Idleon Elemental Sorcerer Build Guide (Damage & Divinity)

Last Updated on April 5, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Idleon Elemental Sorcerer Build Guide (Damage & Divinity)

On our Elemental Sorcerer build guide we detail how to maximise your gains from this unique portal summoning class that is also a master of the W5 town skill of Divinity in Idleon. With a flashy array of multi target attacks across elements the Elemental Sorcerer is an active fighter that can cause devastation across a wide range of Idleon game maps. Progressing from the Wizard class line this mage continues the themes of that class with entirely new attack variants that utilise the elements to their Wizard fire, ice and air abilities while also offering support to your other characters through various key account boosts.

Turning these kills into an overall damage boost for your other characters the Elemental Sorcerer (ES) is another one of the important active focused characters that can use their own progress to help other characters. In addition to this the Elemental Sorcerer provides various boosts to the Divinity mechanic with further damage boosts, Divinity experience gains and uniquely the ability to link to two gods at a time that unlocks potential far beyond other classes. As if that wasn’t enough they further support your account through their family bonus which will encourage you to push your Elemental Sorcerer character level as high as possible given it boosts talent point level for all your other characters.

As an advanced Idleon class this guide should be read in conjunction with our Wizard build guide, guides for all other game classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page. Given the stage of progression when you advance to this class this guide cannot factor in your unique account progression and as a result is intended to provide guiding principles that can be adjusted to suit your current specific account goals.


Idleon Elemental Sorcerer Build – Damage Build Guide

The damage build of the Elemental Sorcerer (ES) is primarily focused on an active style of gameplay with most skills intended to be used during this mode of play rather than AFK fighting. Given you can only active on one character at a time though in practice you’ll be utilising both playstyles depending on your broader account objectives. When active players should ensure they obtain You’re Next (Mage talent) and Speedy Book (Wizard talent) as both provide some contribution to damage while active and particularly useful if pushing high world maps while Mana is Life (Wizard life) is fantastic for earlier maps where you have multikill activated. When active Wizard talents I recommend for your attack bar are Floor is Lava and Tornado while ignoring Ice Shards as the former are highly effective multi-target talents.

Driving your desire to active as the Elemental Sorcerer is the wormhole talent that allows you to summon monsters continuously through a wormhole that has access to another dimension. These summoned monsters scale in health with each wave that you kill and is based on the map players are on which creates an interesting dynamic where low level monsters are better for stacking portal kills although might not suit your other goals (such as gaining Elemental Sorcerer levels). Low level monsters also present an interesting opportunity to stack massive amounts of monster materials through your multikill multiplier from Mana is Life and the rapid pace that the wormhole summons enemies. As you acquire these portal kills you’ll also gain long term wormhole kill stacks that provide a damage boost to other characters on your account.

Like all Idleon builds the best Elemental Sorcerer build for you will be highly dependant on your progress in other game mechanics and importantly your current account focus. For this reason the below is presented as a guide which discusses the reasons why and when you would want to max different talents that should be applied to your own Idleon account.
idleon-elemental-sorcerer-active-damage-buildThe skill talents for your Elemental Sorcerer build should be as follows:

