Idleon Divine Knight Build Guide (Damage & Gaming)

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

Maximise your printing and gaming output with this Idleon Divine Knight build guide to playing the durable active fighter. Specialising in the World 5 town skill of gaming and buffing the printer in World 3 the Divine Knight (or DK) has a number of unique account boosting talents alongside potent attacks and a respawn mechanic that encourages active combat.

This guide covers the basics of the DK elite class playstyle with a priority set of talents and detailed information on each talent so players can achieve their specific account progression goals. This guide includes a damage build for active or AFK gameplay and a gaming build to optimise your bit gains from the gaming garden. This guide should be read in conjunction with our Squire build guide and guides for other Idleon classes.

Table of Contents:
Squire Damage Build (AFK & Active)
Squire Gaming Build


Divine Knight Damage Build (AFK & Active)

The damage build for the Divine Knight is suitable for AFK and active combat although I recommend players try play actively when possible as this allows players to generate Orb of Remembrance kills that provide a printer output bonus with the King of the Remembered talent or hunt crystal monsters for their rare drops. When playing actively I recommend this attack bar as Idleon prioritises casting attacks from left to right and this includes our three best area of effect attacks from the Squire and Divine Knight options.
idleon-divine-knight-attack-baridleon-divine-knight-active-damage-buildThe damage talent preset should focus on the following talents in priority order and players can adjust these as necessary depending on the number of DKs they have in their account, current talent point availability and current objective:

Talent Effect Notes
Divine_InterventionDivine Intervention While active if all enemies on screen are dead instantly revive them all. Also +% critical damage Central to Divine Knight active gameplay this respawns all monsters on screen a few seconds after clearing the map. Given this mechanic and the design of DK attacks they thrive on maps that are relatively small and flat.

Only 1 talent point is required here as additional points only add critical damage that is a low priority compared to other talents.

Orb_Of_RemembranceOrb of Remembrance +% Active EXP and drop rate per monster kill number shown above the orb. Orb duration increases with level Another critical talent to the active DK with higher levels boosting the strength of the EXP and drop rate boost and the duration the orb is active for.

If planning to play actively players should max this talent and at higher talent levels (300+) in the late game can have 100% uptime. Ultimately your goal is to farm a large number of monster kills with the orb active as this will boost your printer output through the  King of the Remembered talent. I recommend players aim for 100,000 (100k) kills initially as these are relatively quick to gain given the DK respawn talent.

Imbued_ShockwavesImbued Shockwaves Every basic attack with a spear has a % chance of sending a shockwave The best of the Divine Knight attack talents as it has no mana cost and adds important area of effect potential to your arsenal that allows you to clear flat maps.

Importantly the damage and enemies hit from this attack is based on the Squire’s Shockwave Slash talent so that also should be maxed.

Knightly_DiscipleKnightly Disciple Summon a knight disciple that generated shockwaves dealing damage Another DK attack talent that benefits from flat maps this summon will cast shockwaves in both directions. Extra talent points extend the duration that makes it important to invest as many points as possible here.

At level 167 players can achieve 100% uptime of this summon and beyond that can even have two summoned at a time for fast map clearing. The Voidwalker’s Enhancement Eclipse is particularly useful here as it adds 20 seconds of duration.

Mega_MongorangMega Mongorang Daggerang is now +% larger in size and hits multiple monsters The weakest of the DK attack talents given the long cooldown and high mana cost of this talent (unless you catch the dagger) it is the lowest priority but still a useful option in your arsenal to ensure no monster survives and trigger Divine Intervention.

This can be useful to actively push portals though as it allows you to fight reasonably effectively on non flat maps provided you can support the mana cost at your progression stage.

Symbols_Of_Beyond_~rSymbols Of Beyond ~R + Level for all talents higher than level 1 (bonus increases every 20 levels) Boosting every talent you have invested talent points into this is a great option to boost the priority talents above and core Squire talents a few extra levels.

