Idleon Chopping Build Guide – Woodcutting Efficiency

Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

Optimise your woodcutting gains in Idleon with this comprehensive chopping build guide to ensure you can harvest every available tree log and leaf. Used in equipment, alchemy, stamps and other upgrade mechanics these are a core resource alongside mining and smithing for your Idleon account progression. Including a mage chopping build and other sources of efficiency like gear, cards, alchemy players will have a checklist of potential optimisations on this page.

Focused on mechanics up to and including World 3 this guide provides the foundation of chopping efficiency for new and intermediate Idleon players. Beyond this point your chopping gains will continue to climb naturally though with a wealth of general skill efficiency gains in future worlds. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.

Table of Contents:
Chopping Talents (Mage, Wizard/Shaman & Special)
Chopping Gear
Chopping Cards
Chopping Alchemy
Other Chopping Build Optimisations

Chopping Build Talents (Mage, Shaman and Wizard)

Mage talents are fundamental to a successful chopping build and provide the base for your efficiency gains in the early game. They should be utilised as follows in approximate order of priority for tab 1 and tab 2 talents:

Talent Effect Notes
Smart_EfficiencySmart Efficiency Increases skill efficiency The primary skill for chopping efficiency that offers a large percentage increase.
Active_Afk'ErActive AFK’er Increased skilling AFK gains Boosts log gain and experience while AFK.
Log_On_LogsLog On Logs Trees drop % more logs A notable increase to log drops this talent needs to be placed on your attack bar.
Leaf_ThiefLeaf Thief +% Chopping efficiency per power of 10 Grass Leaves in storage A boost to your efficiency that encourages players to farm grass leaves from the W1 trees to maximise these gains.
Deforesting_All_DoubtDeforesting All Doubt Wisdom has a +% higher effect on chopping efficiency Improves the rate of efficiency that wisdom provides to turn your increasing stat into powerful gains.
Mana_OverdriveMana Overdrive Increases MP %  An alchemy bubble unlocked in World 2 turns your MP into chopping efficiency which this percentage boost improves.
Mana_BoosterMana Booster Increases MP  Same as above but this is a flat increase to MP.
Inner_PeaceInner Peace Increases chopping experience gained Boosts experience gained to improve your chopping levels to equip stronger hatchet tools.
Individual_InsightIndividual Insight Increases wisdom A small boost to chopping by increasing your wisdom.
Book_Of_The_WiseBook of the Wise Increases wisdom Same as above.

Tab 3 skills for either Shaman or Wizard should be considered as follows:

Talent Effect Notes
Stupendous_StatuesStaring_StatuesStupendous/Staring Statues Increases effect of statues Boosts the benefit of chopping statues that you have accumulated to date that provide chopping power.
WIS_WumboWIS Wumbo Increases wisdom Another source of wisdom to obtain.
Occult_ObolsOccult Obols Increases wisdom from obols Improves the wisdom gained from obols which is generally quite small and a low priority talent.
Earlier_EducationEarlier Education Gives extra talent points for the Mage tab (tab 2) If you need extra talent points in the previous tab this can help you max some of the stronger chopping talents above.

Special Talents should be considered as follows:

Talent Effect Notes
Tick_TockTick Tock Increases away gains for fighting and skilling The best special talent for away gains and should be maxed first as it can be difficult to obtain this statistic elsewhere.
SupersourceSupersource Increases base efficiency for all skills Available through Party Dungeons this flat boost to your efficiency can be used to help you push early into Iron or Gold ore. Beyond this point it can still help when boosted by % chopping efficiency.
Action_FrenzyAction Frenzy Increases speed for all skills. Also from Party Dungeons this skill increases your skilling speed for mining which is great for resources and also earning some of the important cards to boost your chopping even further.
Frothy_MalkFrothy Malk Boost foods give higher bonuses While not effective early game to boost chopping gains as you progress into W2 and W3 you’ll likely be focused on boost foods and potions to push chopping gains further which this skill improves.
Toilet_Paper_PostageToiler Paper Postage Stamps giving skill efficiency have higher bonuses As your stamps reach higher levels this can be a notable boost although before this is not particular powerful.
Rando_Event_LootyRando Event Looty Increased AFK gains rate A small boost to AFK gains depending on your luck at random event loot.
Dummy_Thicc_StatsDummy Thicc Stats % all stat A small boost to stat as WIS boosts your mining gains that grows increasingly powerful as your account grows.
Will_Of_The_EldestWill Of The Eldest Extra base stat Place enough points in this skill to match your highest level character divided by 10. For example if you have a level 73 character you want to place 7 points for a small WIS boost.


