Idleon Divine Knight Build Guide (Damage & Gaming)

Last Updated on July 8, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Idleon Divine Knight Build Guide (Damage & Gaming)

In this Divine Knight build guide we cover the master of printing samples and gaming to help you progress your Idleon account with this powerful area of effect active monster slayer. Covering the basics of building the Divine Knight elite class this guide has a priority set of talents and details of how each talent is best utilised to help you achieve your specific Idleon goals. Offering a new option to the strong active characters already available this elite class is also an avid gamer who specialises in the W5 town skill of gaming where you will tend to your gaming garden to generate bits currency from the plant species you discover.

The Divine Knight has all the necessary talents to help in both of these endeavours with a blend of active focused fighting abilities that leverage your previous Squire talents and ways to boost bit gain and experience on the gaming side. Central to the Divine Knight is also their ability to increase sample printing gains across your account based on their number of active kills with the Orb of Remembrance which means players will want to farm a reasonable number of kills actively to maximise this bonus as a priority when the character is unlocked. To help with this and to create some competition for the highly popular Bubonic Conjuror they also have the ability to revive enemies on a map that significantly boosts their overall kill count potential. Given many of your talents have high damage multipliers it is also a relatively easy to reach bar for accounts that are still progressing and don’t quite have the account wide bonuses that other active characters in Idleon require to be effective. The Divine Knight is also a favourite class of many in party dungeon content as they have a large selection of area of effect attacks that are perfect for the mob heavy challenges of this content area.

Generally the best path for Divine Knight is to farm a suitable number of active kills for Orb of Remembrance and then given their mining prowess can be placed in the lab with the Harriep divinity for massive printer output. They are also a good character to farm rare drops actively such as statues or other crystal monster drops given their high active drop rate also provided by the orb depending on your needs.

This guide should be read in conjunction with our Squire build guide, guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page. Similar to our other guides for the Idleon elite classes at this stage of game progression there a vast number of account differences so the below is intended to be guiding principles with notes included on how you may adjust the recommendations to your account specifics and goals.


Idleon Divine Knight Damage Build

The damage build for the Divine Knight is focused primarily on active play as this is where the character thrives and is how you will generate stacks for your all important orb sample bonus. AFK fighting still has its place though when you want to push through maps that aren’t well suited to your talents which favour flat map layouts. Given some of your damage comes from your previous Squire talents you’ll also need to invest in these as noted below for sufficient damage output.
idleon-divine-knight-active-damage-buildThis talent build below is focused on maximising your active gains and the stacking of your Orb of Remembrance, talents are listed approximately in priority order although there are specific considerations that should be read carefully below as your priority list will change based on your progress and goals:

