Idleon Elemental Sorcerer Build Guide (Damage & Divinity)

Last Updated on April 14, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

This Elemental Sorcerer build details how to maximise your active combat gains and master World 5 Divinity progression for your Idleon account. With an impressive array of multi target attacks the Elemental Sorcerer is primarily an active fighter that can cause devastation across game maps while obtaining a high number of monster material drops.

The Elemental Sorcerer (ES) is one of the important active focused elite classes with wormhole kills providing an account wide damage boost. The ES also boosts Divinity experience and has the unique ability to link to two Divinity gods at once to unlock a number of powerful combination bonuses. This page covers both combat (active and AFK) and Divinity skilling build principles for players to mimic with detailed explanations behind each of the talent priority decisions. This guide should be read in conjunction with our Mage guide, Wizard guide and other Idleon builds page.

Table of Contents:
Elemental Sorcerer Damage Build (Active & AFK)
Elemental Sorcerer Divinity Build


Idleon Elemental Sorcerer Damage Build Guide (Active & AFK)

The damage build of the Elemental Sorcerer (ES) is focused on optimising active combat gains by utilising the powerful attacks and the wormhole talent mechanic. Given you can only active one character at a time though this talent preset will also be used for AFK combat and if players are short on talent points you can always reset between these activities as they have slightly different requirements.

When playing active the Elemental Sorcerer wormhole talent summon monsters continuously through a wormhole that has access to another dimension and boost respawn of normal monsters. These summoned monsters have increased experience and drop although scale in health with each spawn wave which will limit how high your portal score can reach. To maximise your portal potential I recommend players use Lightning Barrage for high damage to the portal monsters and combine it with Radiant Chainbolt to clear the map of other monsters. Players can also add Meteor Shower, Wizard Tornado and Wizard Floor Is Lava for maximum damage and map clearing potential if they have the talent points available.
idleon-elemental-sorcerer-active-damage-buildThe skill talents for your Elemental Sorcerer combat build should be prioritised as follows:

Talent Effect Notes
PolytheismPolytheism Link to a second God based on talent level and +% divinity point gain A useful skill as players can have two active Divinity God links at once that unlocks various strong bonuses. The talent level dictates the secondary God link and cycles through the available Gods. Players can adjust the talent level downwards by standing underneath the Omniphau (elephant) God.

Players should only invest the minimum talent points necessary here to obtain the God of their choice. Common combinations include Arctis/Nobisect for portal pushing or Arctis/Harriep for 3D printing while having the freedom to perform other activities outside of lab with the Elemental Sorcerer.

Dimensional_WormholeDimensional Wormhole (active) Spawns Wormhole Mobs which give +% experience and drop per wormhole kill The primary active ability of the Elemental Sorcerer players will want to max this talent to extend the talent duration and experience/drop boosts. If you aren’t currently planning to active on your ES you can skip investing talent points here.
Lightning_BarrageLightning Barrage (active) Your next attack casts a lightning strike dealing damage The critical damage talent for defeating wormhole mobs due to the high damage, short cooldown and small area of effect which is perfectly suited to this active playstyle.

Maxing this talent is critical for active play to increase the damage and number of mobs hit.

Radiant_ChainboltRadiant Chainbolt (active) Cast a bolt that deals damage and bounces between enemies losing damage each bounce An important supportive talent to the active Elemental Sorcerer as players can kill other mobs on the map for extra drops and experience without taking their focus away from wormhole mobs. This should be maxed to ensure it has sufficient damage and maximise bouncing between enemies if engaging in active combat.
Meteor_ShowerMeteor Shower (active) Rain down meteors and deal damage to monsters The lowest priority attack talent of the ES that provides additional firepower to clear a full map when active. The effectiveness of this talent varies depending on the map layout and may increase lag on some devices so players will need to test this for themselves. Unlike the  other attack talents above one talent point is sufficient to ensure it can fulfil the purpose of this talent.
Symbols_Of_Beyond_~pSymbols Of Beyond ~p + Level for all talents higher than level 1 (bonus increases every 20 levels) Boosting talent levels across the board this is a notable increase to our damage and utility talents. Players can place one point here as soon as they gain the ES elite class to get an extra talent point in all talents and then max it after obtaining the above.
Utmost_IntellectUtmost Intellect +% WIS and + max talent level for Book of the Wise Wisdom is a notable damage source with this talent providing base wisdom through Book of the Wise levels and a percentage increase at the same time. Skill Wiz can also be used to gain a little extra base wisdom stat.
Believer_StrengthBeliever Strength + Weapon power for every 10 Divinity levels By the time players reach World 5 weapon power is likely to offer a lower damage increase than wisdom although you can experiment on your own account to determine if Believer Strength or Utmost Intellect above is a better talent point investment.