Chopping Gear

While talents provide a foundation there are some large boosts available by optimising your equipment choices. As a priority players should always ensure they have the best hatchet they can currently craft which requires players to harvest increasingly difficult log types from the various Idleon trees.

Equipment (Slot) Effect Notes
Stump_PropStump Prop (Helmet) 5% Chopping Efficiency
+5 Chopping Power
Woodsman (W1 Spore Meadows) quest line
Furled_RobesFurled Robes (Shirt) 10% Chopping Efficiency Anvil craft
Bleached_Designer_Wode_Patch_PantsBleached Designer Wode Patch Pants (Pants) 5% Chopping Efficiency Anvil craft (recipe dropped by Wode Board)
Logger_HeelsLogger Heels (Shoes) 20% Chopping Efficiency Anvil craft, can be upgraded to Fiberous Footings (35% chopping efficiency)
Persephones_BouquetPersephones Bouquet (Pendant) 15% Skill Afk Gain Party Dungeons
Serrated_Rex_RingSerrated Rex Ring (Rings) 8% Skill Efficiency Party Dungeons (Rex Ring) then Baba Yaga drop for upgraded version
Gilded_Efaunt_Dislodged_TusksGilded Efaunt Dislodged Tusks (Cape) 10% Skill Efficiency Gilded Efaunt (W2 Nightmare boss)
Blunder_HeroBlunder Hero (Trophy) 3% Skill Afk Gain Scripticus (W1 town) quest line
King_of_FoodKing of Food (Trophy) 20% Food Effect Picnic Stowaway (W1 Froggy Fields) quest line
Time_Candy_ChainTime Candy Keychain (Keychain) 2-5% All Afk Gain Party Dungeons Tier 3 keychain


Chopping Cards

Cards in Idleon add a notable boost to skilling and chopping is no exception with a number of log cards providing efficiency, speed and chopping away gains. Players can also activate the “Easy Resources” card set for a notable skill efficiency boost. The primary cards available up to World 3 are below and if you have remaining card slots available players can fill them with chopping experience, wisdom or MP.

Card Effect
50px-Bleach_Logs_CardBleach Logs % Total Chopping Efficiency
50px-Tropilogs_CardTropilogs % Chopping Away Gains
50px-Potty_Rolls_CardPotty Rolls % Chopping Speed
50px-Tundra_Logs_CardTundra Logs % Chopping Away Gains
50px-Wispy_Lumber_CardWispy Lumber % Chopping Speed
50px-Bunny_CardBunny % Skill AFK gain rate
50px-Amarok_CardAmarok % Skill AFK gain rate


Chopping Alchemy

The final critical piece of your core chopping build is alchemy where you will find a number of chopping boosts that start small but have a notable impact over time. The majority of these are located in the purple High-IQ Cauldron with my recommended priority order for bubbles to invest in:

Alchemy Bubble (Number) Effect Upgrade Material
36px-PurpleBubble4Molto Loggo (Purple #4) Increase multi-log chance (must be equipped) 36px-Iron_BarIron Bar
36px-PurpleBubble7Le Brain Tools (Purple #7) Hatchets give more skilling power 36px-Sentient_CerealSentient Cereal
36px-PurpleBubble3Hocus Choppus (Purple #3) Boosts chopping efficiency based on max MP 36px-Trusty_NailsTrusty Nails
36px-PurpleBubble2Mage Is Best (Purple #2) Purple passive bubbles give higher bonuses 36px-Spore_CapSpore Cap
36px-YellowBubble5Prowesessary (Yellow #5) Lowers efficiency requirements for skilling quantity drop multipliers 36px-Potty_RollsPotty Rolls
36px-PurpleBubble1Stable Jenius (Purple #1) Total wisdom (WIS) 36px-Bleach_LogsBleach Logs

For alchemy vials that boost chopping players will want to unlock the Tundra Logs vial that increases chopping efficiency.