Players can also place 1 talent point here when first advancing to the Divine Knight as it offers a great return on investment as it translates into multiple talent points worth of power.

King_Of_The_RememberedKing of the Remembered +% Printer output for every power of 10 kills ever done with the Orb of Remembrance  

With the boost to printer output being useful for many of our Idleon goals it is important that players are invested into this talent at all times. Depending on your account setup this could be on your primary DK combat build, a second DK or a skilling preset that is active while in the World 4 Laboratory.

Undying_PassionUndying Passion +% Chance to get Gaming AFK progress when claiming AFK gains (excluding candy) Extra gaming progression to unlock more superbit upgrades provides a number of account wide boosts that can make it worthwhile to prioritise this over raw damage talents even on your combat build. Once you’ve made significant progress in gaming though this talent reduces in usefulness.
Overblown_TestosteroneOverblown Testosterone +% STR and + max talent level for Fist of Rage A major source of strength to boost damage output and also money gained through alchemy bubble this is a useful addition to your AFK and active combat gains.
Gamer_StrengthGamer Strength + Weapon power for every 10 gaming levels Weapon power is a strong damage output boost although this takes some time to reach the potential as you acquire gaming levels. Depending on your specific account progress this may offer more damage than Overblown Testosterone and players will need to test for themselves.
Charred_SkullsCharred Skulls +% Kill per kill per 1,000 STR The last notable talent for combat this will help the player push new maps and also boost deathnote kills for your time invested.
The_Family_GuyThe Family Guy +% Larger family bonuses than what is displayed The Family Guy talent boosts the Divine Knight family refinery speed boost to provide a small increase to salt production when you have every other talent maxed.

Divine Knight Gaming Build

The Divine Knight gaming build will be combined with your mining skill preset with a focus on boosting both these skills. With the strength of these gaming related talents players should only interact with the gaming garden when this preset is active with the following priority talent order:


Talent Effect Notes
King_Of_The_RememberedKing of the Remembered +% Printer output for every power of 10 kills ever done with the Orb of Remembrance Maximising your printer output when AFK on your skilling build is likely to be the best boost to your account possible that makes this critical to max once you have acquired some active Orb of Remembrance kills.
Bitty_LittyBitty Litty +% Bits gained per gaming level A solid boost to gaming bits that grows with your gaming level this talent should always be active when claiming bits from the gaming garden.
1000_Hours_Played1000 Hours Played +% Gaming EXP for all characters A useful talent to gain your initial gaming levels to empower Bitty Litty and give some extra talent points from the skilling levels.
Symbols_Of_Beyond_~rSymbols Of Beyond ~R + Level for all talents higher than level 1 (bonus increases every 20 levels) Boosting all your other talents this is an effective place for talent points to increase gaming and mining gains.
Undying_PassionUndying Passion +% Chance to get Gaming AFK progress when claiming AFK gains (excluding candy) Providing extra AFK time is a powerful Idleon mechanic to improve the speed you will progress through skills. After the core gaming talents above are maxed this can help you squeeze a little more World 5 progression.
Skill_StrengthenSkill Strengthen STR has a +% larger impact on Skill Efficiency. Also + STR A boost to mining efficiency that can help the Divine Knight build further on the mining speciality of past classes.
Overblown_TestosteroneOverblown Testosterone +% STR and + max talent level for Fist of Rage Provides extra strength to empower Skill Strengthen and general mining efficiency further.
The_Family_GuyThe Family Guy +% Larger family bonuses than what is displayed With the Divine Knight family bonus being refinery speed maxing this talent can produce some additional refinery salt although the boost from this talent pales in comparison to class levels.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.


  1. Any chance of showing your active skill bars for the active classes? Thanks!

    • Hi Voya

      Thank you for your comment! We’ve added the active skill bars on our Bubonic Conjuror, Elemental Sorcerer, Siege Breaker and Divine Knight guide pages to show our setups.

      Games Finder Team

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