Legends of Idleon Chopping Build Guide

Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Legends of Idleon Chopping Build Guide

Master woodcutting in Idleon with our detailed chopping build guide for your mage characters to optimise your time investment for logs gained. While not as pivotal to your progression as mining having a capable mage to chop down the various trees of the Idleon universe will serve you well for quests, equipment and fulfilling associated post office orders.

From the basic oak log to the frozen trees of W3 being able to acquire the various logs and leaves dropped by these stationary resource nodes requires a suitable chopping build. With the later wood resources in particular you’ll need to go beyond just a talent build though and utilise every Legends of Idleon mechanic available to reach the efficiency required to obtain any woodcutting returns.

As with all general Idleon guides this one is designed for the general game population in mind and cannot account for your accounts unique progression through the game. Everyone’s account will be always be different due to investments in alchemy, quests, resource skilling and various other account wide mechanics. For this reason the below is a general chopping guide that you should adapt to your own account and circumstances. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.

Core Idleon Chopping Build

This core article section details the foundations of an effective chopping build for your mages (both the shaman and wizard are capable of running hybrid chopping builds with their respective specialisation although trade some chopping power to do so). Your primary goal in building your chopping build is to grow your efficiency high enough to meet the minimum chopping requirement for your current goal tree. Extra chopping efficiency is never wasted though as it will simply multiple your potential gains.

While chopping efficiency is often going to be the primary goal of a woodcutting build but occasionally you’ll have other goals such as chopping experience gain to equip new hatchets (for choppin power) and gain talent points in the process. It’s important that you are clear on what your current goal is as that can impact the path you take, particularly with talent point investment.


Chopping Build Talents (Mage, Shaman and Wizard)

Skills are fundamental to a successful chopping build and provide the base for your efficiency and are particularly useful early on when you have limited other methods of increasing your chopping efficiency. Given the mage subclass has a wealth of special talents to assist with chopping you’ll want to be using them for the bulk of your wood resource gathering and maintain a preset dedicated to woodcutting alongside a damage variant.

Note that the most effective point for point build can often change based on your investments in other Idleon account systems (e.g. alchemy) which are detailed below for you to consider in light of your own circumstances.

idleon-chopping-build-tab-1Tab 1 skills should be considered as follows:

  • Smart Efficiency: The foundation of your chopping efficiency this boosts the effectiveness of your equipped hatchet and a priority for maxing with your available talent points. Only after this is maxed should you look at investing points elsewhere for your chopping build.
  • Active AFK’er: Boosting your gains while you AFK for those skills you specialise in this will mean greater resources gained for your time spent idling. While there are diminishing returns from this skill as you push beyond 50 points invested unless you have a high alchemy investment in Hocus Choppus then this is the skill you want to max second.
  • Book of the Wise: Similar to the above if you don’t yet have significant Hocus Choppus alchemy investments then Book of the Wise will be the place to gain further chopping gains. If you have a significant alchemy investment though then Mana Booster below may give you greater gains (test it in on your specific character).
  • Mana Booster: Only useful for woodcutting once you acquire Hocus Choppus which is the third purple bubble available and gives you additional chopping efficiency based on your maximum mana. Given it’s an early alchemy bubble and it’s resource requirements are fairly basic it’s easy to acquire a large number of levels and can be a good option to utilise when you are falling short of your current woodcutting goal.
  • Lucky Clover: Any remaining points can be invested into LUK as this will improve your odds of obtaining some drops from the various chopping locations.

idleon-chopping-build-tab-2Tab 2 skills for your mages should be considered as follows:

  • Inner Peace: Useful during early progression to maximise how fast you gain levels in chopping this can be a place to invest your talent points when you are farming a log that you already have sufficient efficiency for and can be a good way to push higher levels for better hatchets. If efficiency to chop the higher tier logs is your goal though then do not invest talents points here.
  • Log on Logs: A powerful talent that you need to equip on your attack bar that will double your log gains. Note that this is does not improve your actual efficiency though so if you are just short of reaching an efficiency cut off point on your intended log you may want to invest points in the talents below to reach that point first.
  • Leaf Thief: A skill that starts off slowly as leaves can be hard to obtain early on although significantly ramps up once you get past the early Idleon game progression. Investing points into this and taking the time to farm some additional leaves can provide a solid efficiency boost.
  • Deforesting All Doubt: Turns more of your wisdom (WIS) stat into chopping efficiency which is powerful when you consider the ample sources that are available between equipment, alchemy and other talents.
  • Individual Insight: Provides more wisdom to your character which boosts your chopping further and complements your investment in Deforesting All Doubt further.
  • Mana Overdrive: Similar to Mana Booster once you have sufficient alchemy investment this talent provides a fantastic boost to chopping efficiency by boosting your mana pool. It may provide greater benefit than the WIS focused talents above so don’t be afraid to experiment which is better for your character.
  • Unt’Wis’Ted Robes: Any remaining points can be invested here, given wisdom from equipment is generally minimal this provides the smallest gains of all available tab 2 talents and thus left to last.

