Idleon Builds Guide – Classes & Skills – Idleon Companion Alternative

Explore Idleon builds for all classes and skills with our collection of Idleon guides and Idleon Companion alternative. Covering every class and skill on offer in Idleon MMO these guide articles equip you with the appropriate knowledge to build your own powerful characters and in turn progress your account towards the end game.

Serving as a directory to other Games Finder Legends of Idleon builds and Idleon guide pages this article also details the considerations to creating your own character builds for your specific objectives which can change as you advance through the various game worlds and unlock new mechanics. It’s also intended to serve as an alternative to Idleon Companion which was a highly active and regularly updated source of game information during the early days of Idleon although is no longer updated for game changes and updates.


Idleon Builds Directory

The below is a directory of all our class builds and other guides that go into specific detail on each class and their specialised skill arranged by their main class stat (LUK, STR, AGI and WIS). Each class guide also covers that class specific skill that they specialise in (e.g. fishing for the Barbarian). For information on general principles for designing your own Legends of Idleon best build refer to the end of this article.

idleon-journeyman-iconJourneyman idleon-mining-iconMining idleon-smithing-iconSmithing idleon-chopping-iconChopping
idleon-voidwalker-iconMaestro idleon-warrior-iconWarrior idleon-archer-iconArcher idleon-mage-iconMage
idleon-voidwalker-iconVoidwalker idleon-barbarian-iconBarbarian/Fishing idleon-bowman-iconBowman/Catching idleon-shaman-iconShaman/Alchemy
idleon-squire-iconSquire/Construction idleon-hunter-iconHunter/Trapping idleon-wizard-iconWizard/Worship
idleon-blood-berserker-iconBlood Berserker/Cooking idleon-siege-breaker-iconSiege Breaker/Sailing idleon-bubonic-conjuror-iconBubonic Conjuror/Lab
idleon-divine-knight-iconDivine Knight/Gaming idleon-beast-master-iconBeast Master/Breeding idleon-elemental-sorcerer-iconElemental Sorcerer/Divinity

Our other Idleon builds and Idleon guides available are:

Idleon Builds For Classes & Skills Overview

While it can be good to have references like our above guides to direct your Idleon builds and serve as a beginner guide the better solution is to be able to understand the basic mechanics of Idleon and in turn be able to adjust the builds to your own game account specifics and current goals. This is important as early on you’ll simply not have enough talent points to maximise all the important talents and need to regularly make decisions where to spend them to maximise your gains given your specific account.

The absolute perfect min-max place to invest your talents points in Idleon is a constantly shifting benchmark as you factor in the likes of your character level, alchemy, equipment, cards and other account specifics. While some dedicated players may seek to calculate this the vast majority of Idleon players will be able to follow some general principles in designing their build to achieve nearly the same level of gains with significantly less effort which are discussed below.

In Idleon your character talent build will broadly fall into three categories and you’ll want to use the two talent presets that are available (unlocked at character level 30) to be able to quickly switch between your current character focus as necessary. Don’t forget that a build goes beyond talent points alone though and if you plan to truly optimise your gains you need to change things like your equipment, food, cards, card sets, star signs, large alchemy bubbles and prayers.

These broad categories of builds are discussed below and will vary based on your specific objectives for each character at a point in time:

Skilling Idleon Builds

Skilling builds are focused on maximising your skilling gains (Idleon efficiency) which primarily come in the form of resources like ore, wood or bugs and experience in that specific skill. These don’t always go together though and sometimes you might want to maximise efficiency for resource gain at the cost of experience and vice versa depending on what you need for your goals.

While each skill is different each class has Idleon talents that can boost their AFK gains in specialised skills that are always a priority and closely followed by efficiency or experience boosts depending on your goals. While early on in your Idleon adventure you will often want a balance of efficiency and experience (as experience gained means more levels for better skilling equipment and talent points) there are situations later where you actually don’t want or care about experience gain and simply want to maximise resources instead. The most obvious example of this is the W3 printer mechanic where resource gains are able to be snapshotted and printed from a machine without a character assigned to gather the resources. Players should also keep an eye out for talents that increase your resource gains in other ways, mining on warriors for example offers additional mining power for your tools (tool proficiency) and multi resource gains (motherlode miner).

AFK Idleon Builds

Your primary fighting build for fighting monsters while AFK, the focus of these builds leans heavily towards optimising damage for more kills which results in greater experience and monster drops that are the main reason to fight enemies in Idleon. The first step of this process is ensuring you have 100% accuracy for the mob you are intending to fight given this has a large impact on any gains. If you can’t reach at least 95% return to a previous map and follow our accuracy guide linked above to obtain additional accuracy sources first. After this similar to skilling you’ll want to maximise AFK fighting gains which each class offers in some form through their talents.