  • Divine Intervention: Central to the active playstyle of the Divine Knight this allows you to respawn all mobs on screen a few seconds after the map is clear (crystal monsters do not need to be dead for this to trigger). Given it relies on all mobs being dead this Idleon class thrives on maps that have low to medium map density and paired with the talents below maps that have flat single platform layouts which is in stark contrast to the alternative class of the Bubonic Conjuror. Only 1 talent point is required here as additional points only add critical damage which is a low priority compared to your other talents in terms of your damage output. This should be placed on the leftmost slot of your attack bar to ensure it always triggers as required.
  • Orb of Remembrance: The major selling point to the active Divine Knight this orb boosts experience and drop rate while working in conjunction with King of the Remembered to push your printer output to a whole new level. Players should invest as many points in they can here as each point invested extends the time the orb is active. Like Divine Intervention above this should be far left on your attack bar to prioritise its casting. Given the effectiveness of samples on your overall account progress it is recommended to farm up a healthy amount of remembrance orb kills (100k or 1 million is a good initial goal) and then having a max level for King of the Remembered on your account activated at all times (potentially on a Second Divine Knight if available).
  • Knightly Disciple: Spawning your own knight that creates shockwaves outwards in two directions this talent is a reliable method to clear smaller maps and with enough talent point levels can have 100% uptime. This 100% uptime occurs at level 167 which can be achieved relatively early with a 160 library checkout for this talent and investment in Symbols Of Beyond ~R. If you can reach this talent point investment required then I would prioritise this talent as it’s a deadly attack that will do much of the work for you. If you don’t currently have enough talent points to reach this point though the value of this talent drops significantly and you will likely achieve better kill rates with investment in a mixture of Imbued Shockwaves and Mega Mongorang instead. Importantly your shockwaves generated from this statue are based on your Squire Shockwave Slash talent so a high talent point investment there is also important to boost damage and number of enemies hit (and if you have zero points in that talent the attacks will even miss).
  • Symbols Of Beyond ~R: An absolute 1 point wonder for the fact that a single point adds a talent point to every single one of your invested talents that means you should never be without at least 1 point here. Further investment is equally important though as it will allow you to push both orb and disciple beyond what you can achieve without it.
  • Imbued Shockwaves: Like Knightly Disciple above players need to invest sufficiently in Shockwave Slash from the Squire tab for this to be effective. This talent is a good supplement to your main knight for damage output and helps you to clear some of the slightly larger maps as your Divine Knight will move to any remaining enemies with a high chance to send a shockwave with their spear (any warrior weapon) attack. If you don’t have enough talent points available to max Knightly Disciple for 100% uptime as noted above this will also be your primary damage output until that time.
  • Mega Mongorang: Turning your Daggerang into a larger variant this is an okay talent to place at least 1 point in to unlock the additional size which may help you clear specific maps (or be used in party dungeons) although once your shockwave damage is sufficient it simply won’t be a significant factor in map clearing. That being said at higher levels the size of this attack becomes significant and can open up potentially awkward map layouts as effective farming locations.
  • Overblown Testosterone: Offering players an easy source of strength through percentage and max talent level for Fist of Rage this is the best of your remaining options to invest into for further damage output and the other benefits that strength can provide (such as money gain through an alchemy bubble).
  • Gamer Strength: While weapon power is a strong boost to your damage output this talent ranges dramatically in effectiveness based on your account progress. Early on in W5 when weapon power is at its strongest (before diminishing returns set in) you simply won’t have the gaming levels yet for it to be significant for the talent points invested. In comparison later on when you do have a reasonably high gaming level the weapon power is unlikely to boost your kills as you’re already likely 1 hitting enemies with your skills. Accordingly this one is highly account specific and one you should experiment with, if the extra damage from this means you can 1 hit enemies on your current map then its worthwhile otherwise it will always be your lowest priority of your damage talent options.
  • Charred Skulls: Note that Charred Skulls does not boost the number of kills counted for orb although if your goals are to acquire high monster kill numbers for portals or deathnote then this is a viable option to invest in for that goal.
  • Undying Passion: During situations where you are AFK fighting with your Divine Knight and don’t need the large investment in active talents noted above you can spend points here in order to boost your gaming gains instead. AFK as this character should be limited though given their power as an active character but a good option if you are trying to advance through large maps that are not suited to active play or are AFK in the lab (see the gaming build below).
  • King of the Remembered: Similar to the talent above if you intend to AFK fight significantly on your Divine Knight then you can invest points here to boost your printer outputs as you’ll likely have the spare points from not needing the active talents. Points can still be invested here on an active build if you are swimming in talent points but generally your Divine Knight will want to maximise this talent on their skilling build as after farming sufficient orb kills should be placed AFK in the lab with Harriep divinity or on a second Divine Knight entirely.

Idleon Divine Knight Gaming Build

An Idleon gaming build for the Divine Knight class is going to be one that you pair with your skilling preset for mining from your past classes. With the usefulness of the gaming boosts offered from these talents it can be beneficial to your progression to interact with the gaming garden only when this preset is active on your account.


The gaming build is focused on taking advantage of all the available gaming talents while also optimising your skill efficiency for mining as this is likely to be the preset you also use for that purpose or while your Divine Knight is in the lab. They are listed in approximate priority order although players should also factor in their own goals.

  • King of the Remembered: Once you’ve acquired sufficient active kills the skilling build is generally the place you’ll max out this talent as your Divine Knight will likely spend their life AFK on their skilling preset in the lab with Harriep divinity too boost their printer output.
  • Bitty Litty: The heart of your gaming gains this provides a fantastic boost to bits that multiples with each gaming level you gain. More bits means extra currency to invest in gaming, divinity and alchemy bubbles that utilise the bits currency that make this a clear choice and only gets stronger as your gaming level grows in time
  • Symbols Of Beyond ~R: For the same reasons in the damage build acquiring this is an important addition to your kit given it’s broad boosts to all your important talents. 1 point is an absolute must and then future investment can be balanced against the other talents noted below.
  • Skill Strengthen/Overblown Testosterone: Combined these talents provide a wealth of strength and skill efficiency gains that improves your mining samples. While the exact perfect blend will depend slightly on your current account progress they are generally quite close for those that are happy to just invest evenly between without perfectly optimising. Min max focused gamers can add points and compare the gains to mining efficiency if they prefer.
  • Undying Passion: Turning your AFK gains into extra gaming gains provides another core way for the Divine Knight to push your bit generation. Investment here can be prioritised above the strength talents if you don’t need the mining gains (such as after resampling for your printer).
  • 1000 Hours Played: With gaming levels influencing Bitty Litty and Gamer Strength above this is a decent investment to help your early levels in gaming tick over. That being said the bonus is not significant (around 30%) that I would value this over the above options until you have points to spare.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon quickly became one of Sam’s favourite games for its MapleStory vibes and ability to idle play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the balancing and optimising of the various game mechanics across the available game worlds as he continues to push his damage and printer output to new heights.

  1. Any chance of showing your active skill bars for the active classes? Thanks!

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      Thank you for your comment! We’ve added the active skill bars on our Bubonic Conjuror, Elemental Sorcerer, Siege Breaker and Divine Knight guide pages to show our setups.

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