Given the shaman and wizard specialist skills in alchemy and worship are vital to progression in their own right I generally do not recommend an entirely chopping focused build (opting instead for a hybrid with alchemy or worship) unless you need a small extra boost to reach the next log temporarily. If this is the case you’ll want to invest your Tab 3 skills as follows:

  • Earlier Education: Given the large number of chopping talents that are useful in tab 2 it can be quite common to be short on points to invest which this skill overcomes. For a focused chopping build this will provide the best gains although does depend on how many chopping statues you’ve accumulated so far.
  • Stupendous Statues/Staring Statues: Provides a boost to your Lumberbob statues which are some of the easiest ones to acquire given their primary source is from mining activities (which you’ll be doing plenty of).
  • WIS Wumbo: Finally for your leftover points you’ll want to obtain more wisdom to boost your chopping gains when building your advanced subclass for ultimate woodcutting.

Chopping Build Items

While talents are the foundation of chopping you will never be able to achieve your maximum potential without the appropriate tool equipped. While this is fairly simple for the primary tool there are also some overlooked options in equipment slots that can optimise your chopping efficiency and ultimately wood gains. Keep in mind that in addition to the specific items above you’ll want to maximise their tool power and WIS stat through the use of upgrade stones.

  • idleon-golden-axeHatchets: The tool that provides choppin power and one that you’ll regularly want to have the best one you can currently obtain equipped. This will generally be limited by your mining progress as they are ore driven so don’t sleep on making a stronger miner to support your account.
  • Other Tools & Weapon: Don’t forget to equip other tools and the best weapon available on your character as with the right upgrade stones you can gain a few extra points of wisdom here.
  • Helmet: For chopping power you’ll want to equip the Stump Prop which gives a chopping efficiency boost and unlocked by completing the Woodsman quest line which is relatively straight forward.
  • idleon-stump-propShirt: The Furled Robes provide another efficiency boost and is available for purchase from the recipe unlocks for completing Idleon tasks. Crafting this does require you to stockpile a few tattered cloths though that are best obtained from the W1 boss, Amarok.
  • Pants: Bleached Designer Wode Patch Pants are the equipment piece you want in this slot and in order to obtain it you will need to farm Wode Board until you obtain the recipe drop.
  • Shoes: Logger Heels provide a massive boost to efficiency and similar to your shirt is unlocked through the merit shop and recipe unlock system.
  • Pendants: While there are no pendants with direct mining boosts there are several with some high WIS stats that can provide a little boost to your gains. In order from best to worst these are Chaotic Amarok Pendant, Fuscismatia and Carrot Horror.
  • Rings: With the Rex Ring available from the party dungeon store giving you the best efficiency boost no other ring can compete. If you don’t have this yet though then any ring giving WIS can provide a small boost instead.
  • Trophy: Trophies are hard to come by in Idleon so anything you have available is best in this slot (although focus on the most WIS possible). Notable options if available include Blunder Hero, King of Food and YumYum Sheriff.


Chopping Build Cards

Cards in Idleon can add a reasonable boost to your current focus and chopping is no exception. Depending on how many card slots you’ve purchased from the gem shop you’ll be able to hold up to 8 useful chopping boosting cards. The cards below are listed in priority order so you can adjust it to your available cards and how many slots you have available.

  • Bleach Logs
  • Tundra Logs
  • Tropilogs
  • Wispy Lumber
  • Potty Rolls
  • Jungle Logs
  • Amarok
  • Penguin/Walking Stick/Slime (For WIS gains)
  • Other (Boosts to drop rate or card drop are still applicable to woodcutting if you can’t fill your available card slots with the above options)

Don’t forget about card set effects either if you have them unlocked and should be equipped as follows in order: Easy Resources > Hard Resources > Medium Resources


Chopping Build Star Sign

Optimising your star sign for chopping is a simple option but provides ample gains for the small effort. If you haven’t unlocked enough star signs then consider spending some time on constellation farming given you are leaving some serious gains on the table otherwise. Note that once you reach a certain point of progression you can equip two star signs at the same time and you should pick them in the following priority order:

  • Hispter Logger
  • Smart Stooge
  • The Big Comatose
  • All Rounder
  • The Book Worm


Chopping Build Alchemy

The final element of a core chopping build in Idleon is the alchemy section and outside of the raw % chopping efficiency sources above is likely to be the largest leap forward in woodcutting results. The purple High-IQ Cauldron is where you’ll find bubbles you want to invest in with the alchemy priority of woodcutting bubbles in order of unlock being:

  • Stable Jenius: A simple but effective boost to your WIS stat that is cheap to upgrade given the materials required and when paired with Deforesting All Doubt quickly becomes a potent investment. It also doubles as a damage or accuracy boost for your characters so is multipurpose.
  • Mage is Best: With the effect of improving all purple passive gains for your mage class this can be an effective method of multiplying all your other investments in alchemy that are recommended here.
  • Hocus Choppus: An early unlock in the purple alchemy tree that really only shines when you have talent points invested into improving your mana or are high enough character level to have a large mana pool naturally.
  • Molto Loggo: The only active bubble that will improve your chopping potency from the purple tab that can be used to increase resource gains that you generate.
  • Noodubble: If you have levelling in mind then you can invest some points here, given this requires Hermit Cans which are an in demand resource I wouldn’t invest heavily here and instead use other methods to boost experience gained (such as talents) when experience is your focus.
  • Le Brain Tools: With hatchets (or axes) being a significant source of efficiency this alchemy bubble lets you double down on that to see some large gains.
  • Smart Boi Talent: With more talent points you’ll be able to max out talents faster than you would otherwise and never hurts to have extra.