From here on maximising your AFK gains is complex and based on your own account specifics of progression but generally you’ll want to obtain at least 1 point in your attacking talents (these have a pointed top left corner in the talent screen) and assign them to your attack bar. Early game you will likely need around 25-50 points in these active talents while later game you actually need less investment in attack talents as your damage simply out scales most caps that maps have on base kills so extra points might no longer contribute to your potential gains. You can test this for yourself by slowly adding extra points into these active attack talents and see if there are benefits to your AFK kills in the AFK Info screen.

Following this you’ll want to invest in talents that impact weapon power, the main stat for your class and then utility talents such as drop chance, health/mana or speed. Note that weapon power is highly effective early game although has diminishing returns to the point that your class main stat becomes more powerful so you will need to experiment with your own character progression.

Active Idleon Builds

An alterative fighting build for when you intend to play your character actively for things like farming crystal monsters, giants or maximising experience gained.

In Idleon this means using the Auto feature while keeping the game open and allowing your character to actively attack monsters rather than rely on AFK gains. Only one character can be active at a time with this mechanic and while it is possible on a mobile phone it is more suited to computer Idleon players. Players should either regularly check on the game or consider purchasing the auto-loot mechanic ($5) to prevent the game lagging and potentially crashing due to the amount of loot that accumulates on the ground. Note that in Idleon coins on the ground disappear after 20 minutes and other loot drops after an 1 hour.

Popular active classes in Idleon are currently:

  • Maestro: For their drop rate and crystal talents that make them ideal for farming rare drops, post office pens and crystal cards.
  • Bubonic Conjuror: For their Raise Dead talent and massive area of effect abilities that allow them to kill mobs to acquire experience and drops at a rapid pace. Also can generate large quantities of alchemy liquid with Cranium Cooking.
  • Divine Knight: For their boost to experience and drop rate while Orb of Remembrance is active which also provides permanent bonuses to printer output for all characters based on kills while it is active. They also have the ability to revive monsters with Divine Intervention to acquire kills quickly when active although their talent designs are only suited to smaller maps.
  • Siege Breaker: For their ability to spawn Plunderous Mobs which triggers enemy monsters to respawn at a rapid pace while building up permanent account stacks that boost the drop rate of all your character accounts. With a range of area of effect and high range attacks they are suited to a diverse list of maps.
  • Elemental Sorcerer: For their ability to summon monsters from another dimension which provide wormhole kills for damage bonuses for the rest of your account. Their multikill bonus in their Wizard talents also allows them to obtain basic monster drops at a rapid pace when active or AFK.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon quickly became one of Sam’s favourite games for its MapleStory vibes and ability to idle play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the balancing and optimising of the various game mechanics across the available game worlds as he continues to push his damage and printer output to new heights.

  1. AWESOME GUIDE THANK YOU SO MUCH BROTHER! The amount of skill resets I’ve wasted is terrifying but as a passionate enjoyer of optimalising my character’s damage I am so grateful for this guide. Thank you for your hard work, you earned yourself a fan and a frequent reader of your guides! : )

  2. Same as the Guy over me said, nice one and Thank you for your work ✌🏻

  3. Dude!! this guide helps a lot, thank you for that. Just one question: Which would be the best class/classes AFK mode?

    • Hi Miguel

      Glad you found it useful! You have to remember that every character in Idleon has its purpose to your account and so they should all be AFK fighting at some point to gain enough levels and talent points to be useful at other activities (such as skilling).

      Generally you’ll find that your Barbarian class is your best AFK character early on as they have some good sources of easy damage boosts (such as the Zow skill) and their weapons are slightly easier to make overall so you can keep them well equipped. Once you build up alchemy and stamps (the main damage boosts for mages) I found both the Shaman and Wizard pretty deadly for a time in my account.

      At the super late stages of the game and your account progress though the Bowman subclass is definitely the favourite and currently the strongest because their damage boosts (speed and smithing levels) are uncapped compared to other classes and so can often be pushed further because of this although this takes a lot of effort to reach that point.

      This may all change when the next world (World 5) is released though!

      Games Finder Team

  4. This has gotta be the single best resource on IdleOn other than the Wiki. Hopefully someone over there links to this instead of the Companion.

    • Thanks Voya! I’m glad they have proven useful, I’ve really enjoyed playing Idleon for the past 2 years and excited to share all of that knowledge with new players

      Games Finder Admin


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