With Divinity levels relatively easy to obtain it’s not uncommon for players to quickly reach level 40 that is a 4x boost to the shown weapon power and late game you can expect to reach around level 100.

The_Family_GuyThe Family Guy Larger family bonuses than what is displayed With the Elemental Sorcerer family bonus being extra talent levels maxing this may provide an additional talent point or two across all of your talents. Players will need to test for themselves to determine if this is worthwhile as it will depend on your current character level and max talent level available for The Family Guy.
Memorial_SkullsMemorial Skulls +% Kill per kill per 1,000 WIS With the notable sources of damage obtained this is a good opportunity to boost overall kills that improve your speed to unlocking new portals and Deathnote gains.
Wormhole_EmperorWormhole Emperor +% Damage per power of 10 kills of wormhole mobs for all characters A lower source of damage that applies to both the ES and other characters which scales alongside your growing wormhole kill count.
Shared_BeliefsShared Beliefs +% Divinity EXP gain for all characters Even on your combat focused preset by investing remaining talent points here you can maximise your divinity experience on other characters without having to shuffle your Elemental Sorcerer presets before claiming AFK gains although this convenience is really only achievable at high character and skill levels when you have a high talent point pool.
Chaotic_ForceChaotic Force (active) Basic attacks have a chance to create a Fireball, Tornado or Volcano A small chance to cast Wizard attacks this is a boost to active combat although the low percentage chance to trigger makes it one of the lowest priority talents overall.
Gods_Chosen_ChildrenGods Chosen Children +% Damage for all characters per GOD Rank GOD Ranks are hard to acquire as players must first unlock all Divinity Gods and then spend a large number of divinity points to unlock a GOD Rank with exponential increases in requirements. For this reason and the low impact of the damage boost it is the lowest priority of all talents.

Idleon Elemental Sorcerer Divinity Build Guide

Your Divinity skill build should be on the same preset as Chopping and Worship talents. While there aren’t many Divinity boosting talents available they are still critical to increasing Divinity points earned and boosting experience gained across all your characters. This build will be used when skilling, in the laboratory or on the divinity alter and particularly useful for overcoming the initial hump when unlocking this World 5 town skill.


The talents for Divinity gains in order of priority are:

Talent Effect Notes
PolytheismPolytheism Link to a second God based on talent level and +% divinity point gain Like your combat build this is your first priority as it will allow you to link to a second God for some unique combinations. For skilling in particular a popular mix is Snehebatu/Arctis as this allows you to be in the lab mainframe, gain extra talent levels and a large boost to AFK gains. Alternatively players can physically be in the lab and opt for Goharut/Harriep for divinity gains and large printer output.

As each talent point boosts divinity points gains you will want as many points as possible here while activating your desired second God as you will be able to unlock new Gods sooner with this.

Shared_BeliefsShared Beliefs +% Divinity EXP gain for all characters Earning a base of divinity levels for all character is important with a key milestone being level 40 as they can slowly generate Divinity experience without using the alter. Maxing this talent will ensure other characters get their sooner.
Symbols_Of_Beyond_~pSymbols Of Beyond ~p + Level for all talents higher than level 1 (bonus increases every 20 levels) Boosting every talent available this is the next best option for ES talent points as it provides an all around benefit.
Skill_WizSkill Wiz WIS has a +% larger impact on Skill Efficiency. Also + WIS While Divinity does not benefit from Wisdom this is intended to boost your Chopping and Worship gains that are shared on this skilling preset.
Utmost_IntellectUtmost Intellect +% WIS and + max talent level for Book of the Wise Similar to above a source of improved Wisdom for our other specialist skills.
The_Family_GuyThe Family Guy Larger family bonuses than what is displayed With high Elemental Sorcerer levels combined with high talent levels here you can gain increase your family bonus that results in extra talent levels for higher skilling gains.
Wormhole_EmperorWormhole Emperor +% Damage per power of 10 kills of wormhole mobs for all characters As there are no other talents that improve skilling any remaining talent points can be invested here to provide a damage boost to all other characters while on your skilling preset based on wormhole kills.
Gods_Chosen_ChildrenGods Chosen Children +% Damage for all characters per GOD Rank As above this can provide a small damage boost to all characters when on your skilling preset if you have obtained GOD Ranks.

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