In terms of alchemy vials only the Tundra Logs provides direct chopping efficiency although is a late game vial you won’t be accessing until you already have significant chopping efficiency. There are some other minor vials that provide indirect benefits though such as the bullfrog horn that gives talent points that you’ll likely be obtaining for other reasons.

Extra Idleon Chopping Build Optimisation

If the above core build for chopping trees isn’t enough to reach your efficiency goals you’ll have to add in some extra optimisation sources from this section. While these do provide efficiency I don’t consider them a priority as the gains you can obtain here are smaller in terms of effort and reward.

For the true min-max player these are other useful sources to boost your chopping output. I consider these to be extra optimisations as they often require significant investment (time or resource), far overall game progress or in the scheme of things just aren’t where the bulk of your ability will come from. That isn’t to say they should be completely ignored but you’ll often see better overall account progress by focusing your investments elsewhere first.


Chopping Build Food

Food offers little in terms of woodcutting with no golden food to offer a direct boost that leaves you with crafting your own choppin speed food although is generally not worth your time outside of temporary boosts for W3 sampling. These foods include:

  • Saucy Logfries: Your main food for woodcutting that is crafted from jungle logs and small life potions and gives you added speed which can result in faster resource generation provided you have the inventory space for it to not go to waste. These can only be crafted after being purchased from the recipe unlock screen.
  • Chogg Nog: A temporary Christmas themed event item that offers a similar but more powerful boost to speed than the saucy logfries although currently no longer available.


Chopping Build Statues

Statues are fairly straight forward in Idleon and this holds true for chopping focused ones as well. You have one direct statue option while the others provide smaller indirect boosts.

  • Lumberbob Statue: Boosts choppin power and are often in abundance given they are acquired from mining which is a huge time sink in its own right. Be sure to claim these on your primary woodcutter until you unlock W2 where you can purchase a golden tool set to apply them to all your characters.
  • EhExPee Statue: Provides a gain to experience although only available from W3 and beyond so unlikely to be acquired on mass.
  • Feasty Statue: Provides a boost to food effects which translates into more speed acquired if you use a boost food while chopping.


Chopping Build Stamps

There are several stamps available that provide various chopping boosts from efficiency to carry capacity and experience. In addition to those listed below there are also stamps that provide benefits like WIS and MP that indirectly translate to more chopping.

  • Hatchet Stamp
  • Choppin’ Bag Stamp
  • High IQ Lumber Stamp
  • Swag Swingy Tool Stamp


Chopping Build Post Office

The post office has many competing priorities and has limited options to reset where your boxes are spent so I wouldn’t prioritise this for chopping gains with damage and other utility reigning supreme here in my view. That being said if you want your dedicated chopper to have the highest gains possible or have already obtained the more valuable post office boxes you can invest 200 boxes into Taped Up Timber as this is the point that diminishing returns start to take hold in this mechanic. The Magician Start pack can also be used as a secondary option given it’s boost to max MP that with the help of alchemy translates into chopping gains.


Chopping Build Obols

A small impact to your gains but an optimisation none the less is the Obol system, similar to the post office I wouldn’t go out of my way to create high obols solely for chopping but you may obtain some passively. The following obols are available though across the various tiers (Bronze, Silver, Golden, Platinum and Dementia) to boost chopping:

  • Chopping Obols (Chippin Chops, Big Bark, Huge Hackin, Lumbo Loggo and WOWOWOWWO)
  • Wisdom Obols
  • Any Type of Drop Obol


Chopping Build Shrines

Shrines offer little benefit to chopping with only an option to boost experience available. If you need levels though it can be used but generally better reserved for other characters unless they are fighting monsters on the same map you are chopping on.

  • Summereading Shrine: The sole shrine that impacts upon your chopping with a boost to experience gained when activate on the same map.

Chopping Build Prayers

Prayers are unlocked in W3 and provide a non permanent buff that can easily be swapped out that makes it worth using provided you have the necessary prayers unlocked based on your Wizard level and highest wave of the respective worship sites. While you can use things like Zerg Rushogen and Casting All Day if available there is really only two prayers that provide the greatest benefit:

  • Skilled Dimwit: Your primary prayer for any skilling where you are short on efficiency and don’t mind trading experience gained to obtain it.
  • Unending Energy: Alternatively if you want to focus on acquiring chopping experience you can activate this prayer provided you can load into Idleon every 10 hours or less to check your character.

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