Other Chopping Build Optimisation

If the above core build for chopping trees isn’t enough to reach your efficiency goals you’ll have to add in some extra optimisation sources from this section. While these do provide efficiency I don’t consider them a priority as the gains you can obtain here are smaller. Players should still work on these though only after you have pushed the core boosts above and includes the following:


Chopping Star Signs

Star signs in Idleon provide a simple boost and depending on your current on your progression through the available star signs I recommend the following:

  • Hipster Logger (+5% Chop Efficiency +20% Multi-Log Chance)
  • The Big Comatose (+2% Skill AFK Gain)
  • The OG Killer (+5% Carry Cap +1% Skill AFK gain +2% All Skill Prowess)


Chopping Food

Food offers little in terms of woodcutting gains as there is no golden food or mana boosting potion available in comparison to mining that has a number of food optimisations. The foods that are available will boost your chopping speed though:

Food Item Effect Source
Saucy_LogfriesSaucy Logfries Increases Chopping Speed by 15% Anvil
Chogg_NogChogg Nogg Increases Chopping Speed by 25% Event


Chopping Statues

Statues are straight forward for chopping with one direct option and one that provides an indirect boost to your gains and should be redeemed on your primary chopping character. Note that there is an item available in World 2 that will allow all your characters to share statue progress.

Statue Effect Source
Lumberbob_StatueLumberbob Statue Increases Chopping Power Crystal Monsters & Ore Veins
Feasty_StatueFeasty Statue Increases Food Bonuses  Crystal Monsters


Chopping Stamps

There are several stamps available that provide various chopping boosts with the key ones noted below. Players can also gain small benefits from the MP and wisdom stamps although these are not a priority for chopping specific gains.

Stamp (Tab) Effect Source Resource
Hatchet_StampHatchet (Skills) Chopping Efficiency Mr Pigibank Thread
Duplogs_StampDuplogs (Skills) Multi-log Chance Frost Flake (W3 Mob) Militia Helm
Swag_Swingy_Tool_StampSwag Swingy Tool (Skills) Chopping Efficiency Thermister (W3 Mob) Copper Pickaxe
Potion_StampPotion Stamp (Misc) Food Effect Papua Piggea Quest Icing Ironbite


Chopping Build Post Office

The post office has many competing priorities for progression so players should limit their post office box investment to their main chopping character only initially with a focus on the following:

Box Effect
50px-Chop_ShipmentTaped Up Timber +% Chopping Efficiency
+% Prowess Effect
+% Chopping AFK Gains
50px-Mana_ShipmentMagician Starter Pack + Base Max MP
+% Max MP
50px-Food_ShipmentCarepack From Mum +% Boost Food Effect

Chopping Build Obols

Obols provide another small source of chopping gains and can be placed in both the personal and family pages to maximise gains. Chopping obols are only available from the alchemy liquid shop though so it can take a significant amount of time to acquire full sets. Prior to this point players can use any wisdom obols they have acquired for a small chopping boost.


Chopping Build Shrines

There is only a single shrine from World 3 that provides a small potential increase in chopping by boosting all AFK gains. Given this is the last shrine though it will take some progress through World 3 before it becomes available.

Shrine Effect
Primordial_ShrinePrimordial Shrine Increases AFK gain


Chopping Build Prayers

Two prayers are available to boost chopping gains with Skilled Dimwit being one of the first prayers that players obtain and is relatively easy to level up as well.

Prayer Effect Source
Skilled_DimwitSkilled Dimwit Increased skill efficiency
Decreased skill experience gain
Goblin Gorefest Wave 25
Zerg_RushogenZerg Rushogen Increased AFK gain rate
Decrease carry capacity
Goblin Gorefest Wave 121

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.

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