  • Polytheism: A pivotal skill that unlocks your ability to have two gods linked at a single time with this second link being based on the level of this talent and shown in the skill info when selected. For example a level 1 talent (or any talent level that ends in 1 such as 11, 21 etc.) provides players with the Arctis god while a talent that ends in a 2 provides you Nobisect and so on (players cannot double link to the same god with this method). In order to change this talent level without having to reset your talent points players can stand at the Omniphau god (elephant) on the far left of W5 town which will slowly decrease your talent level and return those talent points. As additional investment in this talent only boosts your divinity points gain a fighting build will only want enough points to access their ideal second god link. For example level 2 of this talent to combine a main god link of Arctis with Nobisect to push map progress. If your account goal is resource or atom printing though a combination of Arctis and Harriep may be desired while still giving you the freedom to perform other activities on your Elemental Sorcerer.
  • Dimensional Wormhole: The defining talent of the Elemental Sorcerer which allows you to summon a wormhole to pull monsters from another dimension. These are spawned in waves and have the same visual design and drops as the monster on the map you are currently fighting with a health scaling mechanic for each wave. Not only do these mobs offer extra experience and drop rate (which increases with talent level) you’ll be building long term wormhole kill stacks that Wormhole Emperor turns into damage for all characters based on a power of 10 calculation. You will want to max this skill given a higher talent level means a longer wormhole lifespan, experience and drop boost which maximises your active gameplay output. That being said this talent is not as effective when pushing high level large maps actively as the health scaling of wormhole mobs can quickly outpace what you can reasonably kill. While the Elemental Sorcerer has a range of area of effect attacks to ensure they are still clearing non wormhole mobs on a map in these situations you may want to progress through these maps with AFK farming for this class instead.
  • Symbols of Beyond P: A staple of any elite class in Idleon that provides fantastic return on investment for a single point as a minimum with further returns occurring every 20 levels. For active play invest one talent point here before obtaining the active skills noted below while for AFK play you can max this now.
  • Meteor Shower/Lightning Barrage/Radiant Chainbolt: The three attack talents of the Elemental Sorcerer that will boost your potential when playing active with each offering massive area of effect potential and relatively low cooldowns. For AFK only builds a single point in each will be sufficient before moving on to other talent options below. While at the later stages of your account progression it’s easy to invest points into all 3 of them for active gameplay players that are new to their Elemental Sorcerer will need to be more careful with their talent choice. Meteor Shower is an effective first choice here given the large number of attacks that talent levels provide and the attack in general is effective equally on flat and multi platform maps that make it your most flexible attack although it is not targeted so you need sufficient talent points to reach a critical mass of them. Your choice of second talent to max will mostly be influenced by your current map of choice with Lightning Barrage a hard hitting attack with a small area of effect around your initial target that is ideal for higher level areas where you need hard hitting spells for monsters exiting your dimensional wormhole. For larger spread out maps where damage is less of a concern though you’ll find that Radiant Chainbolt does a better job as it flies between monsters rapidly and can easily hit over 24 monsters which is larger than Lightning Barrage although the damage decreases with each bounce.
  • Chaotic Force: Even with the array of Wizard active talents you’ll still have the occasional basic attack while you cycle through them and this talent allows you to convert it into one of three effective spells from your past class advancements. Placing some points here can improve your overall ability to clear a map or wormhole wave which is your primary objective when playing as the Elemental Sorcerer class. Note that you need points invested within the respective talents (Fireball, Tornado and Volcano) for this to work and the damage scales based on this investment so you’ll want these talents also maxed.
  • Utmost Intellect: With wisdom a damage multiplier that continues to deliver throughout your game progress being able to boost the maximum level of Book of the Wise and provide a percentage boost to your WIS at the same time is an easy combat choice for damage.
  • Wormhole Emperor: The talent that converts your wormhole kills into damage for your entire family of characters that make it important to invest points into. Players can avoid investing talent points heavily here until you have farmed up a reasonable number of wormhole kills though with a good initial goal of 100k wormhole kills. In the scheme of things the damage boost is also relatively small so shouldn’t be a priority of your account and rather something built up passively as you utilise your Elemental Sorcerer for other goals such as farming early game monster resources that your account needs.
  • Memorial Skulls: When pushing portals this talent like the other elite class variants can speed up the process slightly although is only worth obtaining after you’ve obtained the above and for this specific purpose.
  • Believer Strength/Gods Chosen Children: The next two damage focused talents of the Elemental Sorcerer with Believer Strength the better option earlier on while late game divinity progress allows Gods Chosen Children to provide some damage boosts. Important to note that Believer Strength increases in potency with your divinity level and only improves your Elemental Sorcerer damage while Gods Chosen Children has the benefit of boosting all your characters but does require significant divinity progress to pay dividends. Gods Chosen Children is also a low overall damage boost as it requires the difficult to obtain God Ranks and the numbers of the talent itself are quite low.
  • The Family Guy: The Family Guy is a notable talent for the Elemental Sorcerer as a boost to your family bonus (talent levels) can be enough at high character and talent levels to provide players a few extra talent point levels across all of your talents that translates into greater damage output. Note that this only impacts your Elemental Sorcerer though and not your other characters.
  • Shared Beliefs: Even on your combat focused preset by investing remaining talent points here you can maximise your divinity experience on other characters without having to shuffle your Elemental Sorcerer presets before claiming AFK gains although this convenience is really only achievable at high (400+) character levels.

Idleon Elemental Sorcerer – Divinity Build Guide

Like the Wizard before it this Divinity build will be one that is merged with your chopping and worship talents from previous classes and there are only a small number of talents that improve Divinity available. Regardless the ones that are available allow players to boost experience gained in this skill across their characters, boost divinity point gain and turn your hard earned God Ranks into account damage.

This is primarily a build you’ll have active when sampling on the character, AFKing in the lab or the divinity altar and is highly effective at getting past the initial hump you’ll be faced with when you first unlock W5 and this town skill.


The skills to consider to maximise your Divinity gain are as follows:

  • Polytheism: Like your combat focused talent build this is your first priority given it allows you to have two gods linked at a single time. For a Divinity focused build tough this also has the benefit of providing passive divinity points to unlock gods or God Ranks faster. For this reason you’ll want to put as many points in this as possible while still obtaining your desired god (such as 91 if you wanted Arctis). Purrmep is critical to your Divinity gains so you’ll want to have this is a primary god link or on another character to further optimise your gains for the divinity skill. Popular combinations for this preset can include Arctis/Snehebatu for sample boosts before switching to a Harriep/Goharut combo to sit in the lab or the inclusion of an Omniphau for a chance to boost a particular area of your account progress that you might feel is lacking.
  • Shared Beliefs: With your level of Divinity directly impacting the benefit of the minor link bonus of each god and unlocking different meditation styles levels are an important factor in this skill. Thankfully the Elemental Sorcerer provides this boost to everyone on your account that makes this a vital second Divinity focused skill to obtain and acquire those levels sooner.
  • Symbols of Beyond P: Like the damage build above this is a highly effective talent that gives you a wide range of talent boosts to all of your talent tabs that means better chopping, worship and divinity.
  • Skill Wiz: Given this talent build is also going to be a skilling build for other mage specialities this talent is important to boosting our efficiency gained from your wisdom stat.
  • Wormhole Emperor / Gods Chosen Children: Given the lack of Divinity focused talents players are likely to have an abundance of talent points remaining and once you’ve built up your wormhole kill count this is a great place to obtain extra damage for other characters on your account. Points should be invested in Wormhole Emperor first given Gods Chosen Children will offer you a lower damage boost as it relies on God Ranks that are harder to obtain compared to wormhole kills.
  • Utmost Intellect: More wisdom means better skilling gains and thus a suitable place to gain a little extra boost if you have already obtained the above talents although this amount is smaller than the other wisdom focused talent (Skill Wiz)..
  • The Family Guy: Depending on your current Elemental Sorcerer character level investing points here may give you just enough of a boost to obtain an extra talent point across your core skilling talents. Depending on your account this may beat out Utmost Intellect although will require some account specific testing to be sure.

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